First Day at XP and the Outward Bound Expedition in Wales

First Day at XP

Students can be dropped off at XP in the East stand from 7.00 am on Tuesday 26th August. We will be leaving the Keepmoat stadium at 7.30 am prompt to travel to Wales.

Students will arrive back at the Keepmoat Stadium at approximately 6:30-7:00pm on Friday 29th August.


The journey to Wales will take approximately 5 hours by coach including a lunch stop at a service station. Students can bring a packed lunch in a plastic bag. Alternatively, students can buy something from the service station, but be mindful that food at service stations is often expensive.

All students need to bring their items in a suitable bag (e.g. a holdall or small suitcase) with their names displayed whether on a tag or written on the bag. Students may want to bring a small bag, wallet or purse in which to put personal belongings.

Outward Bound Expedition in Wales

Kit List:
Many of you attended the information evening and have the information booklet from Outward Bound. The following is a guide to the type of clothing required for the Outward Bound course:

This is what you need to bring, anything else will be provided by Outward Bound:
> Casual t-shirts ( Non-cotton where possible)
> Lunch box
> thermal tops
> Jumpers/hoodies
> Fleece tops
> Thick and thin walking socks
> Walking trousers (not jeans and non-cotton if possible)
> Jeans (for around the centre only)
> 2 pairs of trainers (one which can get wet)
> Underwear
> Pyjamas
> Shorts
> Hats and gloves
> Towels
> Swimwear
> Toiletries
> Sunhat, sunglasses and sunscreen
> Prescribed medication (where necessary)
> Notepad pen and pencil
> Blister kit
> Insect repellent
> Bin liner for wet/dirty clothes
> Camera (optional)

Outward Bound will provide specialist equipment which includes:

> Waterproof jacket and trousers
> Walking boots
> Rucksack
> Bedding
> Pillow
Some of the activities will involve getting wet at some point, so please make sure your son/daughter has plenty of spare dry clothes to change into.

XP and Outward Bound encourage students to bring magazines and/or books for them to read in their dormitories at night before lights out. Each bed has a light allowing students to read whilst not disturbing other students in the room.

Please note that aerosols are prohibited on the Outward Bound site.


Please ensure that if your child needs travel sickness tablets they take them before we leave for Wales. If your son/daughter needs to take medication during the course of the the trip, or has travel sickness tablets, please put the packaging in a clear plastic bag along with instructions for when the medicine needs to be taken and your son’s/daughter’s name written clearly on the bag. Please give the medicine bag to Mrs Mawby as soon as you arrive on Tuesday morning.


A refundable £10 deposit is required for each student for use of Outward Bound’s specialist activity/ safety equipment.

There will be opportunity for the students to purchase snacks, souvenirs and some items of clothing at the Outward Bound centre, It is recommended that you give your son/daughter approximately £15.00 plus the £10.00 refundable deposit for equipment.


In Aberdovey the signal for mobile phones is unreliable. Students are asked not to take their phones on the daily activities. The students will have access to their mobile phones in the evening. If you need to get hold of a member of staff and/or get a message to your son/daughter please telephone the Outward Bound Trust at Aberdovey at 01654 767464.

  1. Norman Edmanson

    I congratulate Andy and Gwyn for such a brilliant way of starting the school and am so glad it lived up to your expectations. Well done – keep up the excellent work.

    Norman Edmanson

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