X21 Textbooks please!


Firstly congratulations to the Y11s for completing all their Science GCSEs. I am grateful for all your hard work this year and wish you all the best for the future.

Secondly, could we please have any science textbooks returned to use for other years. I will trade you a textbook for chocolate on Monday and Tuesday.

Many thanks

Mr Campbell

Last week I posted the excellent field work and data collection of the local ecosystem, that X25 completed. This week, students used the data collected to built food chains and then grappled incredibly hard to build an XP ecosystem food web.

Learning Target: I can combine food chains to form a food web.

Next week, we will be investigating what might happen if disease killed one of the species in XP ecosystem or a completely new species was introduced…

Crew Earhart Getting Smart

This week Crew Earhart have been looking at the importance of revision and exploring what makes effective revision. During the discussion some students in Crew Earhart showed integrity by stating that they haven’t been revising for enough for assessments.  We decided as a crew that we need to support each other with this by revising together both inside and outside of school. Alongside giving each other regular reminders and holding each other to account if this doesn’t happen.

Our first revision session was really successful. It was brilliant to see the students working together and getting smart. I was particularly impressed with Liam and Logan’s work on the respiratory system. 

Beautiful Work by Mrs F and Dad

A few months ago, Theo of X21 came to school in his Dad’s socks emblazoned with the word “Dad” on the side.

Of course, since then Theo has been affectionately known as ‘Dad’.

Theo promised to wear the socks again today, when some our students had their final GCSE exam – some have stats next week.

Imagine our horror when we found a couple of weeks ago that Theo could not find the socks.

To all of our relief Mrs F has come to the rescue and provided Theo with a ‘Dad’ sock upgrade. I can confirm that these are far more knatty than the first.

Great work Mrs F! And of course… well played Dad.

X23 Beautiful work

This week for the Maths part of Bio shock, in preparation for starting product, X23 have been learning about the different types of diagrams they could produce based on the data they have collected. As you can see below, some of the work both Admiral and Skipper have been producing has been beautiful:




Ennis Hills wonderful revision again

Ennis Hill have once again shown there wonderful revision skills during crew sessions this week and should be fully prepared for there Mock exams starting on Monday.

On top of this we had a check in on crew pledges (which were previously posted) and 100% of crew have stuck to these pledges. Keep up the amazing work Ennis Hill.

X22: Amazing JOLT work!

X22 Have been working incredibly hard today ‘feeding forward’ on comments from a recent War of the Worlds assessment. Students really employed strategy and developed some fantastic responses. They’re setting themselves up well for the forthcoming mocks; with an extra push of revision I’m sure students will achieve great results. Well done X22!


Crew Piper SLC PREP

This morning in crew we were concentrating on preparation for our SLC’s which start on Monday. We were very lucky to have 3 students from Crew Nightingale, Caitlin, Annie and Elliot who came in to give us some critique. We are really grateful for their help and students in Crew Piper told full advantage of their knowledge. We are all looking forward to parents coming to watch what will be our second SLC.

X23 medical needs on expediton:

If there are any changes to the original Bronze Expediton consent / medical form please inform us as soon as possible, such as contact details & medication needs.

Please remember that students must NOT carry medication on themselves unless previously arranged with the expedition supervisor.

All mediation should be sent in its original packaging with the students name on it, the name of the medication, dose and frequency and when they last took it (if necessary). It must also be recorded on the medical form.




X23 DofE Bronze Qualifying Expedition:

So the qualifying expedition is just around the corner now and as i’m away on expedition with our new staff next week I want to make sure you have the information you need now.

Expedition is on the 25th June to the 26th June. Students need to arrive at school at their normal time of 8.30am for registration. (Registration will be in Xp East in the community area with crew leaders).

Students will be available to collect from XP East on the 26th June at 5pm. Students will NOT be allowed to leave earlier as de-gunging equipment is part of the expedition process.

Please check the DofE@XP website for a reminder of the kit list. You can find it under EXPEDITION / EXPEDITION KIT & EQUIPMENT and scroll down. It is really important that they have appropriate kit. If they do need to borrow anything this must be returned or a charge may be incurred.

Rucksack packing will take place on Monday 24th June from after school to 5pm so remind them to bring their kit to school on the Monday morning. There won’t be any time to do this on the Tuesday morning!

Hopefully the weather will have improved by the time we go!