Exciting Leadership Changes at XP Trust!

Dear Parents

The success of XP now means that we are now responsible for two secondary schools (XP and XP East) and four primary schools (Green Top, Plover, Norton Infants and Norton Juniors) as part of our Trust. We also support many schools both nationally and internationally who visit our schools to learn from the work we are doing.

We have grown significantly over a short space of time and, last Friday, the leadership team of the XP Trust met to discuss the expansion of our work and how we need to change our leadership structure to accommodate this growth.

As a result, we have made some important and exciting changes to our leadership structure.

I will now work across both Secondary and Primary sectors as the Chief Academic Officer of our Trust supporting all our schools to develop and implement our expeditionary curriculum. I will also work with leaders across the Trust to ensure expeditions are of high quality. In addition, I will promote our approaches across the wider education system both nationally and internationally.

As a result, I am proud to announce that Mr Portman will become the Principal of both XP and XP East. He will ensure that we are maintaining and improving on the high standards we have already achieved and he will take over responsibility for the operation of both schools. 

Mr Portman will be supported by our newly appointed Assistant Principals:

Ms Robinson Y7/8 at XP Mrs Poncia Y7/8 at XP East 

Mr Voltaire Y9/Y10 at XP Mr Smith Y9 at XP East

Mrs Vayro Y11 at XP

Mr Blair will continue to offer leadership support to both schools. 

Our newly established Post 16 provision will be led by Mr Said and he will be assisted by Mrs Green.

The graphic below outlines the changes at XP/XP East:



In addition, Mrs Butler is our newly appointed SENCo who will work across the Trust and Mrs Stonier has been appointed to work as an Associate Principal across the Trust to support and challenge our Executive Leadership Team.

Mrs ap Harri will continue to lead our highly successful outdoor expeditions including the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

These are exciting times at XP School Trust and as we move into this next phase in our development I would like to thank you for your continuing support. 

Best wishes

Andy Sprakes

Chief Academic Officer 

XP School Trust


Due to the level of demand we receive each year, once again we will be holding two information evenings for prospective students and parents for both XP and XP East. These will take place on Wednesday 2nd October and Thursday 3rd October.

The evenings will take place from 6:00pm. Both evenings will have the same schedule and will be appropriate for parents applying to either/both of our schools, with an opportunity to see both.

Please attend on Wednesday 2nd October if your son’s or daughter’s surname is between A and K in the alphabet.

Please attend on Thursday 3rd October if your son’s or daughter’s surname is between L and Z in the alphabet.

The evening will provide details of how we learn at XP Trust secondary schools through academically challenging learning expeditions, what you should expect from us and what we expect from you. This will include presentations from our students as well as a chance to see both of our secondary schools where there will be activities taking place in different rooms.

We expect each evening to finish at around 7.30pm.

Please park in Doncaster Rovers FC Car Park 3 and enter the school through the student entrance gate on the south side of the campus and not the vehicle entrance gates on the north side.

There will be an opportunity for parents/carers to ask any questions, all are welcome.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Car Park Protocol

I would like to take this opportunity to remind parents about our system for using Car Park 3 to pick up and drop off students.

Please could parents observe the speed limits so that students aren’t put at risk and can we be patient with one another as the car park does get congested, particularly at the end of the day.

If parents could use the proposed routes as suggested on the picture below then we should be able to ensure a steady flow through the car park.

In addition, please could we ask that you switch your engine off whilst you wait, in the interests of keeping the environment as healthy as possible for our students and the wider community.

Once again many thanks for your support.

X22 GCSE Information evening

We would like to invite all X22 parents to a GCSE information evening on 26th September at 5pm.

As part of the evening, the new GCSE grading system will be explained and then there will be a carousel where subject Leads will talk to you about what their individual subject entails exam wise, what revision strategies your son/daughter could be using and the number of hours of revision students should be doing each week.

From this evening we hope that parents will have greater understanding about the exams and what students need to do in the coming months.  This will build on what students would have reflected on in their forthcoming SLC’s (weeks commencing 9th and 16th September).

We look forward to seeing you on the 26th September.

Against Breast Cancer Bra Bank

As part of our continued support and fund raising for Cancer Research UK, Crew Bronte have been trying to raise awareness of the Breast Cancer charity in particular. Since February, we have received donations of pre – loved bras, in ay condition, and have around 150 so far. Due to this huge support, we now have a bra bank in school, and would like to continue to receive donations in order to help Against Breast Cancer with their vital funding of research into breast cancer.

Please find a link here, with a short video, explaining all about this scheme, and start collecting! To our knowledge, there are no other bra banks in the Doncaster area. The bank is located in XP School, in the library area. Thank you for your support.

Bra Recycling


X24/Year 9 Skipper working those Spanish verbs!

Last week our X24/ Year 9 Skipper students used online language learning software to practise conjugating Spanish verbs in the present tense. Having received feedback on their grammatical accuracy they then applied this knowledge to the completion of GCSE standard photocard tasks on our current media expedition. Needless to say that I was delighted by their focus and high levels of productivity throughout. Well done Skipper!

X26 Skipper- XP Needs You!

X26 Skipper have got off to a flying start in Humanities, whilst learning about WW1 through their expedition ‘Over The Top!’. So far, they have studied a range of texts, including GCSE-level war poetry and the play White Poppies. Why not ask them what white poppies represent? They have even had the opportunity to see a fascinating collection of WW1 artefacts and have their questions answered by an expert.

Students have looked at which qualities were needed to become a soldiers and are now drafting a letter of application to join the Yorkshire Light Infantry, that was based here in Doncaster. For Extended Study, they have been writing their first draft through the eyes of a potential soldier in WW1, which we will critique and redraft to make it amazing!

Well done to Skipper for all your hard work so far. It has been a pleasure getting to know you and I predict great things for you all.

X24 have been giving kind, specific and helpful peer critiques to each other to make improvements to create beautiful work.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

They have been looking at lino cuts by an artist called Karl Schmidt. They have chosen two different designs to produce two A3 designs:

  • One using a black sharpie pen on white paper
  • One using a craft knife to carefully cut back paper.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



Crew EJN and SHA join forces to watch and discuss Newsround this week

Crew EJN and SHA joined forces on Thursday to watch the stories on this weeks episode of Newsround.

We discussed the following:

  • New rules that Instagram have put in place about advertising dieting products. The pupils agreed with this rule and discussed positive body image and how social media can affect the way you feel about yourself.
  • We spoke about Mrs Hannam’s favourite topic (not) … Brexit and our Prime Minister Boris Johnson. He has been asked to come up with a new Brexit solution before the end of September.
  • Burger Kings decision to stop giving plastic toys out with their kids meals. The pupils agreed that this was a good idea and would help to reduce the use of plastic and help the environment.
  • A swimmer called Sarah Thomas who swam for 54 hours (non stop!) for a total of 130 miles! Students said that she was extremely brave and showed lots of courage.

It was lovely to spend time together as crews and will look into joining forces again to discuss what is happening in the world.

Well done crew EJN and SHA!

X25 Stan Lee – Academic Crew

This week we have reflected on ‘working hard’ in sessions. Why we need to work hard and what is the purpose in doing so. We then discussed this together and made suggestions in crew of how we could achieve this.











What really impressed me was how open Stan Lee were to constructive feedback and how sensitive they were. What a great way to end the week!

Learning Coach CPD!

Today all of our learning coaches have been out of school to undertake some professional development.

We have discussed a range of agenda items and the new structures that will be implemented to ensure we support our students to be the best versions of themselves.



A really productive day – and a massive boost of our team spirit!

Excellent work, LC’s… and a huge thank you to Kelly for organising today!