Madrid Trip – Update

Dear all

Staff and students have arrived safely in Madrid after a really good flight. More updates will follow through Cover it Live!

Enjoy one of the most fantastic capital cities in the world!

Madrid trip

We have got to Manchester airport safely and are all just sat on the plane ready for it to leave. It will be a while before we are in touch via coverit live/website as once we leave the airport we are straight to an art gallery before checking in at the hotel mid/late afternoon.

Class of 21 Extended Study

The extended study for class of 21 over the half term break is to a GCSE Mathematics paper.

This will be tough, and is set as a grapple!

This is available on the Method Maths website, and the log in’s have been shared via Google classroom.

The work is due for the first Friday on the first week back.

Car park 3

Please be aware that Willmott Dixon will be having their site cabins delivered and set up from Tuesday next week, this will be near the student entrance.

Samba Band performing at CAST on Friday 9th June

The following students will be performing at the square outside of CAST in the town centre between 10:00am and 11:30am on Friday 9th June.

A Steele
L Higgs
K Roper
T Fleetwood
I Mawby
C Welch
R Barker
J Riddiough
E Mawby
A Mason
E Roper
E Crawley
S Austin
R Williamson

Students will be back in school for lunch, but just need to prepared for all weather conditions.

All Year 7 students have a mini test on heredity when they come back from the two week break. This will cover two supporting learning targets:

LT2a: I can describe a simple model of DNA, crediting those that discovered its structure
LT2b: I can show how genetic information is transferred from one generation to the next


A range of resources have been shared with students to help them to revise:

  • Videos to remind students what we have studied in class
  • Knowledge organisers – theses are single sheets containing all of the knowledge that students need for each learning target

For their revision to be effective students should:

1. Watch the videos (making notes if they want to)

2. Look at the knowledge organisers. Memorise sections. Cover up parts of the screen/paper and test themselves. Then get someone else to test them.

3. Take the I AM LEARNING QUIZES that have been set. (Student log into I AM LEARNING through the school website)


Students often think that either reading or making notes is the best way to revise, but research shows that self-testing  is far more effective. Especially when this testing is spaced out with increasing gaps between the testing.



Please help your son or daughter by…

  • …getting them to space their practice. Little and often is far better than trying to cram. For example an effective schedule for self testing might look like this:
    • Monday 22nd May – Watch vdeos and make notes → 20 mins self testing
    • Tuesday 23rd May – Review notes → 20 mins self testing & I AM LEARNING QUIZZES
    • Wednesday 24th May – 15 mins self testing
    • Friday 26th May – 15 mins self testing
    • Monday 29th May – Review notes → 15 mins self testing
    • Wednesday 31st May – 10 mins self testing & I AM LEARNING QUIZZES
    • Friday 2nd June – 10 mins self testing
    • Sunday 4th June – 10 mins self testing & I AM LEARNING QUIZZES


  • …getting involved in their self-testing. Get them to show you the knowledge organisers and ask them questions based on the content they need to learn.


Students have been given a slip for you to sign to confirm that they have been self-testing. Or alternatively you can email me to confirm:


Thanks for your support

Madrid Trip

Thank you to all parents for sending suitcases with your son/daughter this morning.

Just some additional thoughts ready for Monday morning.

  • The main piece of luggage can weight no more that 10 kilos. A few students did not have a smaller piece of hand luggage but intend to get one at the weekend.  The dimensions for this are  35 x 20 x 20 cm’s.
  • Quite a few students have a black IT suitcase, it may be wise to put a piece of ribbon or something colourful attached to the handle to help the students identify their case
  • Students need to have a secure padlock for their case, a dial one is ideal as it tends to be more secure
  • Students need to remember to bring a two pin travel adapter so they are able to charge their phones
  • If there are any spare Euros around the house please send them with your son/daughter so they have some change on the first day
  • Toiletries need to be in a resealable plastic bag, bottles can be no more than 100ml with a total capacity of a litre.

****Additional thought!****** We recommend students take a hat with them as it is due to be in the early 30’s temperature wise.

Thank you again for your support with this trip.

We will see you at 2.15am on Monday 22nd May.

YR 9 Adolescent Immunisation Programme

The Vaccination nurses will be in school on 13th June 2017 to give the current Year 9 boys and girls their vaccinations.  All Year 9 students have been given details on the immunisation and a permission form for parent / carers to sign. Please can you ask your son / daughter for the green immunisation form.  This needs returning to school asap, we have only had a few returned.

Curriculum working group

We are looking for a small group of parents to consult with over Post 16 and GCSE provision. The group will be meeting on Thursday 8th June at 5pm, if you would like to attend this meeting please contact me by emailing