Save the Date – May 12, 6.00pm until 7.30pm

To all parents and students who have secured a place at XP.images

As part of out transition programme to XP School we are hosting an important event on Monday 12 May (venue TBC) from 6.00pm to 7.30pm. During the evening staff will be presenting their learning to parents and students regarding an example of XP’s exciting curriculum, a specially prepared meal will be served and information regarding the next steps in the transition process will be provided.

We will hold four places per family but if you need additional places or you cannot attend, please contact the school on by noon on Monday 5 May and we will try and help out.

We are looking forward to seeing you all at this exciting event!


Provision for the Community at the Keepmoat Stadium

Doncaster Rovers FC are committed to working with all sections of our community in Doncaster and have been very supportive in helping us to acquire temporary accommodation in 2014/15. It will be exciting to watch our new school being built over the course of the year and be close enough so that we can watch progress and visit the site.

As well as being our home for the year, obviously we will share the stadium with others. For example, the stadium accommodates corporate events, there is a thriving gym and a variety of sporting activities and opportunities are available for all ages. Doncaster Rovers Community Foundation also offers educational courses for Post 16 students and there is a small Key Stage 3 Learning Centre, based in the North Stand, that offers support to students who are struggling in mainstream education and who need extra help so that they can return to school. Both the Foundation provision and the Learning Centre are completely separate from XP, located in other areas of the stadium. Therefore, our students will have no contact with anyone else who is based at the stadium unless we feel that it would be beneficial for our students.

For our first year, our school will be based in the East Stand and is a bespoke design that not only more than meets our temporary needs but will be passed onto the Doncaster Rovers Community Foundation who are joint funding this ground breaking venture. The legacy of the building will be that it will be accessed by the community of Doncaster for years to come. This is what XP is all about.

We will have our own entrance, our own external space and we will operate independently. It is a fantastic opportunity for our students and in the long term for the wider community of Doncaster. For further details of where we are going to start our remarkable journey check out the video on our website, ‘Where on earth is XP?’ and have a look at the draft plans below!

Temporary XP 1

Admissions Round 3

There will be a Round 3 for admissions for the small number of places made available from Round 2. We will let parents know the results on or before Monday 21st April 2014. We will follow the same process as detailed here.

Jayne, Neil and Andy overlooking the random selection process to ensure equity

Jayne, Neil and Andy overlooking the random selection process to ensure equity


The pioneering teachers of XP!

Yesterday, we all met up for the first time together and I took the first photo of the pioneering teachers of XP. Martin, Andy, Gemma and Marc will be coming together in April to design our expeditions and I just can’t wait! They are brilliantly talented, passionate, but most of all, beautiful people.


CEO of High Tech High promises to visit

Larry Rosenstock, the CEO of High Tech High, San Diego promised to visit our school when it opens. Larry is the reason Andy and I started on this journey after our trip to his amazing school, and I was privileged to meet him at an educational conference this Tuesday.

During his keynote, Larry showed us some data about his students that was amazing. Over 85% of the children that go to his non-selective school have gone on to graduate from University, as opposed to this typical picture of the UK.

The support we have received from HTH and from Expedtionary Learning’s Ron Berger has been overwhelming and this gives us the confidence to know that our school will be a brilliant success.

We look forward to Larry visiting when our school is open.



Temporary Site update

We are very hopeful that our temporary accommodation will be based within the Keepmoat Stadium, home to Doncaster Rovers Football Club. We have received tremendous support from DRFC, particularly from the community sports and education foundation. Preliminary work has begun on the options for us to base our school at the stadium, and if successful, will not only provide a great learning environment as we watch our new school being built, but will also provide a legacy for wider community use in the future.

We would like to thank Doncaster Rovers for their continued support that has developed into a significant ongoing partnership for our school.