X21 Missing equipment from Expeditions:

During de-gunge any equipment that has been lost or damaged on expedition is charged to the group or individual that the item was assigned to.

Naturally some equipment needs replacing due to normal wear & tear and these items are not charged.

Also the canoeing group need to bring in any outstanding money for the hired dry bags and the level 3 canoeing coach.

The cycling group need to bring in the money for hiring of pannier racks.

Any problems with the above please email me about this.

I will be speaking with the students tomorrow in crew and sending a letter home for those concerned.




X25 Admiral students grappling in Spanish

Last week out X25 Spanish students were introduced to items of stationery that might be found in their bag or pencil case…..in the unlikely event that they would need to borrow an item. They will now be able to ask for it in Spanish. Here they are completing a Tarsia word wheel puzzle to practise this new vocabulary. Some had eight pieces to match up, and others had a more challenging puzzle with twelve pieces to locate in the correct place. Bravo!


Barcelona 2019 – an update

We’re delighted by the interest shown by our X23 students in the school visit to Barcelona in May 2019. The visit is now closed to any more students as we are required to provide details of numbers to our travel company, who are now reserving our flight seats and accommodation. A letter will be issued shortly to acknowledge receipt of the deposits paid, and to provide further details for our parents and carers.

A huge thank you to all for helping us to ensure that we can continue this extremely worthwhile residential visit – next year to an iconic Spanish city in the northeast of Spain.


With there being no fixtures now until after half term there will be no Rugby or Football training on Monday 15th Oct and Thursday 18th Oct respectively.

Rugby training will resume on the first Tuesday back after half term before a game versus Hall Cross on Wednesday 8th Nov for year 7 and 8 – more details to follow.

Football training will be shelved for boys until after Christmas as the league fixtures are now delayed until it is light enough again to play them after school. Basketball club will begin on Mondays after school in its place.

I will post full after school club info for next half term later this week.

VCERT: Creative Studies

X21 Have been working hard on their VCERT exams last week but they also have three units of work from year 10 that must be completed.  All students have something to work on still and the deadline for this is Wednesday 17th October.  Details and guidance are on the Smart portfolio.

If students still have unfinished work after the deadline, they will be invited to attend a catch up session during the holiday.

The nature of this qualification means that if any section of the portfolio is not passed then the whole VCERT cannot be passed.  Please ask students to show you the Creative Studies Tracker and encourage them to comment on it if they’ve recently completed work which hasn’t yet been graded.

X22: Language Grapple

X22 have been grappling with some difficult Shakespearian language today independently and then sharing their ideas in groups. It was great to see such independent and resilient learners. Well done X22!