Thank you!!

XP would like to say a huge thank you to all those who have donated towards buying a defibrillator. All the money has now been raised!!!

Many thanks to all who have donated. Your continued support is very much appreciated.


Beautiful Work by Kelsea

Students have the guiding question ‘Is refugee worth the risk?’ as part of the expedition Stormy seas toil and tempest. To help answer this guiding question students were asked to write a first person narrative imagining they were a refugee fleeing their home.

This is Kelsea’s (aged 13) narrative – Well done Kelsea!

Download (PDF, 88KB)

Final day of term: 2pm finish (22nd July)

On the final day of term, Friday 22nd July, we will not have the Doncaster Rovers session so students will be dismissed at 2pm. However students that need to stay later will be able to as normal if they need to wait for a lift.

Parents should also receive a text to confirm this tomorrow too.

XP is raising money for a defibrillator

XP are raising money for a defibrillator for our school. One of our parents/teachers has set up a Just Giving page to raise money.

FXP have kindly offered to donate money raised on their stall during XP’s Got Talent on Thursday 21st July to this – Thank you FXP!!

If you would like to donate please click here

Thank you in advance for your donations and support on this!!

Year 8 – Robolympics test – Tuesday 12th July

Year 8 have an assessment on Tuesday 12th July covering the following learning targets from Robolympics.
We have shared a revision document with all students through google classroom. Students can have a printed version on request.
Students have also been set a range of mathletics exercises to practise.
LT: I can add and subtract negative numbers
LT: I can round numbers to 3 decimal places
LT: I can measure line segments in geometric figures
LT: I can measure angles in geometric figures
LT: I can calculate the distance between coordinate points in all four quadrants
LT: I can identify the hypotenuse, and sides adjacent to and opposite to an angle.
LT: I can recall the formulae for the trigonometric ratios.
LT: I can use the trigonometric ratios to calculate unknown angles in a right angled triangle
LT: I can calculate bearings using a given angle
LT: I can recall Pythagoras’ theorem
LT: I can use Pythagoras’ theorem to calculate the length of an unknown side in a right angled triangle

Beautiful Work by our new students

Today was transition day for our new students starting in August. Students had a very busy day doing all of this work.

Well done to our new year 7’s – we can’t wait for you all to start in August!!!

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