We have recently purchased Hegarty maths, after a successful trial as a tool for extended study at XP.

We have found the following guidelines the best way to use this resource

  1. Hegarty maths is a collection of excellent video resources, students should watch the video, and make notes.
  2. The video will set questions at certain points, students should pause the video, and then attempt those questions.
  3. After watching the video, students can then attempt the tasks. You can still use the video, and the video itself has a model similar to the questions asked.

I recently enclosed a guide for parents, which I have relinked here

Any further questions, please send me an email

Best wishes


We will be interviewing potential applicants 4th May 2018 – if you want to be considered through our rolling recruitment process, you must ensure your application is with us by 12 noon, Monday 30th April 2018.

We are looking for Learning Coaches (Teaching Assistants) to start their induction on Monday 11th June 2018.

We will consider ANY LEVEL of experience as there are a number of vacancies available. Any experience of the following would be advantageous for some of the vacancies:

  • To promote inclusion and acceptance of all learners in the classroom.
  • To work as part of a Learning Expedition team in supporting and including students with learning difficulties/disabilities, such as autism, in mainstream classes.
  • To help with planning, delivering and implementation of work programmes to individuals, groups and classes of learners under the direction and supervision of Expedition staff.
  • To take into account a students’ special needs and ensure their access to a lesson and its content through appropriate clarification, explanations, equipment and materials.


Deadline for applications is 12 noon, Monday 30th April 2018.

Interviews will take place 4th May 2018.

To access the application form and to find out more about our recruitment process click here. We do not require visits prior to applications at this point due to the short deadline.

New PE extra-curricular clubs

Summer Term is approaching so it’s time to dust down the Rounders bats! Please see attached the updated after school sport offer… this will update again after May half term when we have use of the Sports Hall.

Many thanks.

C21/C22 Parents: Tassomai

Students in Years C21 and C22 have the ongoing compulsory extended study of 10 minutes of daily quizzing on the Tassomai science learning programme. This system works to develop students retention and recall of key science facts and concepts by daily quizzing and interleaved retrieval practice. Tassomai done for a least 10 minutes per day will be massively important in ensuring students are GCSE ready. It is only effective when done little and often over the time until GCSE examinations. It is ineffective when not done and left until before exams.

We have been using Tassomai with students in since Christmas and have an expectation that it is done on a daily basis. However, there have been perhaps a significant number of students who have not used the program for many days and continue to do this sporadically despite reminders from members of staff.

We have therefore decided that students who have missed two days or more of quizzing in a week will attend a compulsory extended study session to catch up. Progress will be checked on a Friday and those students who need to then attend compulsory extended study will then do so on the following Thursday. We would greatly appreciate it if parents could give students a nudge to check whether Tassomai has been completed.

Thank you for your continued support in ensuring our students develop strong habits of work and learning and in our aim of becoming exam ready.

C21 Spanish Extended Study

This week students have been given a sheet with phrases around role models to learn for a test on Monday 23rd April (Skipper) and Tuesday 24th April (Admiral). Half the test will be like a reading comprehension, where Spanish phrases will be translated into English. The other half will be heard in Spanish, and written in English. Any problems, please see Mrs Sprakes.

C23 Spanish Extended Study

This week students are to spend 30 minutes revising clothes and colours on either of our websites, ready for the session on Tuesday 24th April. It’s a good idea to revise the vocab first, then do some activities.

espanolextra     un   xp200      pw    estadio

Linguascope     un xpstudent     pw  xpspanish


Any problems, please see Mrs Sprakes.

Sport Relief Week

Earlier this term our students undertook a host of sporting activities and challenges in aid of Sport Relief. These included the whole school completing the Sport Relief Mile, Basketball and Football shooting competitions, a Tennis taster session, a bake sale and a sponsored cycle at Lakeside shopping outlet. As always the students really bought into the process and together we raised just over £230 which will go to help causes such as mental health awareness. Check out the video for a flavour of what we did.

Big Talk Education

On May 1st Big Talk Education are coming into school to speak to C21,C22, C23 and C24 separately about Sex Relationships Education.

There will be a parents meeting on 17th April at 5.30pm where Lynette from Big Talk Education will explain what areas are going to be covered in the talks and there will be an opportunity for you to ask any questions.

All parents are welcome to attend although I really encourage all C24 parents to attend so you are aware of what areas will be covered not only this year but in future years too.

Thank you.

XPosé Booking Now Open!

Booking for our 2018 conference is now open! We’re delighted to say that our keynote speaker this year will be Ron Berger, Chief Program Officer of Expeditionary Learning, from Massachusetts USA.

Ron will be flying over from America to join us for the conference ‘How Soon is Now?’ on Thursday 14th June – a day that will inspire, inform and intrigue in equal measure.

The conference will focus on the following key areas and how we approach learning through expeditions:

  • Assessment
  • Critique
  • Curriculum Design
  • Design Principles
  • Social Impact
  • GCSEs and Learning Expeditions
  • Crew
  • Technology

To find out more about Ron Berger please click here.

Our ‘Early Bird’ discounts for this year’s event.

The normal day delegate rate of £249 is reduced to £225 until 27th April. If you’re booking five tickets or more, the rate will be £200 per delegate until the 14th June, subject to availability.*

We do hope you can join us for this very special day.

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