C22 Madrid Visit EHIC card and Contact Details

A reminder please that the form with contact details for whilst we are away is due in on Friday 16th February. This was given out on Tuesday 30th January. Also, on the letter there are details of how to apply for a Health Insurance card, which is free, and needs to come into school by Friday 30th March. Any problems, please contact or see Mrs Sprakes.

C24 respiratory system assessment


Your end of expedition case study assessment of the respiratory system will be next week either Tuesday or Wednesday. Ive attached a revision quiz for extended study on google classroom which we’ll mark together on Monday. Also the website below is great along with BBCBitesize for revision.

Your learning target and supporting learning targets are:

I can compare and contrast the fitness of people from different classes in the Feudal System


  • I can label all the organs in the respiratory system
  • I can explain how exercise, smoking and asthma affect the gas exchange system.
  • I can explain how the parts of the gas exchange system are adapted to their function.
  • I can explain observations about changes to breathing rate and volume.
  • I can explain how changes in volume and pressure inside the chest move gases in and out of the lungs.


Fundraising for Duke of Edinburgh

Dear Parents / Carers / Friends / Family / Staff,

You will no doubt have heard of the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme, for the past seven decades, DofE has inspired and transformed the lives of millions of young people from all walks of life. From volunteering to physical activities, life skills to expeditions, achieving a DofE Award is a passport to a brighter future, valued by employers and universities.

Here at XP School it is our mission to ensure that all students can engage with the DofE Award program and as part of the ‘Expedition Section’ to embark on some really challenging adventures.  We are currently raising funds to purchase equipment that will benefit students as they progress through their DofE Awards.

A group of C21 Students who are currently working towards their Silver Award have arranged a lucky 100 draw… better odds than the lottery… this is how it works:

☘️ ☘️THE LUCKY 100  ☘️ ☘️
You buy a number which costs £10
This raises £1000 in total which is split down the middle; £500 for fundraising and £500 for prize money
There will be 10 draws with the first being made on 1
st March 2018 Continue reading

C24 Admiral Extended study

Students in Admiral need to type up their form, language, structure and form on The Pardoners Tale.

They have written it up in the back of their books, this now needs to be written up on a Google Doc for Monday19th February.

Further information and rubric is on Google Classroom.

Extended Study in C24

At the request of some students and parents, here is the schedule for when extended study is usually set by the Year 7 teaching team. Of course, as always more details can be found on google classroom for specific pieces of extended study set each week.

MONDAY: STEAM due in on Friday (Both classes)

TUESDAY:  Humanities and Arts due in on Friday. (Skipper only)

WEDNESDAY: Maths practice due in on Monday (Both classes)

THURSDAY:  Humanities and Arts due in on Friday. (Admiral only)

WEEKEND: Spellodrome and Times Tables Rockstars due in the following week (Both classes)


In addition students should read their accelerated reader book for 2 hours per week.