Fieldwork on Monday 1st September

Good morning everyone and congratulations again on a superb week in Wales. Owing to the lateness of our arrival last night we didn’t have a chance to do a closing crew at the Keepmoat and let you know about the day on Monday.

All students will be doing fieldwork near our site for around an hour on Monday. As such we would like students to bring a waterproof jacket or top and also a change of shoes or wellies as it may be a little muddy depending on the weather.

There will be some more extensive fieldwork later in the week; students will receive more details on Monday following which we will post on the website too.

See you all on Monday from 8.00am, school starts at 8.30!


Outward Bound 2014

Live Blog Test

Year 6 Open Evening

We are pleased to announce that our Year 6 Open Evening will take place on Tuesday 23rd September at the Keepmoat Stadium Restaurant.

The evening will start at 6pm until 7.30pm and it will include information about the school, a tour of our existing premises and plans for our new school building.

We look forward to seeing you on the 23rd September.

Best wishes,

Andy Sprakes

Outward Bound Expedition

Our outward bound expedition is fast approaching and there are a number of things that still need to be done. Please ensure you have reviewed and actioned the points on the check list below;

  • Parental Consent for Fieldwork and Outdoor Activities Form- signed by parents AND handed in to school.
  • Home School Agreement Form – signed by parents AND students AND handed in to school.
  • Can parents please ensure that any medication is in a clear plastic bag and labelled with your child’s name and handed in to Mrs Mawby prior to departure.
  • Asthma inhaler’s MUST be kept by the individual child.
  • Please put £10 refundable deposit in an envelope – hand in to Mrs Mawby.
  • Please ensure that all luggage is labelled.
  • Bring a packed lunch (in a lunch box) AND a water bottle for the journey. The lunch box/bottle will be required throughout the week.
  • Payment for School lunches (week commencing 01/09/14) is now due. Please hand payment of £10 in to Mrs Batley prior to departure on Tuesday morning (26/08/14).

We will be leaving school at 7.30am prompt, so please arrive between 7.00am – 7.20am on Tuesday 26th August so that we can get all luggage loaded on board.

We are aiming to arrive back at school on Friday 29th August at 6.30pm (traffic permitting), but will keep you updated via the school website.

Here’s looking forward to a fantastic expedition!

Catch up Session

Dear Parents

I am proposing to run a short information session for parents who missed the Parents Information Evening earlier this month. I will be available from 5.30pm until 6.30pm on Tuesday 29 July, at the Keepmoat Stadium, to answer any questions and talk through some of the points of information raised at the previous meeting.The venue will be the Restaurant. If you can’t make the session don’t worry just check out the website under the tab, ‘Parents’ where all the information you need is posted.

Have a great summer! Can’t wait for Wales!!!

Andy Sprakes