X25 Celebration of Learning – REMINDER

A reminder that the X25 (Year 7) celebration of learning is this Wednesday evening, 19th December from 5.30pm until around 7.00pm.

It is important that every student has someone from their family at this event as it helps to provide an authentic audience for their work in what will be a great celebration of their efforts in their very first learning expeditions at XP.

Students are asked to dress smartly as this is a formal occasion. Students can bring a change of clothes or can choose to attend in smart clothes for the whole day.

Student must stay in school between 3.15pm and the start of the celebration of learning. They will be given some time to relax after school and before the last rehearsals, so they can bring a pack up tea if they choose.

We look forward to seeing you this week!


Many thanks

X24 Science Test


X24 (year 8) will sit a science assessment in the last week of term.

It will be based on:

Cells and Specialised cells

Blood and the heart

Students can use Quizlet Flashcards – https://quizlet.com/_5qg2x5 to revise. Or use the KS3 science website which is growing everyday: https://sites.google.com/xpschool.org/ks3-science/biology/organisms?authuser=0

Good luck X24

Mr Campbell

X22 Spanish Speaking Mock Update

All students have now completed their exam. I would like to praise X22 for their courage and resilience during the last two days, and for their preparation over the last few weeks. Well done X22, and good luck for the rest of your exams!

X24 Basketball for P.E

Some great on target shots from X24 this afternoon

Crew Hahn: Academic Crew



Crew Hahn demonstrated their artistic ability in Academic Crew this week. Many students chose to work on their art from expedition; aiming to make it even more beautiful!

Take a look…

X23 Extended Study

Students need to complete their answer to the guiding question for their expedition Don’t Mention the War. This should be completed for Monday’s session ready for critique, redraft and commit to portfolios. In addition, students will have their end of expedition assessment on Tuesday and need to revise infection and response.

Pancakes for breakfast!

This week in appreciation for the hard work towards SLC’s, Earhart spent crew making and eating pancakes together. It was brilliant to see students helping and supporting each throughout the session. A flipping awesome time was had by all!  



X25 Immersion fieldwork in January

In the New Year, X25 students will be visiting the National Mining Museum in Wakefield as part of their Immersion for the next expedition.

Admiral will be visiting on Wednesday 9th January and Skipper will be visiting on Thursday 10th January.  We will be leaving promptly at 8.45am and hope to be back in school by 3.15 pm, traffic allowing.

Students will need to bring a packed lunch with them including a drink, students on Free School Meals will be provided with a packed lunch/drink.

It is recommended that students wrap up warm for the visit, a warm coat, sensible shoes (trainers/boots- no heels) are recommended.  A small amount of time will be spent outside and with the weather starting to turn I also recommend students bring a hat, scarf and a pair of gloves.

If there are any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me on gvayro@xpschool.org.

Many thanks in advance.

X22 DofE Silver cycling letter.

Here is the most recent letter regarding information for the Silver cycling expeditions. Some students took letters home last week but some of the information on these is out of date now.

Students can get a copy of this letter from the office next week or print off a copy of this and return the slip with your payment by Friday14th December at the latest.


Download (PDF, 79KB)

X23 Art product

X23 have an Art deadline for the expedition ‘What should we remember”

The deadline is on Friday 21st December: study sheets and final product needs to be handed in on this day.

You should have the following:
– 8 images that will help them with the guiding question ‘what should we remember’, stuck in to your sketch book and annotated.
-1 coloured pencil, propaganda poster: annotated
-1 collage, propaganda poster: annotated
-1 Paint section, propaganda poster: annotated
-1 charcoal study, Otto Dix: annotated
-1 pen study, otto dix: annotated
-2 linear studies of
-Final Product (poster depicting ‘what we should remember’, 100 years since the end of WW1.
-Narrative for product

I am available on a Wednesday for extended study if students would like to work in PO8, also they can do it on other days but I am around to help on a Wednesday. Art folders can also be taken home to complete work, this should allow them to meet the deadline.

Thank you, Mrs Cross