Year 9 Languages and Arts Visit to Madrid

It is with great pleasure that I am able to inform you in more detail of the Languages and Arts visit to Madrid in May next year. To confirm, the date of the visit will be Monday 22nd May 2017 – Thursday 25th May 2017 inclusive

The cost of the visit will be approximately £550 if students hold their own passport, or £600 if students require a passport. The visit will include: travel and transfers; insurance; entrance fees to the Museums and Galleries; a tour of the Bernabeu Stadium; as well as breakfast and evening meals in a hotel in Central Madrid.

A deposit of £50 is required to secure a place on the visit and this should be paid via Parent Pay by Friday 4th November. The balance of the visit can be paid in instalments over the coming months, and I will provide a suggested payment schedule once a place on the visit has been secured. Students who are on free school meals will be eligible for some reduction in cost, and I am happy to speak to parents to discuss this individually.

This is a fantastic opportunity for students to develop their current knowledge of Spanish by providing them with real life scenarios in which to practise their language skills whilst in the beautiful Spanish capital city.

Please do not hesitate to contact me at school should you require further details.

Y7 Autumn Break extended study – STEM

Students have a fact into fiction story to write about the rock cycle. Instructions and a writing frame are on google classroom. This needs to be complete for Monday 31st October. Ideally students should work on the google doc, but hand written is fine.

Students should also do two weeks of practice on times tables rockstars. They need to play 20 games in the studio, and 20 games in the garage. They should aim to earn £2000 in total. Their current total is posted on google classroom.  The deadline for this is Friday 4th Nov at 8pm.

Duke of Edinburgh helpers wanted.

Are there any parents / carers who would like to volunteer to help with the Duke of Edinburgh activity sessions on a Friday from 2.15pm till 3.15pm? There are activities such as gardening, clean up crew, table tennis, robotics and more. You don’t need to know anything about the activity as they already have a supervisor / assessor, however if you do that would be cool. I could just do with a few helpers. If you’re interested or want more information please email me,

Y9 Holiday Extended Study- Skipper and Admiral

Students have been set 3 study tasks to complete over the half-term holidays.

Reading book 1 of ‘War of the Worlds’ with the texts that all students have been given. Students will also need to respond to the comments made on their historical essays and complete their final draft, alongside typing up their solider empathy responses from their books.

Y8 Skipper and Admiral Extended Study

Students have been set 3 tasks to complete as Extended Study over the half term.

Artist research on the work of Joseph Cornell, students must start a google doc entitled ‘What does it mean to be human?’ Adding in their thoughts so far regarding the guiding question and finally a statistics assignment where they will need to analyse their fitness testing data using averages.

Y9 WW1 Experts

Year 9 classes worked with Doncaster Museum on Wednesday building trenches, dressing up like war soldiers, and learning about local war heroes from WW1.They have been working with a WW1 expert, asking questions about WW1 weaponry, recruitment, and handling props and real artefacts from WW1.

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Year 7 Fieldwork to NUM

The year 7 have been invited to the National Union of Mineworkers headquarters in Barnsley. They are going to see a large collection of banners and visit the historic building.

Skipper will go on 1st November and Admiral on 2nd November. They will need casual comfortable clothes and a packed lunch (students entitled to a free school meal will be provided with a packed lunch).

They will be leaving at 9.15am after crew then they will return to school by 1.15 pm

If you wish to research it with your child click on the link below


Rock On! Final Product

As part of the year 7 expedition Rock On! last year’s students created a website detailing their findings about the other geological sites around Doncaster so that it can be used by other people who want to know about Doncaster’s rich geological history.

The link to the website is below:

Rock on! website

Beautiful Work by year 8

Year 8 have been creating beautiful styrofoam models of skeletal joints in the Design and Technology workshop as part of their ‘Being Human’ expedition. Here you can see examples of ball and socket joints in the hip where the femur joins the pelvis. There are also some hinge joints based on knee and elbow joints and a saddle joint based on a knuckle.

The students worked really hard over two days to learn how to cut and shape the styrofoam and we’re really proud of their products!IMG_5544