We would like to invite X21 parents and students to an information session on how to support our students to be successful in the upcoming GCSE examinations. The evening will include:

  • An update on current progress towards targets
  • An explanation of how current Maths sessions and interventions are supporting students to achieve their target grades
  • Strategies for parents to use to support student revision
  • How to support students using the online programme Hegarty Maths and how to use the Maths website to access past papers and mark schemes

There will be an opportunity to ask any questions you may have on the evening. We look forward to seeing you on the 21st so we can further support students to achieve success in the summer.

Best wishes and thank you for your continuing support – it is always greatly appreciated.

Andy Sprakes

We are recruiting!!!

We are actively looking for teachers in any subject but specifically:

    • English
    • Maths
    • Science
    • Humanities
    • Spanish

We would consider those who teach PE as well as another subject. Our Post 16 will open this year so any expertise in A Level and BTEC will also be considered.

We will consider ANY LEVEL of experience from Senior Leadership to NQTs.

Visiting the school would be advantageous but not necessary. If you would like to visit the school please call us on 01302 898792 to choose one of the 3 slots we have available before the deadline.

Deadline for applications of all posts is 12 noon, Monday 18th February 2019.

Interviews are likely to take place w/c Monday 25th February 2019.

To access the application form and to find out more about our recruitment process click here.

Beautiful Work

This week our X25 rockers with the most face melting solos in Times Table Rockstars have been:

Joseph, Georgia, Emily, Declan, Ilinca and Ricki all earned well over 10 000 coins each !


However Jacob in Admiral has earned a magnificent 36,939 coins, helping his crew to top the leaderboard again this week.

Image result for jeff beck

Keep on rocking!


Message From FXP

Hey everyone, So, tonight is the Friends of XP Trust’s fundraiser “Fashion Show!”

I figured my Friday evening would be better spent helping raise cash for our kids than munching chocs & binging Netflix or Prime (for a change), so I’ve volunteered to help the guys at FXP and do you know what? I’m so glad I did. In the run up to the event they’ve worked so hard to try and draw folk in & it’s not easy, let me tell you! They’re honestly lovely people, obviously all with their own personal commitments like work/kids/health/ general family stuff like us all, but they put in constant effort to try and meet their crews pledges for our pupils.

Did you know each child at XP & XP East has the opportunity to fulfil their D of E for example? For Freeeeee!!! What an amazing experience for all our kids! Made better by the fact that as parents/carers we don’t have to worry about the cost. FXP actually pay for every child’s E-book which is something necessary for them to have in order to undertake & fulfil their expedition, which is approx £2000 a year alone! That’s a lot of tea and donuts!! Thanks FXP! 😁

The school provides music opportunities for our kids too, not just during lesson time. When XP first opened a few years ago there were the basic instruments etc, but as the cohort has grown, obviously the need for equipment has too and just last year, FXP provided two full practice drum kits & amps for our kids to learn and let off creative steam with – awesome! I couldn’t reel it all off but I know they’ve ran regular book drives to help fill the school libraries, provided tablets, boosted equipment when needed, topped up trip fees when unexpected shortfalls occur and in general just try to help where they can. Above all, they do their very best to support every single students Pol/Col/parent event each term, often with extremely short notice & sadly, very few volunteers.

Now, back to tonight. FXP need us. Any profit raised this evening will make a substantial difference to the crews coffers and their ability to support even more pupils this year. Ladies, girls, whether you’re mum, Nan, sister, Aunt, bff, neighbour, colleague or even staff…I know there are loads of factors that could prevent you from taking part, childcare, work, previous commitments, halfway to payday, that serious tempting final episode of your fave series (Highlander 💕) etc etc, honestly, we get it, no one expects for you to be there, but if you do have the funds and time available, PLEASE consider getting together & coming along for a couple of hours for a giggle and a catchup! There’s absolutely no need to purchase anything once there if you don’t want to, just showing your support by buying a ticket (£5) & turning up will be ridiculously appreciated, however there will be drinks, snacks, raffle & of course the clothing itself on offer. I’ve been told it’s a fun night for those that go… I’m looking forward to my first one & happy to be able to say I’ve helped raise the funds which will support my daughter & her peers in their learning expeditions. Even if you can’t make it tonight, remember that’s ok, but please don’t forget that all family/friends of our pupils are automatically part of the FXP crew & as such, you are always welcome to go along to the meetings, or make contact to discuss upcoming events. It’s genuinely such a small group that are regularly working their socks off for the many & it’s not always about putting your hand in your pocket (although every 50p cookie genuinely helps!). Just turning up counts. They’d absolutely love to hear any ideas you have and could always do with help setting up/putting away etc. (Home bakes and donated cakes are apparently particularly well received 😝). Unfortunately, not every senior school has a ‘PTA ‘or a ‘Friends of’ to rally round when needs must… but then again, not every senior school is an XP Trust environment & boy, are we the lucky ones!
If you made it to the end of this mammoth post, well done haha, thank you for reading my shoutout this sunshiny morning! Enjoy your weekends, take care and hopefully we’ll see you soon!

And to all of our parents/carers/staff regularly giving up their free time, energy, skills, etc to continue supporting our wonderful learners, alongside their educational pursuits… you’re honestly fab. Just saying.
Sincerest Thank yous xx

Here is the kit list for the silver Hiking Expeditions & the silver canoeing expeditions. Copies of these will be given out to students today with information on choosing appropriate clothing.

This information can also be accessed through the DofE website.

Silver Hiking Kit List

Silver Canoeing Kit List

Please note that an additional item has been added. This is a sleeping bag liner.

Consent forms will also be handed out. These need to be returned by the 1st March.

Many thanks



X23 Consent form deadline: 22nd February!

Please could consent forms be returned to the school office as soon as possible please.

The deadline for these is Friday 22nd February (next week).

It is really important I have these returned in the time asked so that if there are any medical or other needs students have on expedition, I can make sure this is arranged in good time.

Thanks for your support.



X22 Extended Study Plan


In order to support X22 students in preparing for GCSE science we have bought all students a beautiful workbook. Extended study will be set each Monday due in the following Monday from this workbook. We have also worked incredibly hard to provide a range of online support which can be found here: https://sites.google.com/xpschool.org/gcsescience/home

I have attached the plan for the next 6 weeks.

I would really appreciate your support with students completing extended study for the deadline assigned.

Best wishes

Mr Campbell

Date set         Date due        Higher Topic Support on website Foundation Topic Support on website
11/2/19 18/2/19 Compounds p93

More separation techniques p96

Acids and Bases p130

Chem: unit 1

Chem: unit 4

Compounds p83

More separation techniques p87

Acids and Bases p112

Chem: unit 1

Chem: unit 4

18/2/19 25/2/19 Chemical Equations p94

Reactions of acids p 132 -133

Chem: unit 3

Chem: unit 4

Chemical Equations p84

Reactions of acids p113 -114

Chem: unit 3

Chem: unit 4

25/2/19 18/3/19 States of Matter p120

Changing of state p121

Physics: unit 3 States of Matter p106

Changing of state p107

Physics: unit 3
Holiday 18/3/19 Electrolysis p138-140

Hydrocarbons p 153-154

Energy resources and their uses p183

Chem: unit 4

Chem: unit 7

Phys: unit 1

Electrolysis p117

Hydrocarbons p129

Energy resources and their uses p156

Chem: unit 4

Chem: unit 7

Phys: unit 1

18/3/19 25/3/19 Potable water p172

Energy Stores and systems p175

Chem: unit 10

Phys: unit 1

Potable water p145

Energy Stores and systems p148

Wind, solar and geothermal p157

Chem: unit 10

Phys: unit 1

25/3/19 1/4/19 Current and Circuit Symbols p186

Stopping distance p229

Phys: unit 2

Phys: unit 5

Current and Circuit Symbols p161

Stopping distance and thinking distance p194

Phys: unit 2

Phys: unit 5


X23 Expedition Planning: Introduction Session

We spent our first session discussing WHY we go on expeditions at XP and why we think DofE is so important for our students. We looked into how these experiences can help us in the future and now whilst at school. We then explored students worries and excitements about the expeditions and made a list of these so that we can cover them in our training.

Here’s an insight into what things came up: