IMPORTANT REMINDER: Celebrations of learning

All students will be taking part in celebrations of learning at the end of this term.


7 & 8 Skipper: Wednesday 16th December at 17.45pm

7 & 8 Admiral: Thursday 17th December at 17.45pm


Student will be showcasing their work from the last term, involving performances of radio plays, artwork, cooking a light meal for guests and presenting their views on climate change.

This is just a reminder so that you can put the date in your diary. More details will follow next week.

December X Block PE Sessions

There are some changes to PE XBlock sessions this month. Details are below:

Sessions on the 2nd December will be doing Badminton instead.

All other sessions (from the 3rd December onwards) will be swimming so please ensure students bring swimwear and towels.


Year 7 Viking assignment

7 Skipper and 7 Admiral need to produce a written piece about why the Vikings invaded Britain and what Viking life was like for their Extended Learning.

All Students have been sent (via email) a powerpoint of notes which has links to clips which will support their writing and an overview of what needs to be put in the assignment.

The assignment can either be hand written or produced on a Google Doc.

The assignment deadline is 4th December.

7A & 7S Viking Expert Visit

Year 7 classes were visited by a Viking expert today. Prior to the visit students had prepared questions to ask the expert. Here are a few pictures from both 7A and 7S….

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Beautiful Work by Annabelle Daley

As part of their Chefistry Expedition, students are working to define what makes a healthy, savoury meal. They used unit rate to determine nutritional information per serving, calculated the daily recommended intake of each menu item and applied this information to make a nutrition labels.

Well done to Annabelle for this beautiful work!!

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