X21 Final Speaking Exam in Spanish

X21 have been working extremely hard in class and at home to prepare for their final exam. Though there are still a few weeks to go, just to let parents and carers know the dates for this final exam will be Monday 29th April – Wednesday 1st May. A timetable has been shared with students, so they already know their day and time.

Just a reminder about support sessions every Monday night for this, and that there will be an extra session on Wednesday 24th April after school as well; this will be their last chance to practise before the exams start. Good luck X21!

X23 DofE Bronze Expedition Kit Check:

All students in X23 will need to bring in the items on their expedition kit list on Friday 5th April (1 week prior to expedition).

Expedition supervisors will do a thorough check to make sure students have the appropriate clothing, footwear etc.

This is an important part of the expedition process. Students that don’t have the correct kit could be at risk of not going on the expedition.

Kit lists are available on the XP DofE website or from the office.






X23: School dinner or pack up Friday 12th April?

A polite reminder to let crew leaders know if students are needing a school dinner or a pack up for lunch on the 12th April when we will return to school from the Bronze practice expedition.

If students normally bring in a packed lunch this would need to be sent into school on the Friday morning and handed into the office for your child to collect.

If this is not possible then you will need to order them a school lunch before the 27th March. Lunches cost £2.50 and will be added to your parent pay account.

Please make sure crew leaders are informed whether your child is having a packed lunch or needs a school lunch before the 27th March!!

Any problems please let me know.



X24 Study Groups

X24 Have been revising hard for their end of expedition assessment on Monday 24th.  Students have been working really well in study groups to help each other to prepare for the exam.  Topics for the test will cover all out learning targets for this expedition – Geological Time, Natural Selection and Genetics and Heredity.  Good luck on Monday X24!

X23 Spanish Extended Study

Last week our X23 students were given a series of comprehension questions based on job adverts in Spanish. Phrases that are common to more than one advert were explained during the session.

The deadline for submission of this Extended Study on jobs is Tuesday 26th March for X23 Admiral and Thursday 28th March for X23 Skipper.


Good morning

Thanks to parents for observing the directions we placed on the website. Students are able to leave the gates safely now that we have the area set-aside and returning to the road via the south side of the car park seems to be working well.

If we could make one more polite request. We appreciate that sometimes you may be waiting for some time for your son or daughter to gather their things and leave the site, and may wish to listen to your radios etc.

Please could we ask that you switch your engine off whilst you wait, in the interests of keeping the school’s environment as healthy as possible for our students.

Many thanks for your continued support.

X23 Sleeping bag liners for DofE expeditions:

We will be going on the practice expedition in 3 weeks time!

Please remember that students need to bring their own sleeping bag liner on expedition which was added to the mandatory kit list.

If you are wanting to borrow one from XP please email me before the 29th March so I have time to get them ready.




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  • C23 Maths Extended Study 12 April 2018- All students have been set two short tasks to complete on Hegarty Maths in preparation for sessions next week. The deadline is for completion by Wednesday 18th April.
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  • C23 Spanish Extended Study 12 March 2018- Students are to learn the new food / menu words for a test on Friday 23rd March. Students have a sheet with the vocab on, in class I will say the words in Spanish and students write the English meaning. Any problems, please see Mrs Sprakes.
  • C23 Spanish Extended Study 05 February 2018- Students are to learn the holiday activities from the sheet. Learn the English meaning from the Spanish phrase for a test on Friday 16th February. Any problems please see Mrs Sprakes.

School Photographs – Friday 29th March

School photographs will take place on Friday 29th March. We will be using Tempest – the same company we used last year.

They will take individual pictures of all students with samples being given to students to take home on the same day. All siblings (just those within XP & XP East), Crew and year group photographs will also be taken.

You can then choose from a variety of packages and formats for your photos through their website. All details of which will be provided with the sample print.

XPosé 2019!

We’re delighted to announce that our XPosé conference will take place on Thursday 20th June this year. You can secure your place for this amazing day from Monday 25th March when tickets sales will open. Watch this space for details!