Y7 Football fixture – Monday

The following students have been selected to play football on Monday 20th November at Adwick. We will return to school at approx 5:45-6 o’clock As ever they will need to bring their full kit plus a warm top/water bottle etc.

Loris R-L
Denzil M
Christian M
Kai D
George N
Henry C
Kian D
Evan S
Harvey P
Ashley C
Aarron O’C
Bobby S
Adam B
Coen E
Kaiden T

Important School Calendar Changes

We have highlighted a number of issues we wish to address by changing the calendar this year, and in further years:

  • Last year, we used Doncaster Rovers staff and Duke of Edinburgh volunteers on Friday from 2:15pm to allow staff to be together and plan. This hasn’t been effective, as we have had to support DRFC staff, resulting in staff losing valuable development time, and increased contact time.
  • The staffing of exams and revision sessions in the May holiday for Year 11s needed to be addressed.
  • Given we will be staffing results days for Year 11 in August, this makes the summer holiday very tight at just four weeks.

We propose that:

  • The extra staffing hours lost every Friday are aggregated to form 5 staff days to run in the first week of the May holiday. This is to ensure coverage for Year 11s during the exam period.
  • As staff lose 5 days holiday because of this change, we propose the school finishes a week earlier in Summer. This gives a five week summer holiday for all Year groups.

This now gives a consistent calendar for all year groups with minimal impact. The only differences being that:

  • All year groups this year will get an extra week’s holiday. This is made up during the year through extra contact time on Friday afternoons.
  • Year 11s will need to attend school in the first week of the existing May holiday next academic year, in order for them to attend exams and revision sessions.

If you do have any concerns/queries please contact the school on 01302 898792 or email us on info@xptrust.org.

Please find below the new calendars for this academic year and 2018/19 academic year:

C23: Cardboard needed!

Next week, as part of their product work for “Being Human”, year 8 students will be modelling their designs using cardboard.  It would be really helpful if they could bring in some card to work with.  The best types to bring are cereal packet card and corrugated card (the kind that internet deliveries often come packaged in.)

All contributions welcome!

Y7 X Block PE News:

In order for all groups to access the specialist Basketball coaching on Wednesdays it is necessary to change which groups have PE on certain days. As such, starting next Tuesday 21st November, 7X2 and 7X3 will swap so that 7X2 will now have PE on a Wednesday and 7X3 on a Tuesday – this will mean that whatever 7X2 had on a Wednesday during X Block, 7X3 will now have that and vice versa.

The same swap will occur after Christmas in order to facilitate 7X1 having PE on Wednesdays.

Class of 24 Year 7 Fieldwork

Students in Year 7 will be doing fieldwork in Denaby Main, looking at the site of the old pit village and pit top. We will be walking around 1km, so students will need to be dressed appropriately and be ready for wintery weather.

7 Skipper will be going on the morning of Wednesday 22nd November.

7 Admiral will be going on the morning of Thursday 23rd November.

On both days students will be leaving and returning to school during normal sessions and so no pack-up lunch is required.

Extra-Curricular Club Announcement

In order to create capacity for a wider variety of sports to be played we are moving football training to lunchtimes for all years. See allocation below;

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
  Y9/10 football training boys Y9/10 – football training Girls Y8 football training boys Y7/8 football training Girls Y7 football training boys

Recreational football training for year 7 students on a Friday after-school with Doncaster Rovers coaches will remain at the same time.

Fixture News:

Monday 13th November – Football Tournament at Outwood Academy Adwick. The following students are involved;

Alfie C
Charlie P
Sam C
Milo T
Nathan W
Mckenzie C
Tom D
Lewis D
Aaisha K
Issabel N
Roshni K
Chandni K
Callie C
Megan F
Tiggy B

Wednesday 15th November – Cross Country Event at the Keepmoat;

Jayden W Y7

Charlie P Y7
Mackenzie C Y7
Callie C Y8
Anisa Y Y8
Zac TM Y8
Logan TM Y8
Ben W Y9
Alex M Y9
Rory F Y10
Zara Y Y10
Thursday 16th November – Y7/8 & Y9/10 Football Fixture at home
Saphiyah M
Chloe W
Kelsie R
Amy D
Aimee H
Sabaa M
Leah H
Amy G
Emily D
Kelly W
Katie W
Alyssa C
Isabel N
Chandni K
Tiggy B
Callie C
Megan F
Aaisha C
Charlotte B
Scarlett G

Roshni k