School Dinner Money Payments

Please could you ensure that any dinner money sent into school is in a named envelope.

This helps us to be able to allocate the meals to the students correctly. Your help in this would be much appreciated.

Thank you.

PE in Week 2: Tuesday 1st – Friday 4th September

Year 7 will need PE kit for Friday only to acces the session run by Doncaster Rovers. For this session, students must bring; T-shirt, shorts, football socks, shin pads and football boots/astro turf shoes. Students who do not bring correct kit will be unable to access sessions for safety reasons. Students in Year 7 will begin formal PE sessions with Mr Voltaire next week during X Block. Look out for a further post before the weekend explaining which day your child needs to bring kit.

Year 8 students will all need to bring kit, everyday that they are in school (i.e. when they are not on the coal mining vist).

Students will be taking part in physical activities linked to their first STEM expedition so will require kit for class work as well as normal PE sessions.

8 Skipper must bring kit: Tuesday, Thursday Friday.

8 Admiral must bring kit: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Year 8 should bring T-shirt, shorts, socks and sports shoes everyday. Additionally, they will need to bring football boots, shin pads and football socks for Fridays’s session with Doncaster Rovers.

Many thanks

Mr Voltaire

What is Crew?

After only one week at XP, I really think that these year 7’s are grasping the idea of Crew.

Here are our collective early thoughts which we will put into one nice paragraph over the coming days. I am so proud of all of them and have found their compassion, determination, confidence and ‘grit’ inspiring. If they are able to apply this in the future, then I know they will all do well.

What is Crew? Wales 2015

Mrs Chappell’s Crew Photos


“If I had known before what challenges were ahead of us I would have never agreed, but now, if another challenge like this came along, I would love to do it again. I never knew how far my comfort zone could stretch but now I am aware and know a bit more about myself”

“I will always ‘dig deep’ and ‘never give up'”

“I didn’t know the challenges were going to be this hard, but after doing them, I’d definitely do it again”

“I had fun when I did all the activities – I’d probably not be as afraid next time”


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Year 8 Outdoor Education Experience (Cover it Live)

Live Blog Outdoor Education Experience – Year 8 August 2015

Students in Year 8 will be visiting the National Coal Mining Museum as the immersion for the forthcoming expedition ‘May The Force Be With You’. As a result students will require a pack lunch on this day and may also want to bring with them a small amount of spending money to use in the gift shop, we would recommend no more than £5.

Students from Admiral will be attending the trip on Tuesday 1st September, followed by Skipper the following day – Wednesday 2nd September.

School will finish as normal on both these days. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us at school.

XP Aberdovey (Cover it Live)

Live Blog XP Aberdovey 2015

School closing times for the first week back (Year 7 and 8)

The school will close at 3.15 on Monday and Tuesday for Year 8 students in our first week back to allow time for final preparations for the Year 8 outdoor education experience which begins on Wednesday morning. School will also close at 3.15 on Friday 28th August for both Year Groups.

If you have not done so already, please return your childs completed parental consent form on Monday 24th August.

Hatfield Moors Student Films

This mini-learning expedition came from a partnership between XP School and Natural England. Natural England are a charitable organisation who own and main many sites of importance across the country, including Hatfield and Thorne Moors, these being the last lowland peat bogs in the country. The charity wanted our students to create artefacts that helped to inform other children their own age about the geological and biological importance of the sites, their provenance and many of the wonderful stories stories associated with the moors. We were very lucky to be given access to the sites and tours from Janet Canning and Philip Robinson from Natural England. We also worked with Sue Ellis from Serendipity Art who helped to inspired our students with the stories of the moors, and Andy Muscroft who helped to record and edit the students’ footage.

The expedition took place over the course of three days, when we suspended the timetable so that we could focus on making really high quality, beautiful work. Students did some fieldwork at the moors, and then returned to school to work as script writers, artists, animators, editors, narrators and actors. We are incredibly proud of the work that the students have done and hope that it encourages more children to visit what is one of the county’s most beautiful and important outdoor classrooms.

Below are the three stories and films students worked together to make.