Year 7 Extended Study (Mathletics)

TITLE: Surface Area Practice

Students have each been set some practice work on area of rectangles and/or surface area of cuboids based on how well they did on the mid-term test.

Students have been given an orange homework book to use to do working out. They must start each piece of work in their book with the date and title of the homework.

It is essential that they have their book to hand to do their working out as these are multi-step problems. Students may use a calculator.

They must have this complete by Monday 1st Feb at 8pm, and hand in their working out in their orange homework book in Tuesday’s session.

Beautiful Work by Kiera Durkin

As part of their work on Beowulf, Year 7 were asked to produce an image and description of the dragon that eventually kills the main character.

Well done Kiera (aged 11) who produced this beautiful work!!!

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Grade cards for term 2

Student will be given their grade cards for term 2 (Nov-Dec) this afternoon, Monday 25th January. The copy that is going home is for parents to keep. Students have another copy to go in their folders.

We have given Year 7 students an XP folder to archive their grade cards at home, year 8 students should already have one from their first grade card.

We encourage parents to read the grade card thoroughly, to talk about specific learning targets with your son or daughter and to look carefully at the comments on HOWLs too (habits of work and learning).

We will also post a video very soon explaining how to navigate and use these grade cards, and have included an explanatory front-sheet for Year 7 parents.