Academic Performance

At XP, we focus on building character and creating beautiful work. As a consequence,the vast majority of our students achieve outstanding academic progress. We work tirelessly to ensure all our students will be able to go to university, if they so wish.

Please see the academic progress summaries below, which confirm this in more detail. Our judgements are cross-moderated with senior leaders in education.

Also included below is our school improvement report. As Ofsted have not yet visited us, this is aligned to Ofsted’s expectations and was carried out by a current Ofsted inspector. Their judgement was that XP is outstanding in all areas.

Inspection report – B11

Download (PDF, 157KB)

Class of 2021 (Current Year 9) Academic Performance

Download (PDF, 129KB)

Class of 2022 (Current Year 8) Academic Performance

Download (PDF, 130KB)


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