X21 Dofe Silver Expedition, outstanding money owed:

Can I remind everyone that the presentation evening is on Monday 19th November.

Also a reminder that any outstanding money from expedition costs and de-gunge was meant to be paid by the 18th October. This has been extended to Wednesday 14th November as not all the money has been handed in.  In order for students to receive their award at the Presentation evening this money must be handed into the office no later than the 14th. Awards will be withheld to students that have not paid their money in time.

Expedition groups also need to have completed their expedition projects by the 14th November and shared with their crew leaders and me.

Not all students will have completed the full Silver Award by the presentation evening, however all students will receive an award recognising any sections they have completed.

Many thanks



C21 Silver Expedition Project completion

All the silver expedition groups need to complete their expedition projects by the 12th November at the latest. This will need to be done in their own time as C21 no longer have Friday DofE sessions.

Groups will then present their final product at the Silver Award presentation evening on Monday 19th November.

Groups can email or come and see me for advice at anytime.

Invites for the presentation evening will be sent out this week.





X21 Missing equipment from Expeditions:

During de-gunge any equipment that has been lost or damaged on expedition is charged to the group or individual that the item was assigned to.

Naturally some equipment needs replacing due to normal wear & tear and these items are not charged.

Also the canoeing group need to bring in any outstanding money for the hired dry bags and the level 3 canoeing coach.

The cycling group need to bring in the money for hiring of pannier racks.

Any problems with the above please email me about this.

I will be speaking with the students tomorrow in crew and sending a letter home for those concerned.




X22 DofE Bronze Award Presentation Evening:

The presentation evening was a lovely celebration with students presenting awards to each other by giving a reason why they felt they deserved it. The certificates & pin badges were then presented to students by their crew / DofE leader.

Over 90% of the year group passed their Bronze within the year.

Students that haven’t yet completed the full programme received certificates for the sections that they’ve completed to date.

Congratulations X22!


C21 Silver Qualifying hiking Expedition Information:


Please be aware that bag packing will take place in XP East’s sports hall on Wednesday 10th October from 3.30pm to 4.30pm. They will need to bring all of their kit and food to this session so they are packed and ready for an early start next morning. There will be checks to make sure students have appropriate kit with them. If students are bringing additional blankets and coats for the campsite they must bring these to the bag packing session too. These will be packed onto the buses that evening.

Students need to be at school no later than 7.30am on Thursday 11th October for registration at XP East.

As always student medication must be in it’s original packaging with the name and dose written on. This must also have been recorded on their medical form. Please make sure students hand in their medication as they MUST NOT carry it on them unless approved by their expedition leader as stated in our risk assessments.

We will return to school on Saturday 13th October where we will de-gunge the equipment. We will be finished at 5pm. Parents need to park in the usual rovers car park and students will be let out. I do not foresee any reason for a change to this time, however If there are any changes to the time we will update the website as soon as possible.



C21 Qualifying Hiking Expedition:

The qualifying hiking expedition  is fast approaching (11th – 13th October), so I am sharing the kit list again as a reminder of what students need to take. There is no actual kit check this time as students will have the appropriate kit from the practice expedition.

Can I advice that students bring an extra blanket and / or an extra coat for at the campsite. The nights could get cold. Thermals are also a good idea for an extra layer of warmth. Lots of thin layers are better than 1 thick layer.

The extra items can be brought in a plastic bag with camp shoes and will be kept on the mini bus rather than students having to carry them.

Extra kit lists are available from the office.

Further information about times etc will be posted later in the week.



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