X22 Silver Expedition Introduction Session:

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts we have been focusing on WHY we go on expeditions at XP, and why we expect our students to go on DofE Bronze & Silver expeditions.

X22 discussed this last Friday along with their worries, additional challenges moving from Bronze to Silver and what they are looking forward to.

Here are some of the things we discussed:


Here is the kit list for the silver Hiking Expeditions & the silver canoeing expeditions. Copies of these will be given out to students today with information on choosing appropriate clothing.

This information can also be accessed through the DofE website.

Silver Hiking Kit List

Silver Canoeing Kit List

Please note that an additional item has been added. This is a sleeping bag liner.

Consent forms will also be handed out. These need to be returned by the 1st March.

Many thanks



X23 Consent form deadline: 22nd February!

Please could consent forms be returned to the school office as soon as possible please.

The deadline for these is Friday 22nd February (next week).

It is really important I have these returned in the time asked so that if there are any medical or other needs students have on expedition, I can make sure this is arranged in good time.

Thanks for your support.



X23 Expedition Planning: Introduction Session

We spent our first session discussing WHY we go on expeditions at XP and why we think DofE is so important for our students. We looked into how these experiences can help us in the future and now whilst at school. We then explored students worries and excitements about the expeditions and made a list of these so that we can cover them in our training.

Here’s an insight into what things came up:

You will notice on the kit list that is being sent home today and that i’ve already shared on here that it now asks you to supply the Sleeping Bag Liner. These are used inside the sleeping bag for hygiene.

I have supplied them in the past but it isn’t working well.

They retail at go outdoors for about £12 however.

I have approximately 40 in store so you can hire one from school for the full expedition season for £10. If the liner & its bag are returned at the end of the season in the same condition as it was rented to you, you will be reimbursed £5.

If you would like to rent one from school then please email me at kapharri@xpschool.org.

Many thanks,