Beautiful Work – X25 Hegarty Maths

Wow. All of the students below in X25 have either been doing extra Hegarty Maths, or asking for more work in Hegarty Maths:

Georgia M-B, Finlay A, Jake L, Andrew H, Thomas P, Frankie M, Riley C, Illinca L, Olliver L, Jacob K, Kyle S-J, Macey H, Jacob L, Elijah M


And as special shout out to the following students who have done more than double the amount of Hegarty Maths exercises that have been set in class or for extended study. Great work!

Declan R
Maddison E
Harley A
Oliver G

X22 beautiful work in history

Our fantastic Year 10 students have begun looking at the Vikings as part of the history GCSE period study. The guiding question for this expedition is ‘Who were the Vikings?’, and it has been lovely to see such beautiful work being produced by students already!

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X22 Spanish Gallery Walk

Today students were reading texts about different accommodation on holiday and matching it to the correct images, with vocabulary they had just learnt. Well done X22!

C21 Beautiful Work

We had a great day on fieldwork at Sheffield Hallam University today, working with the Extended Degree Programme Art and Design students.  Everyone worked hard and produced beautiful work throughout the day.  We were really well looked after and we’re looking forward to working with SHU again.