Logan, Maddison, Michaela, James, Tyler, Isaac and Tom (all year 7) are showing off their cake stands that they designed and made during two X Block sessions in the DT workshop this term.  The cakes were baked by other members of year 7 as part of their Chefistry expedition.  Look out for more beautiful work from our talented year 7 students!IMG_8693

Beautiful Work by Theo & Cam

Last week Theo, Cam and 2 friends made a presentation to Tickhill residents and Doncaster and Tickhill council. They are hoping to secure charity funding for a skatepark for the youths of Tickhill but first needed the council to give them the location and their backing. They gained the backing of both, and the council said their presentation was the best they had ever seen by young people and even many adults. Here is one comment that was posted:

“Having seen the presentation and talked to my husband about it, we’d both like to put our name down to help in any way we can. The lads were so brilliant, they deserve people’s support. Please tell them it was their fantastic presentation that was the deal breaker.”

Great work Theo and Cam!


Beautiful work by the gardening club

Garden Club planted some evergreens in the border around the back of the school to give some year round colour and to add some depth and texture to the existing planting! They did a great job and worked really well as a team! 

Great work Rory, Berke, Sam, Ben, Junior and Sonny!IMG_1983