X21 Voluntary service

Two of our X21 Engineering students, Sonny and Junior were working hard today to help out a disabled Doncaster resident.  We’d been asked to build some raised beds on her allotment and both boys showed great resilience and craftsmanship and quality as they went about their task.  Assisted by Mr. Jackson and Mr. Green they had the job completed in one morning and we’re looking forward seeing the beds filled!

If anyone knows of any more volunteering opportunities we’d love to hear from you.

Beautiful Work in X23 Skipper Spanish

I really must praise the high levels of craftsmanship and quality exhibited by Callie, Michaela, Lois, Jaspreet and Chandni in their recent Spanish sessions. Callie worked exceptionally hard to prepare answers to general conversation questions on health and fitness, exceeding her MEG in the process.

Lois initiated our focused study of the Basque Country with a BBK protocol on Bilbao, frontón, Euskera and the cultural and historical significance of the tree of Guernica. Her work shows how she layered her knowledge, using three different reference sources:

Lois concluded her study with a postcard addressed to a student in X23 Admiral , written in three different tenses, highlighting a fictional visit to Bilbao. Chandni, Jaspreet and Michaela also produced great extended writing in fluent Spanish…..beautiful work indeed

These are more examples of beautiful work in X23 Skipper….

Beautiful work in Product Lab

Product Lab runs after school every Thursday in extended study time.  Staff and students can use the workshop facilities to work on products or on their own personal projects.  This week Alfie and Francesca were constructing their air powered rocket car for the expedition Faster, Leaner, Cleaner.  Rex was the laser cutting expert, helping Alfie and working on his own Dice Tower project, and Mills continued to work on Dave 2.0, the dinosaur puppet that she’s been building for the last two years!

All students are welcome, just bring your ideas!

Community Gardens Taking Shape

Our new staff crew have been today working on their final product for their Learning Expedition Slice. Having completed two case studies looking at social inequity in Doncaster and the wider socioeconomic impact of environmental breakdown, staff crew are now putting together a community garden in our school grounds. This garden will have a legacy in that food grown will be donated to the food bank in Thorne and Moorends which formed part of the fieldwork for our first case study. Staff crew will maintain the gardens, but they will also be a learning resource for their crews too in the next academic year and beyond.

Beautiful work!

A massive appreciation to our experts too:

  • Kate ap Harri
  • Peter Wyatt
  • Alfie L (Year 8 X24)

A massive appreciation to our new students

What a wonderful day we have had with our new students. There was respect, integrity, courage, craftsmanship & quality and above all compassion abound!

I’d like to thank our new staff for the hard work they have put into planning the day, and also our students for their hard work today in their temporary crews, learning how to navigate the building through a treasure hunt, working on critique and drafting in art and developing interpretations of texts through a building background knowledge protocol.

We ended the day with a community meeting where students made beautiful applications to each other, with lots of examples of kindness and students looking out for one another.

Next stop Wales; We are Crew!

DofE Bronze Qualifying Expedition – Crew Earhart

Last week Crew Earhart embarked on the qualifying expedition for their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh award. In crew this morning we focused on debriefing our DofE experience, which included a discussion about our strengths and weaknesses as crew, giving appreciation and apologising when necessary and also discussing the importance of de-gunge.

This experience has helped Crew Earhart to realise the importance of working together and the power of being crew not passengers.

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X24 Testing speed

X24 students are continuing their expedition work in STEAM by looking at speed.  They were given some marbles and some track and were challenged to work out the speed of the marbles.  Students quickly designed their own experiments and decided how they were going to get to the answer.  This work builds their knowledge for their work this week designing experiments focussing on investigating ” a factor that affects the speed of an object “.

So far students have planned to measure the speed of Nerf bullets, RC cars, falling objects and toy cars on tracks.  We’re excited to read their reports when they’re finished next week!

Crew Earhart Getting Smart

This week Crew Earhart have been looking at the importance of revision and exploring what makes effective revision. During the discussion some students in Crew Earhart showed integrity by stating that they haven’t been revising for enough for assessments.  We decided as a crew that we need to support each other with this by revising together both inside and outside of school. Alongside giving each other regular reminders and holding each other to account if this doesn’t happen.

Our first revision session was really successful. It was brilliant to see the students working together and getting smart. I was particularly impressed with Liam and Logan’s work on the respiratory system.