Beautiful Work

This week our X25 rockers with the most face melting solos in Times Table Rockstars have been:

Joseph, Georgia, Emily, Declan, Ilinca and Ricki all earned well over 10 000 coins each !


However Jacob in Admiral has earned a magnificent 36,939 coins, helping his crew to top the leaderboard again this week.

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Keep on rocking!


Beautiful work by Ilinca in X25

llinca has shown great initiative and has been making notes in our lessons on area.

She has written a running commentary of the key points from the session, as well as syntheses and worked examples. This is a tremendous example of how to get very smart indeed.

Well done Ilinca. Great work

X22 Admiral and Skipper Viking Art Exhibition

I have had the pleasure over the past two nights to view and discuss with students and their parents the stunning work produced by X22 as part of their last expedition in Humanities which focussed on the Vikings. Students studied the Vikings as part of their GCSE History and used this as inspiration for their GCSE Artwork. Students were able to discuss the Viking artefacts they chose and their significance in this period. In addition, students were able to explain the materials they used to produce their artwork and the way in which they honed their artistic skills such as shading, use of colour and use of tone and light.

Below shows parents and relatives quizzing students about their work.

Below is just a selection of the beautiful work on display. Well done X22!


X22 Humanities Extended Study Due Thursday

Students have made an excellent start to our new expedition looking at the rise of Hitler and the Nazi Party in Germany. This week we have examined the problems facing Germany after WW1, specifically the Treaty of Versailles, hyperinflation and the Great Depression. See below for their beautiful books and notes!

Students have been given an image of a propaganda poster from 1932 to annotate with their thoughts on the posters’ message and purpose. This is due next Thursday (7th February) where we will discuss students findings and prepare for an assessment.

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X21: Skipper Competition Winners!

Well done to Kelsea, Jasmine, Junior, Rory and Liam from X21 Skipper for making the most insightful points on their poem. They were developing their ability to select points from a poem at speed and testing their own knowledge of the poem. Well done to this group! I praise the quality and quantity of the points they made!