C23 Spanish Extended Study

This week students are to spend 30 minutes revising clothes and colours on either of our websites, ready for the session on Tuesday 24th April. It’s a good idea to revise the vocab first, then do some activities.

espanolextra     un   xp200      pw    estadio

Linguascope     un xpstudent     pw  xpspanish


Any problems, please see Mrs Sprakes.

We have decided to postpone C23’s fieldwork to Flamborough Head that was scheduled for this Friday 16th of March. The weather forecast predicts strong winds and heavy rain and having completed a risk assessment, we have decided that it would not be wise to continue with the trip.

We will instead reschedule the visit for Skipper to Tuesday 20th March. Please see our original post on fieldwork requirements for the day.

Spanish Extended Study C23 Year 8

DUE FOR FRIDAY 2nd FEBRUARY. Students are to write a paragraph describing a past holiday, which can be made up, This should include where you went, how you travelled, who you went with, and opinions. Also include connectives. This can be a shared googledoc if students prefer.Any problems, please see Mrs Sprakes.

C23 Spanish Extended Study

Students are to log on to the espanolextra website and spend up to 45 minutes on the following. Go to the Freetime topic, scroll down to towards the end, and do the near future tense activity, which will give you a %. Be ready to write your % in your books next Friday, 15th December.

C23 Spanish Extended Study

Due for Friday 1st December. Students write a paragraph about what they usually DO at the weekend, extending with what they are GOING TO DO next weekend. Add connectives and a negative if possible. Students have a model in their books for this. Any problems, please see Mrs Sprakes.

Year 8 Spanish Extended Study

Students have a learning task this week, ready for a test on Friday 13th October. They should learn the adjectives, hair and eye colour from their sheet ready for a test from Spanish to English. Any problems, please see Mrs Sprakes.