Final Product – Sculptures

One of the final products for the year 8 expedition ‘Being Human’ was a visual representation of the answer to the guiding question “What does it mean to be human?”. Each class designed a sculpture that would hold a box for each student’s representation.

These are the finished sculptures…

Year 8 Presentation of Learning

The Year 8 Presentation of Learning for students current expedition will take place on the evening of the 6th and 7th December.

We will have more details on exact timings in due course.

It is really important that every student attends, and has someone from their family come to the event to celebrate the incredible work that they are doing.


The Year 8 expedition team.

Y8 Skipper and Admiral Extended Study

Students have been set 3 tasks to complete as Extended Study over the half term.

Artist research on the work of Joseph Cornell, students must start a google doc entitled ‘What does it mean to be human?’ Adding in their thoughts so far regarding the guiding question and finally a statistics assignment where they will need to analyse their fitness testing data using averages.

Beautiful Work by year 8

Year 8 have been creating beautiful styrofoam models of skeletal joints in the Design and Technology workshop as part of their ‘Being Human’ expedition. Here you can see examples of ball and socket joints in the hip where the femur joins the pelvis. There are also some hinge joints based on knee and elbow joints and a saddle joint based on a knuckle.

The students worked really hard over two days to learn how to cut and shape the styrofoam and we’re really proud of their products!IMG_5544