X25 (Year 7) Admiral – Extended Study – Hegarty Maths

Students in X25 Admiral have been given instructions on how to log into hegartymaths.com

They need to put in their first name, surname and then their date of birth. They will then be asked to set a password.

Once they have logged in, they will see that I have set them three exercises. To get the most out of Hegarty Maths, students should:

  • Watch the accompanying video for each exercise
  • Have a pencil and paper handy to make notes and do working out
  • Send messages to me when they do not understand a question

The tasks that have been set are some of the earlier set of skills around addition and subtraction. There are over 800 skills in total which take students right up to GCSE level. At the moment we are still getting baseline information on where students are at in terms of prior knowledge but in the coming weeks, increasingly I will set personalised sets of questions to make sure that all students are challenged.

The deadline for completion of these three activities is for the morning of Tuesday 25th September.

(X25 Skipper will have this extended study task set tomorrow)

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