Beautiful Work: X22 Admiral

Today X22 Admiral used the Silent Conversation protocol when looking at a range of quotations from Othello. They did brilliantly and inferred some really interesting points! Well done Admiral!

X22 DofE Bronze Award Presentation Evening:

The presentation evening was a lovely celebration with students presenting awards to each other by giving a reason why they felt they deserved it. The certificates & pin badges were then presented to students by their crew / DofE leader.

Over 90% of the year group passed their Bronze within the year.

Students that haven’t yet completed the full programme received certificates for the sections that they’ve completed to date.

Congratulations X22!


Beautiful Work – X25 Hegarty Maths

Wow. All of the students below in X25 have either been doing extra Hegarty Maths, or asking for more work in Hegarty Maths:

Georgia M-B, Finlay A, Jake L, Andrew H, Thomas P, Frankie M, Riley C, Illinca L, Olliver L, Jacob K, Kyle S-J, Macey H, Jacob L, Elijah M


And as special shout out to the following students who have done more than double the amount of Hegarty Maths exercises that have been set in class or for extended study. Great work!

Declan R
Maddison E
Harley A
Oliver G

X21 Fieldwork to London

We have just seen a fantastic performance of Othello with the Oscar winning Mark Rylance as the villainous Iago. Students,as always, were superb and a credit to themselves, the school and parents.

Just the long trip back now to think of ‘one that loved not wisely, but too well’. Students will contact you with an arrival time when we are nearer home and I’ll place another post on the website.

Check out these pictures from our visit.

Missing glasses X25

Good evening

A young man from XP, X25 has lost his glasses this afternoon, possibly during changing for PE. I’d appreciate it if you could check your son or daughter’s PE kit to check they’ve not accidentally ended up amongst someone else’s kit.