Beautiful work by Ilinca in X25

llinca has shown great initiative and has been making notes in our lessons on area.

She has written a running commentary of the key points from the session, as well as syntheses and worked examples. This is a tremendous example of how to get very smart indeed.

Well done Ilinca. Great work

You will notice on the kit list that is being sent home today and that i’ve already shared on here that it now asks you to supply the Sleeping Bag Liner. These are used inside the sleeping bag for hygiene.

I have supplied them in the past but it isn’t working well.

They retail at go outdoors for about £12 however.

I have approximately 40 in store so you can hire one from school for the full expedition season for £10. If the liner & its bag are returned at the end of the season in the same condition as it was rented to you, you will be reimbursed £5.

If you would like to rent one from school then please email me at

Many thanks,


X22 Admiral and Skipper Viking Art Exhibition

I have had the pleasure over the past two nights to view and discuss with students and their parents the stunning work produced by X22 as part of their last expedition in Humanities which focussed on the Vikings. Students studied the Vikings as part of their GCSE History and used this as inspiration for their GCSE Artwork. Students were able to discuss the Viking artefacts they chose and their significance in this period. In addition, students were able to explain the materials they used to produce their artwork and the way in which they honed their artistic skills such as shading, use of colour and use of tone and light.

Below shows parents and relatives quizzing students about their work.

Below is just a selection of the beautiful work on display. Well done X22!


Calling out to the community

Good morning

In their current learning expedition X25 students will be creating architectural drawings of parts of the school building in preparation for their presentations in April.

I wondered if any of our families or businesses in the community had any of the following equipment that they would be able to loan, or no longer needed and could donate to the school for this learning expedition:

  • Scale rulers
  • Large set squares
  • T squares
  • Drawing boards
  • Circle makers

Any such items would be gratefully received, well cared for and put to excellent use.

Thanks in advance.

X21 Science GCSE Intervention – Tuesday


All X21 students are required to attend Science GCSE intervention every Tuesday from 3.30-4.30.

Students will be have personalised targets and areas of study based on the mocks and work in small groups with the support of a teacher.

On the whole we are pleased with the mock results in science but are well aware that we have loads of work still to do to support all students reach their potential. Your support last term was vital to this. Thank you and we ask again that you support us with these interventions.

If you have any questions about the mocks, GCSEs or interventions please contact me.

Best wishes,

Robbie Campbell


Why do we ask our students to do DofE???

………. Good Question! So why do we spend so much time and effort on supporting students through their DofE programmes? What’s it’s purpose, will it help our kids in their futures? Will it help them at school?

Over the next few weeks I want to explore these questions with students & staff and then share this information with you.

Just for starters I’d like to share this with you: