Final day of term: 2pm finish (28th July)

On the last day of term, Friday 28th July, we will not have the Doncaster Rovers session so students will be leaving school at 2pm. It is important to note that school will close for all students at this time.

We look forward to inviting students back in the new school year on Tuesday 29th August.

Y7 Admiral and Y7 Skipper Spanish Extended Study

As some students were a little unsure about days and dates in Spanish that were covered at the start of this year, they have been given a Linguascope semana (week) task sheet to complete in extended study to help consolidate their learning. Due in next Weds 26 (Admiral) or Thurs (Skipper) please.

C21 Presentation of Learning Thursday 20 July – Update


Dear Parents

As you are aware the C21 presentation of Learning will take place at Doncaster Museum and Art Gallery on Thursday. As stated previously, Admiral’s presentation will start at 1.30pm promptly and conclude at 2.15pm. If parents or family members attend, then students will be dismissed from the gallery at that time. Skipper’s presentation will take place at 2.45pm and will conclude at 3.30pm and students will be dismissed from the gallery. Any students wishing to return to school need to inform Mr Sprakes by the end of school tomorrow.

I am pleased and honoured to announce the exhibition will be formally opened by my uncle, the renowned artist, John Sprakes. You can view his superb work below:

We look forward to seeing you on Thursday

Andy Sprakes


Dear Parents

Year 9 have been working hard this term to answer the guiding question, ‘Are we really free to choose?’ Students have studied the rise to power of Hitler and life in Nazi Germany as part of their History GCSE World Depth Study. Students have specifically focussed on the way that fascism spread quickly in Germany between 1933 and 1939 and how the Nazi Party tightened their grip on the country by suppressing freedom and propagating fear.

Alongside their historical studies, students have critically appreciated and analysed Animal Farm by George Orwell, considering the way in which the writer, through an allegorical structure, explores the idea of totalitarianism. In addition, students have analysed and discussed a wide range of non-fiction texts to provoke thinking about how we are susceptible to manipulation by the media and how this can determine our thinking. Students explored the use of propaganda in Nazi Germany as a basis for exploring other forms of propaganda, political bias in newspaper articles and the more recent concept of ‘fake news’ in social media.

Finally, students have completed the expedition by producing a pop art image and a narrative based on their thoughts regarding the guiding question. I am pleased to announce their final artwork and commentaries will be displayed at Doncaster Art Gallery in a public exhibition of their work over the summer holidays. Therefore, we would like to invite you to the opening of the exhibition on Thursday 20th July. Parents of Admiral are invited to attend from 1.15pm to 2.15pm in the afternoon so students can present their work. Parents of students from Skipper are invited to attend from 2.45pm until 3.30pm.

The exhibition is set to run throughout the holidays so you can visit again to show relatives and friends.We hope you can join us for this prestigious event.

Best wishes

Andy Sprakes

Inspection of XP School by Ofsted

Ofsted is inspecting your school and, would like to hear your views. You can do this by completing an online pupil questionnaire at the following link:

Your views are really important to us and, will help inspectors understand your experience of school. The questionnaire will close at 11am on 12 July 2017, to give the inspector time to look at the results. The questionnaires work in Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer 11, and on mobiles and tablets when you copy and paste the link into the browser.

We do not ask for your name, so you will not be identified from the responses you make.

Download (PDF, 126KB)

Y7 STEM extended study

All Y7 students have an I AM LEARNING quiz set. There are lots of questions on there which will help them prepare for their essay assessment. This is due on Wednesday evening at 8pm.


Year 7 students are also starting their essay on natural selection in sessions today and tomorrow. Their first draft must be complete by Monday of next week (17th July).


EDIT: Skipper missed two sessions on this whilst Mr Said was in meetings during the inspection, so they have an extension until Friday of next week.

C23 Admiral and C23 Skipper Spanish Extended Study

All our Y7s have been given the task of researching a Spanish-speaking country and then recording and presenting at least five key facts about their chosen country. These could include:

  • population size
  • unit of currency
  • famous Spanish-speakers born there (e.g Shakira is Cuban)
  • national flag
  • famous national dishes (e.g. Mexico = nachos, enchiladas, fajitas)


Results of research to be brought on the prompt cards (provided) to the next lesson (Admiral = 12/07/17 and Skipper = 13/07/16)

Mr Pearson

Robolympics Presentation of Learning

Just a reminder that the class of 22 Robolympics celebration of learning is a week today, Monday 17th July at 6.00pm.

The students have worked really hard, and are looking forward to going head to head in a series of challenges to showcase their skills.