On yer bike!

We are pleased to inform you that XP School Trust has signed up to the Love to Ride September cycling award scheme. In the interests of growing fitter and healthier staff and students we are encouraging each member of our XP community to create an individual online profile (user name and password) and to log their cycling miles – either to school, or recreationally during the summer holiday and throughout September -under the XP School Trust account. Cycling miles can also be logged quickly and easily on an iOS Love to Ride App, and via others such as Strava.

This relies on our staff and students’ courage to push themselves harder, and on their integrity to log cycling miles accurately and truthfully. Miles are turned into points, and bonus points are awarded to participants for encouraging othersa key principle of Crew. In return, we understand that discounts, vouchers and freebies may become available for those who choose to log their cumulative cycling miles. I’ve started off our XP School Trust account with a 42 mile ride from Sheffield to Bakewell and back that I did last week.

For further info please see the Love to Ride website:


Happy cycling!!!

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