Information Evening for Year 6 Parents – 4th and 5th October 2017

Due to the level of demand last year, we will be holding two information evenings for prospective parents for both XP and XP East. These will take place on on Wednesday 4th October and Thursday 5th October.

The meetings will take place from 6:00pm at XP School on each evening. Both evenings will have the same schedule and will be appropriate for parents applying to either/both of our schools.

Please attend on Wednesday 4th October if your son’s or daughter’s surname is between A and K in the alphabet.

Please attend on Thursday 5th October if your son’s or daughter’s surname is between L and Z in the alphabet.

The evening will provide details of how we learn at XP through academically challenging learning expeditions, what you should expect from us and what we expect from you. This will include presentations from our students as well as a tour around the school where there will be activities taking place in different rooms.

We expect each evening to finish at around 7.30pm.

Please park in Doncaster Rovers FC Car Park 3 and enter the school through the student entrance gate at the bottom of the car park near to the builders’ cabins. If this is full we have been given permission to use Car Parks 1 and 2 as overflow. Please still enter through the student gate and not the main school entrance gate.

There will be an opportunity for parents/carers to ask any questions, all are welcome.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Martin Said

Head of XP School

  1. Mrs A Richards


    My son is currently a year 6 student and we are interested in coming to view the school on your opening evening however we are not able to attend on Thursday 5th October due to a prior commitment and this is the date he should come as our surname commences with R. I wondered whether it might be possible to attend on the evening of the 4th instead even though I can see you are trying to split the attendance alphabetically?

    • No problem, please do come on the other evening. Thanks for asking. We look forward to hosting you.

  2. Catherine Ford

    Hi, we really want to come to your open evening, but my son’s surname means we should come on Thursday rather than Wednesday, but Ridgewood open evening is on Thursday. Would we be able to come on Wednesday instead?

  3. Steven Mahan

    Is this open evening for y6 students only as my son is yr5 but we are going around looking at secondary schools now as a lot are y5/6 open evenings. Thanks

    • Hi thanks for getting in contact, we have advertised the evening as year 6 only as we are expecting there to be a lot of interest and we do have a capacity beyond which we will not be able to admit people, however if you want to come and have a look feel free.

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