COL XP’s Got Talent 24.7.17

It’s that time of year where students celebrate their learning by demonstrating their musical and creative skills. XP’s Got Talent will take place on Monday and we ask participating students to remain in school between the end of the school day and our 5.30pm show start time.

Please send snacks or a pack up for your child if they are participating and remaining in school.

We look forward to welcoming family and friends to the event at 5.30pm, where Friends of XP will also be providing refreshments.

Many Thanks for your continued support.

    • Mr M Said

      Hi Mrs Williams, there was a post earlier in the month by me (5th July). Miss Liversidge has posted this one as a reminder about arrangements for staying in school. We usually ask students to stay in school for the evenings with earlier start times, but you’re right, for Year 7 parents that ought to have been made more clear in the first post by me.

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