Year 10 Spanish Extended Study

Students need to log on to espanolextra to practise numbers this week, ready for sessions on Monday 11th September. Go on to the topics area, then numbers, and scroll down to the listening section on telephone numbers. There are 2 activities to complete. Any problems, please see Mrs Sprakes.

C21 Spanish Extended Study

This week students have been given a sheet with phrases around role models to learn for a test on Monday 23rd April (Skipper) and Tuesday 24th April (Admiral). Half the test will be like a reading comprehension, where Spanish phrases will be translated into English. The other half will be heard in Spanish, and written in English. Any problems, please see Mrs Sprakes.

C21 Beautiful Work

We had a great day on fieldwork at Sheffield Hallam University today, working with the Extended Degree Programme Art and Design students.  Everyone worked hard and produced beautiful work throughout the day.  We were really well looked after and we’re looking forward to working with SHU again.

C21 Celebration of Learning – Poetry Slam!

Students in C21 have been exploring the question, ‘What is the point of poetry?’ as part of their Expedition Slice this term. Students have analysed poetry as part of their preparation for GCSE Literature and working with expert poets Becky Cherriman and Dan Ryder they have started to write their own poems. These poems have been inspired by the work of Ted Hughes and will be considered for inclusion in an anthology of poetry to celebrate the Ted Hughes Festival that takes place in September

I am pleased to a announce that our Celebration of Learning will take place at The Point, Arts Centre on Tuesday 20 (Admiral) and Wednesday 21 ( Skipper) of February from 5.30 until 7.00 where students will perform their individual and group poems for parents and invited guests.

If guests could arrive from 5.15 and head to the cafeteria area we will start the readings at 5.30. We look forward to seeing you there!