Example Learning Expeditions Year 7, 2014/15

XP. School Curriculum Map(Draft) for Year 7 Students 2014/15

The following project ideas are only meant as a guide and are subject to adaptation and/or change depending on the skills, passions and expertise of staff appointed to XP. Therefore, these projects are presented as examples, not exemplars, and will be used as a baseline from which improvements will be made to ensure depth and quality to everything we do at XP. Also, National Curriculum levels will be reviewed and altered where appropriate in line with the changes to assessment at a national level.

First Expedition

Outward Bounds Expedition to North Wales 26th-29th August

This will be a fantastic opportunity to live our values of Respect, Courage, Quality, Compassion and No excuses through team building activities.

After the Expedition we will reflect on our experiences and create a presentation about what we learned on our expedition.

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