X21 Voluntary service

Two of our X21 Engineering students, Sonny and Junior were working hard today to help out a disabled Doncaster resident.  We’d been asked to build some raised beds on her allotment and both boys showed great resilience and craftsmanship and quality as they went about their task.  Assisted by Mr. Jackson and Mr. Green they had the job completed in one morning and we’re looking forward seeing the beds filled!

If anyone knows of any more volunteering opportunities we’d love to hear from you.

X21 Celebrate!



















It was lovely to be invited, and to attend, X21’s end of year prom last weekend. Students arrived in unconventional style in a range of vintage cars, classic sport cars and even an articulated lorry!!! The evening was typical of the beautiful people that X21 have become and I was struck by how mature and articulate they are. Indeed, the photographer for the event sought me out to say that it was the best Prom he had ever attended and that the students were brilliant! It was a lovely way to celebrate the end of the exams and I’d like to thank everyone who was involved in the organisation of the event, particularly Kathryn Burns, Nic Mawby, Ruth Johnson and Julie Wadsley.

Finally, thank you to our fantastic students and to the parents who have supported the school over the past five years.

Can’t wait to see you all again on Results Day and in Post 16!


X21 Textbooks please!


Firstly congratulations to the Y11s for completing all their Science GCSEs. I am grateful for all your hard work this year and wish you all the best for the future.

Secondly, could we please have any science textbooks returned to use for other years. I will trade you a textbook for chocolate on Monday and Tuesday.

Many thanks

Mr Campbell

X21 Science intervention

Science intervention will change slightly to be the night before the exam.

Biology Intervention will be on Monday 13th (the day before the Biology exam).

Physics intervention will be on the Tuesday 21st with RCA and MVO.


Mr Campbell

X21 Final Speaking Exam in Spanish

X21 have been working extremely hard in class and at home to prepare for their final exam. Though there are still a few weeks to go, just to let parents and carers know the dates for this final exam will be Monday 29th April – Wednesday 1st May. A timetable has been shared with students, so they already know their day and time. As discussed in class, students should be taking some time over the Easter break to revise ready for this.

Just a reminder about support sessions every Monday night for this, and that there will be an extra session on Wednesday 24th April after school as well; this will be their last chance to practise before the exams start. Good luck X21!

Arrangements for X21 during May

During May, X25-22 have a two-week break. As you know during this time there are examinations happening for Year 11 students.

All X21 students will need to attend school as usual for the whole of the week commencing Monday 20th May as there are examinations throughout this week.

In the following week, we are conscious that students will need a break and some time to do revision outside of school.

All X21 students will also be in school on Friday 31st May from 9.15am for exam preparation sessions.

It is not our intention to ask the whole cohort of X21 students into school in the rest of the week commencing 27th May. However there may be individual students for whom we put together bespoke support sessions in this week. Of course we will be mindful of the need for students to rest, and will contact families in good time if we identify a need following further assessments in the coming weeks.

Thanks as always for your continued support