Extended Study C21 Admiral and Skipper

Students in Admiral and Skipper C21 have revision set as extended study this week.

On Friday 20th October students will sit a GCSE style exam paper including two 1 mark questions, a 9 mark question and an 18 mark question. The questions will only be based on the Volga/Rus Vikings which includes:
-The changing nature of Viking (Rus) trade and settlement in Russia from c.750
-The nature of Viking trade and interaction with the Arab world
– Viking relations with Constantinople and the Byzantine Empire

As a result students will need to take their books home this week in order to revise and be fully prepared for Friday.

A reminder about Thursdays fieldwork arrangements. Please see the original post below.

Could I also ask that parents and carers do not send students with anything containing peanuts as we have a student with allergies to peanuts, also if students require an inhaler they must bring one with them on the day.

As part of the expedition Disaster!, students will carry out Fieldwork at the Natural History Museum, London, on Thursday 30th March 2017. Students will be travelling by coach to London and will therefore need to arrive at school no later than 6.15 am ready for a 6.30 am departure. We will arrive back at school later that evening at around 7.00 pm, depending on traffic. All students except those on Free School Meals will need to bring a packed lunch, and may want to bring some money for the Services on the way home where there will be an opportunity to eat, or bring a double packed lunch instead.

We ask that any students who are travel sick take their medication in good time, sit at the front of the bus, and pass their return journey medication to myself or their Crew leader.

If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Year 8 Presentation of Learning

The Year 8 Presentation of Learning for students current expedition will take place on the evening of the 6th and 7th December.

We will have more details on exact timings in due course.

It is really important that every student attends, and has someone from their family come to the event to celebrate the incredible work that they are doing.


The Year 8 expedition team.

Students in 8 Admiral and 8 Skipper have been set a piece of extended study to create their own interpretation of the island discussed in Shakespeare’s The Tempest. Students must ensure they use quotations in their work alongside any drawing or design they create. In both groups students should have already decided on their pairs for this task and how they wish to present their interpretation. This work is due on 28th June.

Year 7 Extended Study Grand Designs

For Monday 16th May students are to produce a Google doc discussing what life was like in Victorian England.

In their doc they must use the text we have coded and their mind maps to discuss the following:

Queen Victoria, the British Empire, the developing industry, the differences between the rich and poor communities (to include education, jobs and housing.)

Skipper 7 – overdue homework

Skipper, Please ensure you have marked your work as done for the Mathletics Algebra – this was due in on the 13th April but I have extended it so students can mark it as done.

You had 3 exercises to do:

Show ALL STEPS OF WORKING OUT in orange homework books.

The three titles are:
1. Writing Algebraic Expressions
2. Recognising like terms
3. Like Terms: Add and subtract

Don’t forget that for like terms 7xy and -3xy ARE like terms. But 6x and 5xy ARE NOT like terms.

The DEADLINE was Wednesday 13th April at 8 PM. Books were due in on Thursday 14th. Any students who have not done handed this in by tomorrow can expect to come to compulsory homework.

Thank you

Year 7 Humanities Easter Extended Study

Both Skipper and Admiral have Extended Study to complete over the holiday. Students will need to write up their notes from the fieldwork visit to the Gurdwara. A google doc will need to be shared with both Mrs Sprakes and myself.

Students may wish to use the following headings in their notes:
The building
The scriptures (book)
The Gurus
History of Sikhism

Y7 Humanities Extended study

The final draft for Skipper and Admiral’s Joan of Arc Googledoc is Monday 7th March.

Students also have a written response to produce on the Guiding Question for the expedition we have just completed. The Guiding Question was:

Were there any glimmers in the Dark Ages?

Students will need to consider anything good that happened during this time period and any negative things and then decide overall whether the Dark Ages were good or bad.

More detail will be shared with students in session tomorrow, but the deadline for this is also Monday 7th March.