Mountain Biking Crew is back!

We’re pleased to announce the return of XP Trust’s Mountain Biking Crew, after school beginning Friday 16th March (3.30 – 5.15), now that the days are getting longer. Led by Chris Green we take students out for nearly 2 hours to improve their levels of fitness and to practise their off-road skills.

Unless engaged in intervention, C21 students who will complete a cycling proficiency course before their silver Duke of Edinburgh cycling expedition should also join this group to prepare themselves for the challenge, and the Crew is open to all other students on a first come first served basis (places are limited). Please note that for safety reasons the Mountain Biking Crew activities are dependent on favourable weather conditions.

This follows the Bicycle Buddy initiative that saw a professionally qualified cycle technician attend XP School recently to service our students’ bikes. The facts and stats were:

Total Bikes serviced = 17

Brake cables fitted = 9
Brake Cable outer fitted = 2
Gear Cables fitted = 4
Brake pads fitted = 4 ( 2 sets )
Brake Noodles fitted = 5 – these are the pipes that hold the cable in place at the brake caliper.
Bottom Bracket adjustments = 3
Bar end caps fitted = 4
Tyres Inflated / checked = 16
Headset adjusted = 3
All free-of-charge courtesy of Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council.

Doncaster Rovers PE on Fridays

Please remember that Year 7 and 8 students need to come back to school with staff after the Rovers’ session on a Friday afternoon. Students will then be dismissed from the school building.

The only exception to this is where students are staying after school for the training session with the Rovers.

We have had some instances of parents turning up to the football cages to collect their son or daughter from there, but they must come back to school first.

No X Block this week due to Immersion

As is usual during immersion into new learning expeditions, there will be no X Block in Year 7 or Year 8 in the upcoming week.

This means that Year 7 and Year 8 students will not need PE kit for Tue – Thu this week.

Year 8 students should still bring their PE kit as usual tomorrow.

All students students should still bring their PE kit as usual on Friday too.

Year 8 will be being placed into new X block groups. These will be shared later this week, as it does mean that the day on which each Year 8 student gets their X Block PE sessions may change. X block will start again in the week commencing 15th January.


Year 9 PE

Just a reminder that Year 9 will being doing football this term which will take place on the cages at Keepmoat stadium.

Students must have the following: football boots/astroturf trainers, shin pads, football socks, shorts, t-shirt. Students are encouraged to bring additional warm layers and a waterproof in case of rain and cold weather.

Thanks for the continued support.