If students have prescribed medication that they need to take during the school day, we can not administer it without information and permission from parents.

Medication needs to be in a box with the manufacturer’s instructions. This should be accompanied by a signed and dated note of consent including instructions for administration.
Thank you

DofE Expedition Weekend dates

Year 9 DofE Bronze award students will be completing 2 weekend expeditions. The first is a practice expedition, the latter an assessed expedition.

The practice weekend for your child will either be the 6/7th May or 13/14th May followed by the assessed weekend which will either be the 17/18th June or the 24/25th June.

You will be able to get these dates at the upcoming SLC’s.

Further information about the expeditions will be available very soon. If you have any questions please email me.


Duke of Edinburgh helpers wanted.

Are there any parents / carers who would like to volunteer to help with the Duke of Edinburgh activity sessions on a Friday from 2.15pm till 3.15pm? There are activities such as gardening, clean up crew, table tennis, robotics and more. You don’t need to know anything about the activity as they already have a supervisor / assessor, however if you do that would be cool. I could just do with a few helpers. If you’re interested or want more information please email me,

Do you have any unwanted Kids Walking Boots or Waterproofs?


I was wondering if any of you have any unwanted walking boots (size 3 upwards) that your kids no longer need and would like to donate them to our Outward Bound equipment. Also waterproof jackets and trousers would be appreciated too.

Students are expected to have their own walking boots and waterproofs however it is useful to have spares.

Please could equipment be in good condition so that they will be purposeful to the person borrowing them.

Thank you for your support.

Year 8 PE: X-Block groups for this year

Surname Forename X Block
Ameri Kaius X1
Barker Ryan X1
Bunting Demi X1
Duffield Clarice X1
Durkin Kiera X1
Gadd Amy-Louise X1
Gardner Joel X1
Greenwood Emily X1
Herriot James X1
Heyes Noah X1
Mawby Ellis X1
McEwen Matthew X1
Nilsen Brandon X1
Nixon Joseph X1
Noden Elle X1
Riddiough Jake X1
Smithstone Katie X1
Butterworth Storm X2
Carter Paige X2
Cheadle Bailey X2
Dunne Amy X2
Empson Lauren X2
Finney Maisie X2
Flatters Zoe X2
Gilley Oliver X2
Hall Brandon X2
Kataryna Toby X2
Manion Rylie X2
Mason Alexander X2
Mawer Zara X2
Monks Safiyah X2
Pullman Reece X2
Singh Kajal X2
Walczak Oliwia X2
Ackroyd Chloe X3
Coates Jacob X3
Crawley Elliot X3
Crooks Owen X3
Daley Annabelle X3
Finney Millie X3
Herriot Aimee X3
Kaur Alisha X3
Lofthouse Caitlin X3
Marshall Joshua X3
Mcanulty Marley X3
Moules Keira X3
Smith Joseph X3
Wain Kelly X3
Watson Georgie X3
Wheatcroft Benjamin X3

Above are the X Block groups for Year 8.

X Block will start next week (w/c 5th Sept). Students in X2 will have PE on Tuesdays. Students in X3 will have PE on Wednesdays. Students in X1 will have PE on Thursdays.

Year 8 X block sessions are in the morning after crew, so students can choose to come to school in their PE kit, but must have a change of clothes for the rest of the day.


Well done, Ben and Alisha!

IMG_0999Congratulations to Ben Wheatcroft and Alisha Kaur for agreeing to come with me to the Doncaster Business Conference, organised by Doncaster Chamber, at the Legacy Centre on Friday 22nd of April. The event was attended by over 200 business leaders, and politicians from across the borough to focus on how Doncaster can continue to grow. We were invited by the Doncaster company, and XP partner, Rejus to attend as guests.

The first session was concerning “Skills and Aspirations for Doncaster’. Ben and Alisha asked the first question to the panel which included Ed Miliband, MP for Doncaster North and Damian Allen, the Director of Learning Opportunities and Skills at DMBC. The question from our students was, ‘We have a creative curriculum at XP. How can business support us?’ The panel were extremely complimentary that students in Year 7 were prepared to ask such a challenging question, in a formal setting, in front of so many professionals! To be honest, they struggled to answer the question, too!! Also, Ben and Alisha, before the event started and during the break, lobbied businesses in pursuit of sponsorship for an upcoming expedition; they made a startling impact on all present!

At XP we want to connect with the world to enhance the learning of our students. As Grace Sellers in Year 8, who attended the event last year, commented in our Community Meeting, ‘I know how nerve-wracking it is to ask a question in such a formal, adult setting but Year 7 have raised the bar. Well done, Ben and Alisha!’

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

I am pleased to announce that after meeting with Wates on Friday the new school will be deliverimportanted on time and on budget. This is an amazing achievement considering that less than a year ago, the building work had not started! The reason for this post is to inform parents that as a result of the handover of the school, staff will need some time to move equipment and resources from our temporary site in the Keepmoat to our fantastic new building. In addition, staff will also need time to set up and get ready for students moving into the new building. Therefore, school will be closed to students on Friday 16 October to allow this to happen and again on Monday 2 November to allow staff to set up for the arrival of students on Tuesday 3 November. Further details of the start back on Tuesday 3 November will be issued to parents before the end of term on Thursday 15 October. I would like to thank Wates, for the incredible job they have done on delivering us a new school and I would like to thank parents for your understanding and continuing support.

Best wishes

Andy Sprakes

Reading Volunteers.

We would like to invite parents / carers to come into school to help improve our students’ reading skills.

If you feel you are able to help and can offer some of your time, please email me at

Please include the following details:

  • Name
  • Preferred method of contact (phone / text / email/ all)
  • Your child’s name and class
  • When you are available to help (e.g. time / day / weekly / ad hoc / if notice required)

You will then be asked to attend a small training session in order for us to guide and assist you in your volunteering. After attending this session you will then need to complete a DBS (CRB) application form. Once this has been approved we will be able to add you to our volunteers list.

Many thanks for your support,

Kate ap Harri

staff volunteer