Attention all new parents

Just a reminder that transition day for all new students is next Tuesday (Tuesday 27th June). All students should arrive to be ready to start at 9am. They should enter through the student entrance accessible through Rovers Car Park 3. On arrival they should hand in their emergency contact form (if they have not already) and sign in at the sign in desk just inside the student entrance.

If your child has any medical issues or dietary requirements please ensure the school knows about these before the day.

Well done, XP!

Big well done to Team XP who took part in the Doncaster Schools Athletics championships on Monday and Tuesday. It was a fantastic couple of days and our students showed tremendous courage as usual and we’re incredibly proud of them.


Special mention goes to Callie Coates who won the long jump and 800m and to Ben Wheatcroft who won the 1500m. Well done, guys!  

Class of 23 (Year 7) Fieldwork to Glass Park

Year 7 students will be doing some fieldwork at Glass Park this week, to help them get to know their species better. We are helping Doncaster council to improve the park, and so students will be visiting regularly for the rest of this learning expedition.

7 Skipper will be going to Glass Park this Wednesday 21st June sessions 2&3.

7 Admiral will be going to Glass Park this Thursday 22nd June sessions 2&3.

Students will be back in school before lunch, so will not need any food for the fieldwork.

The weather is expected to continue to be very hot, and the pollen count remains high, so please make sure that your son or daughter is dressed appropriately and is prepared for the weather with:

  • Suncream
  • A hat
  • A large bottle of water
  • Hayfever medication if appropriate (medication needs to be in the original box, with a letter of instructions/permission)

We suggest students wear long trousers and a light long sleeved top so they do not get bitten by any bugs.  Students are welcome to bring another set of cooler clothes to change into at lunch time.


If students have prescribed medication that they need to take during the school day, we can not administer it without information and permission from parents.

Medication needs to be in a box with the manufacturer’s instructions. This should be accompanied by a signed and dated note of consent including instructions for administration.
Thank you