C21 Madrid en Mayo

During the first week of the holidays in May 2017 C21 students had the opportunity to visit Madrid, Spain’s stunning capital city. This was the first visit abroad for XP, and had a focus on Spanish and the Arts.

On their return Students took part in a Celebration of Learning. During this evening students described and explained the journals they had worked on while they were in Madrid. Parents were encouraged to buy their refreshments using the Spanish language, helped by posters and, of course, students.

Students then went on to simply analyse their favourite piece of Art, and talk about the Spanish that they used. This part of the Celebration was completely in Spanish, an opportunity to show off their refined accents.

Below are Azriel, Alex and Zara speaking on the evening and a collection of all the student speeches from the evening with their translation into English.

To find out more about this expedition click here.

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On yer bike!

We are pleased to inform you that XP School Trust has signed up to the Love to Ride September cycling award scheme. In the interests of growing fitter and healthier staff and students we are encouraging each member of our XP community to create an individual online profile (user name and password) and to log their cycling miles – either to school, or recreationally during the summer holiday and throughout September -under the XP School Trust account. Cycling miles can also be logged quickly and easily on an iOS Love to Ride App, and via others such as Strava.

This relies on our staff and students’ courage to push themselves harder, and on their integrity to log cycling miles accurately and truthfully. Miles are turned into points, and bonus points are awarded to participants for encouraging othersa key principle of Crew. In return, we understand that discounts, vouchers and freebies may become available for those who choose to log their cumulative cycling miles. I’ve started off our XP School Trust account with a 42 mile ride from Sheffield to Bakewell and back that I did last week.

For further info please see the Love to Ride website:


Happy cycling!!!

Lost Property

There are a number of lost items that the school has acquired over the last term.  If your child has lost an item please can you remind them to check on the lost property table at the back of the drama hall.  The school is looking at donating any items not claimed to a charity on Friday 1st September 2017.

C21 I’m free to do what I want!

Last week, as part of the C21 expedition ‘I’m free to do what I want’ , students displayed their artwork and commentaries at Doncaster Art Gallery.

The exhibition is set to run throughout the holidays until Friday 8th September. so please go along to see this great work!

Here’s just a sneak peak of some of their work….

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Thanks again for your attendance at our students’ performance of Romeo & Juliet.

This is a reminder that we have one more presentation of learning this term on Tuesday 25th July, which is also an important evening as we will be discussing important milestones and dates for the coming academic year:

Passage presentations, GCSEs at XP and The Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award

The evening starts at 5.30pm with information on the above. Then, following a short interval with refreshments from FXP, there will be a showcase of the students’ music from this last term. The evening should be finished by 7pm at the latest.

We have asked that all Year 8 students remain in school through to 5.30pm, so if you think your son or daughter will need a snack or something to eat in that time, please send a pack-up. Some students have asked about parents bringing food. This is fine, but it would need to be eaten and packed away by 5.30PM.

Thanks once more for your continued support. It makes a massive difference to every single student.

COL XP’s Got Talent 24.7.17

It’s that time of year where students celebrate their learning by demonstrating their musical and creative skills. XP’s Got Talent will take place on Monday and we ask participating students to remain in school between the end of the school day and our 5.30pm show start time.

Please send snacks or a pack up for your child if they are participating and remaining in school.

We look forward to welcoming family and friends to the event at 5.30pm, where Friends of XP will also be providing refreshments.

Many Thanks for your continued support.