C21 Silver Canoeing Practice Expedition:

Please could students be at school for 7.45am on Friday morning. Please make sure they have had a substantial breakfast before they come and bring their lunch with them. All other food has been bought in their groups.
Students are expected to return to school on Sunday around midday, however Mrs Mawby will update the website on Sunday morning.
Dry bags that are being rented from the school will be available tomorrow.

Groups have already planned and shopped for their meals for the expedition but most students are bringing their own lunch and morning snack for the first day from home.
Students need around 3000 calories per day so it is very important that they have a hearty breakfast, ideally plenty of slow release energy such as muesli, porridge, eggs on wholemeal toast.
For lunch, pitta breads & wraps are good with a high calorie filling such as cheese unless dairy intolerant. Dried fruit is a great sweet snack. Crisps are not recommended as they have very little nutritional content and make you dehydrated. They also take up a lot of room in their rucksack. We do not recommend chocolate as it can melt, cereal bars and flapjacks are better options. There is no way to refrigerate packed lunches so make sure any of their food doesn’t need to be chilled. Fresh fruit isn’t recommended on DofE expeditions simply because it can be messy in their rucksacks and adds weight to what they are already carrying.

It is important students bring at least 1 or 2 personal water bottles (as stated on their kit list). Expedition staff will take extra water so we can meet up at designated check points to top their water bottles up.

Please remember to bring suncream, lip balm and sun hats as it looks like its going to be hot!
Baselayer tops with short sleeves are preferable to thin straps and vests to prevent burning in the sun.

Please ask if you need further information on the upcoming expeditions.

Medication on DofE Expeditions:

Please can I remind parents that any medication brought on expedition must be handed into to their crew leader or expedition supervisor on the morning of the expedition before leaving school.
There may be some exceptions to this such as inhalers, epipens etc but this must have been agreed with expedition supervisors.
Any medication brought must have been noted on their medical/ consent forms.
All medication must be in its original packaging stating their name and dose. This should be put in a sealed plastic zip lock bag to keep it dry. Students must not self medicate whilst on expedition.

C21 Silver DofE Cycling

A reminder that students need to bring their own breakfast and lunch for the first day on Friday this week.

The group are organising meals for the rest of the expedition.

Students needs around 3000 calories per day so it is very important that students have a a hearty breakfast, ideally filling with lots of calories. Muesli and porridge are a great option for this.

At lunch, pitta breads are good with a high calorie filling such as cheese unless dairy intolerant. Nuts and dried fruits are also good for slow release energy. Crisps are not a great idea as they have little nutritional content and make you dehydrated. Chocolate can be a good energy boost, but in this weather will melt, so cereal bars and non-chocolate biscuits are better. An isotonic drink is OK, but must not be the only drink, water is going to be very important in this heat.