X22 DofE practice expeditions

A massive well done to all the students that took part in the practice DofE expeditions last week. For the hikers it was a rather challenging couple of days but it ended very positively.

The practice expedition is a time for students to be able to make mistakes and then learn from them so that they are able to complete a successful qualifying expedition.

Students are expected to work in teams making choices for their expeditions. This isn’t easy and mistakes will inevitably happen. However each group is supported by an expedition supervisor who will guide, support and challenge them throughout their preparations. This includes allowing them to make mistakes!

‘It’s not the mistake that matters, it’s how you deal with it, what you learn from it, and how you apply that lesson to your life’.

After the practice expedition students debrief their experience with their expedition supervisor and discuss what they did well and what they could have done better in all aspects of the expedition process. These points are then actioned before the qualifying expedition so hopefully when it counts mistakes are avoided.

I am really looking forward to the qualifying expedition in July.

As always if you have any concerns or worries please email me.




X22 Expedition Rucksack Packing:

Wednesday 3.15pm – 5pm is when X22 will be packing for their expedition.

This is a really important part of their preparation and takes time and skill to do properly. It is more than just transferring kit from one bag to another.

They need to pack in a way that allows them to fit everything in, ensure their rucksack is balanced in weight, able to access important items whilst hiking,  making sure the weight is appropriate for the individual and adjusting it accordingly.

Once that is done students are then shown how to wear their rucksack to make it as comfortable as possible.

For more information on this please go to the website / Expedition / Expedition kit & Equipment and scroll down the page or click here.



Canoe group training and practice

Training is on this Saturday 4th May 2019 for those canoe students going on Silver canoe expedition.  Timings are 10:30 – 1500 hrs.  Please can all students be collected from Thorne on time.

Students need to arrive at school on Thursday 9th May at the usual time of 8.30 am and go to crew as usual for registration.  Students will then meet Mrs Mawby and Mrs Burns at 8:50 am in the hall at XP East, this is to load equipment onto the van and get further details of the day planned.

X22 Silver HIKING Practice Expedition:

Please note this information is for the hiking groups only. Information for the canoeing information will follow from Mrs Mawby.

Students need to arrive at school on Thursday 9th May at the usual time of 8.30am and to go to crew as usual for registration.

Students will then prepare to leave for the expedition soon after.

Students need to come to school in their hiking clothes but wearing trainers or footwear other than walking boots. Hiking boots are not allowed to be worn in school.

We will try and keep you updated on their progress during the expedition but this isn’t always possible.

We aim to be back to school on Saturday 11th May in the morning to do the de-gunge. This will hopefully be finished by 1pm when students can be collected.  Students will not be allowed to leave until de-gunge has been completed.

Students are not allowed to take mobile phones or other electrical equipment on expeditions. 2 phones per group are allowed which will have been previously decided upon in their group with their expedition supervisor.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Please remember kit check is this Friday 4th May! It is really important students have appropriate kit so if you are missing something please let me know so we can help where possible.



X22 DofE Kit Check:

All students in X22 will need to bring the items on their kit lists in for checking this Friday (3rd May). I would advice that students bring everything in and then leave it at school so that it is all here for the expedition the following week.

Students have been told that they can bring their own equipment such as sleeping bags, tents etc, however this must have been checked by their expedition supervisor first to check its suitability. Any equipment not checked will not be allowed on expedition. Please make sure they bring this in on Friday at the latest.

Expedition bag pack will take place on Wednesday 8th May (day before the expedition) at 3.15pm in the sports hall. Students should be finished by 5pm. 

All expedition food shopping needs to have been done before bag pack!

Information including times for the expedition will follow shortly.



A reminder that students need to stay after school tomorrow till 4.30pm to pack their rucksacks for their expedition.

Please make sure they come to school with everything they need for the expedition including clothes, water bottle, food etc.

They do not have to bring in the hiking clothes that they will be wearing to come to school in on Thursday morning.

They should also come to school in their trainers instead of hiking boots as we won’t be leaving straight away.