Duke of Edinburgh Silver Canoe Group

Listed are the remaining dates for Silver Canoe students.


  1. Friday 18th and  Saturday 19th May 2018.
  2. Friday 8th and Saturday 9th June 2018.

Practice Days

12th –  14th July 2018  ( 2 nights, 3 days)

Assessed Days

13th – 15th September 2018 (2 nights, 3 days)

What a brilliant way to end a week! Crew Bronte, along with other crews from C22, set out on their first practice walk in preparation for their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Expedition later this year. Under the guidance of expedition supervisor Kate apHarri Bronte enjoyed a cold, muddy but fun-packed walk around Chatsworth Park. Crew learned how to orientate a map and how to use map symbols and grid references to work out location. In addition, Crew Bronte applied their knowledge of the Countryside Code to respect the environment they were walking in. On top of all they they got absolutely covered in mud!!!

Well done, Bronte!

Bicycle Buddy on site 09.02.18

We’re pleased to announce that Chris Hickson, proprietor of Bicycle Buddy, will be present on site this Friday 9th February to offer our staff and students a free basic service / safety check of their bicycles.

He will arrive around 8.00 a.m. and his mobile workshop (van) will be based in the car park at XP School. Staff and students are encouraged to allow this professional cycle technician to inspect their bikes, and he will make any minor adjustments or fit cables, brake pads etc. free-of-charge courtesy of Doncaster Council.

For any technical work that falls beyond his remit (and budget!) he will offer suitable advice if and as appropriate. Given that even a basic cycle service costs around £25.00 this is an opportunity that is well worth seizing…..

It is important that the C21 DofE Cycling Group ensure that their bikes are inspected by the Bicycle Buddy so that they can complete their Bikeability training in early April (details to follow).

Silver Horse Riding Expedition (general info):

For a student to participate, they will need to be a competent horse rider who can walk, trot and canter, be experienced at hacking out in open countryside and riding on public roads. They should be fit and capable of riding for up to six hours each day. Prior to the course, each participant will be required to complete a Participant Riding Questionnaire.
A general pricing we got for a student was approx £1250 and there would need to be a minimum of 5 students in a group.

Silver Cycling Expedition:

Silver Cycling Group:

Introduced students to David Pearson as the exped supervisor.
Explained need to join the Friday after school cycling club to build on fitness and experience.
David Pearson will inform students when this will start.
All group need to do the level 2 bike ability and pass. David Pearson will arrange and inform students of this date. No one mentioned any problems with the cost which is a one off payment of £38.50
Students that might have problems with any finances to let us know asap.
The DLTC will provide bikes & helmets free of charge to students for the Friday sessions and expeditions. They can also help with other gear they may need.
David Pearson will communicate with students through school email. Students have agreed to this and need to check regularly.
If at any point David Pearson or Kate ap Harri think this group can no longer continue with cycling the group will have to change to hiking.
DPE & KAP will communicate with staff through basecamp and with parents through the school website for general information.