Car Park

Many thanks to all parents who ensured that the area outside of the school gates was safe for our students when leaving tonight.

As you will have seen we used barriers to ensure there is a safe area immediately outside the gates for the students without any moving cars.

The hope is that we will not have to put the barriers out every night and that it will become a habit when you pick up your children!!



Could I also take the opportunity to remind parents that you need to ensure that car registrations are logged with the school. We are UNABLE to have any fines rescinded as the car park is now managed and monitored by a private company. You are able to register as many different number plates as you wish to cover any family member who might need to come in to either school.

Thank you for you cooperation

Steel Factory Visit – more photos

More photos from the Steel Factory Visit, where students were selected to sign a piece of steel and see how the steel structure for our school is being taken from design to completion.

CEO of High Tech High promises to visit

Larry Rosenstock, the CEO of High Tech High, San Diego promised to visit our school when it opens. Larry is the reason Andy and I started on this journey after our trip to his amazing school, and I was privileged to meet him at an educational conference this Tuesday.

During his keynote, Larry showed us some data about his students that was amazing. Over 85% of the children that go to his non-selective school have gone on to graduate from University, as opposed to this typical picture of the UK.

The support we have received from HTH and from Expedtionary Learning’s Ron Berger has been overwhelming and this gives us the confidence to know that our school will be a brilliant success.

We look forward to Larry visiting when our school is open.



Who is Ron Berger?

Ron is a teacher and carpenter who lives in Amherst, Massachusetts, USA. His role as teacher at Shutesbury Elementary school allowed him to develop a pedagogy that is now being used in over 160 schools through his current work as Chief Program Officer of Expeditionary Learning.

His book, An Ethic of Excellence has inspired many practitioners to take a values driven pedagogy and deliver this practically through Expeditionary Learning Core Practices.

He is widely recognised as one of the best educators in the world.

Examples of his work can be seen below:

and here is a link to a recent article written by Ron.



An audience with Ron Berger

Ron Berger will be at Campsmount Academy, Doncaster for two days this June.

On Thursday 13th June, he will be talking to Secondary schools late afternoon / early evening.

On Friday the 14th June, he will be talking to Primary schools during the day.

Details are to be released shortly.

If you are interested in attending either day/evening, please contact me asap by emailing

Places will be limited, so get in touch now!