X21: Skipper Competition Winners!

Well done to Kelsea, Jasmine, Junior, Rory and Liam from X21 Skipper for making the most insightful points on their poem. They were developing their ability to select points from a poem at speed and testing their own knowledge of the poem. Well done to this group! I praise the quality and quantity of the points they made!

X22 Fieldwork – Leeds Art Gallery

Some beautiful work produced from our students last week: we went to Leeds Art Gallery to view a range of artwork (something for everyone). What was impressive was seeing our students carefully observe the Artwork and doing some lovely studies from them. Much better seeing real works of Art rather than viewing it on a computer or phone.

Celebration of Learning will be next week: to view work from their first expedition. Their skills are developing and I can already see a difference in craftsmanship and quality!

Crew Bronte – Othello Speeches

Crew Bronte. along with other crews in X22, have been working hard this week delivering their speeches on Othello entitled, ‘Who is the most to blame for the death of Desdemona?’ The speeches have been recorded and will be sent to the Eduqas examination board so the students can gain a grade in Spoken Word which will complement their final GCSE grade in English. The speeches have been well prepared, thorough and detailed. Great work X22!!

X24 Xblock – Clay hearts

What a fantastic morning…today X1 and X2 constructed hearts out of clay. This is before the challenge of making their chosen organs out of clay…but a little bit bigger. I wanted to give them the experience of moulding, manipulating and adding extra pieces of clay such as the aorta and the pulmonary veins. Excited for them to start their product next week.

MANTRA visits XP

We’ve been really lucky this week to have the MANufacturing TRAnsport visiting from the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre in Sheffield.  On Monday and Tuesday this week, students from XP and XP East have been able to experience something of the future of manufacturing and engineering on this fantastic lorry!  We’ve handled objects, used AR to investigate an engine and tried out virtual MIG welding.  Congratulations to Kelsea who was the champion welder with an impressive 91% score for the quality of her weld!

We’re looking forward to working again with the team from the AMRC and would like to appreciate them for their hard work in setting everything up and working with our students.

Beautiful Work – X25 Grappling in HegartyMaths

X25 students have been working on directed numbers as part of their immersion for their new learning expedition in STEAM.

This week as part of their extended study they have been working on adding and subtracting positive and negative numbers.

Emily M has completed the exercise 4 times, working on until she got 100%.

Beth S has spent 27 minutes grappling with the exercise on her latest attempt and has achieved 92%.

Riley C has completed the exercise 3 times, working on until he got 100%.

Oliver G has completed the exercise 4 times, working on until he got 100%.

Yasmin W has grappled with the exercise for 23 minutes, using the video to help her to achieve 67%.


Beautiful work X25!