What is Crew?

After only one week at XP, I really think that these year 7’s are grasping the idea of Crew.

Here are our collective early thoughts which we will put into one nice paragraph over the coming days. I am so proud of all of them and have found their compassion, determination, confidence and ‘grit’ inspiring. If they are able to apply this in the future, then I know they will all do well.

What is Crew? Wales 2015

Mrs Chappell’s Crew Photos


“If I had known before what challenges were ahead of us I would have never agreed, but now, if another challenge like this came along, I would love to do it again. I never knew how far my comfort zone could stretch but now I am aware and know a bit more about myself”

“I will always ‘dig deep’ and ‘never give up'”

“I didn’t know the challenges were going to be this hard, but after doing them, I’d definitely do it again”

“I had fun when I did all the activities – I’d probably not be as afraid next time”


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