Madrid Trip

Thank you to all parents for sending suitcases with your son/daughter this morning.

Just some additional thoughts ready for Monday morning.

  • The main piece of luggage can weight no more that 10 kilos. A few students did not have a smaller piece of hand luggage but intend to get one at the weekend.  The dimensions for this are  35 x 20 x 20 cm’s.
  • Quite a few students have a black IT suitcase, it may be wise to put a piece of ribbon or something colourful attached to the handle to help the students identify their case
  • Students need to have a secure padlock for their case, a dial one is ideal as it tends to be more secure
  • Students need to remember to bring a two pin travel adapter so they are able to charge their phones
  • If there are any spare Euros around the house please send them with your son/daughter so they have some change on the first day
  • Toiletries need to be in a resealable plastic bag, bottles can be no more than 100ml with a total capacity of a litre.

****Additional thought!****** We recommend students take a hat with them as it is due to be in the early 30’s temperature wise.

Thank you again for your support with this trip.

We will see you at 2.15am on Monday 22nd May.

Notice for Madrid Trip

We kindly ask that all students visiting Madrid in half term, bring their suitcase and hand luggage for a quick check during crew time on Thursday 18th May. This is just to check the suitability and sizes to ensure that we have no problems with the airline. Just the empty bag is fine, but we recommend where possible that students also bring the suitcase padlock, again to avoid any potential problems when travelling.

Thanks for your continued support.

Year 9 Parents Madrid Meeting: 24th April 17.30

Just an additional reminder that there is a information evening on Monday 24th April at 17.30 for parents about the upcoming visit to Madrid. At the meeting there will be some forms to complete. Rather than take the forms away to fill in, we ask that parents do this on the evening so that they are complete and accounted for.

So that parents are able to complete the forms, we ask that they bring with them the following information:

  • Details of doctors/GP including Name of doctor, address of practice and phone number. 
  • Details of any medication  that students take and how it is to be taken: e.g. time of day
  • Passport

Please remember to park in Car Park 3 and use the student entrance

Thanks again for your continued support!


Guns, Germs and Steel Final Product

During November and December last year our year 9 students completed the expedition Guns, Germs and Steel. For the final product students used their research skills to design and develop a informative infographic that displayed key components to explain the conflict in their chosen country during World War One.

Here are some of the final products…

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