Year 9 Spanish Extended Study

Students have to research a health problem in Spain (for example obesity, problems with drugs, alcohol) and write a paragraph about it in English. This can be a google doc, and should include statistics. The due date is Monday 13th February. Any problems, please see Mrs Sprakes.

Student should re-read the chapters handed to them in class which include the artilleryman (Book 1 Chapter 11 and Book 2 Chapter 7) and must examine how the artilleryman changes. Students must ‘track’ the text (select and highlight key points) and write a brief summative answer of how/why they believe he’s changed, using quotations to support their answer.

For Y9 extended study this week, students must read the 1st two chapters of War of the Worlds Book 2 and answer the accompanying comprehension questions.  Admiral will be tested on their knowledge of these chapters on Monday the 16th and Skipper on Friday the 13th.