C22 Spanish Extended Study

C22 students in Admiral and Skipper have almost completed their current “la salud” health and fitness expedition. Last week they were given a challenging task sheet entitled: “comer sano” (“healthy eating”) to complete in Extended Study / at home, and this is due for submission by Thursday 22nd February at the latest. Any students who have misplaced their copy, or who were absent, should see Mr Pearson for another one. As always, C22 are welcome to remain behind in supervised Extended Study sessions to receive help to complete homework tasks.

C22 Grappling with Learning Targets in Spanish

This week our C22 students in both Admiral and Skipper have been grappling with Learning Targets centred on explaining school rules in Spanish, as part of our current school topic. Admiral concluded their session with a question taken from a recent GCSE Spanish reading exam paper on school rules.

Due to the Staff Days C22 students’ Extended Study homework was set today, and is due to be handed in next Tuesday 28th November (Admiral) or Thursday 30th November (Skipper). Students need to study the GCSE-style photo card (copied below left) and answer the four questions in Spanish in as much detail as possible. Click on the photo card for a hyperlink to the original document.

We are also delighted that nearly every student in C22 Admiral and Skipper has registered interest in writing to a Spanish pen-friend, and we will provide further information on this initiative in due course.


As our C22 Spanish students are close to completing their current media topic, they have been asked to complete reading comprehension task(s) to evidence one of this week’s Learning Targets. The task(s) they complete are dependent on their MEG.

For 9A students this homework was set on 03.10.17 and is due in on 06.10.17 and for 9S students this homework will be set on 06.10.17 and will be due in on 12.10.17.

As always, students are very welcome to complete their homework during supervised Extended Study time – and I will be in the library every Thursday until 4.30 if help is needed.

C22 (Year 9 Admiral and Skipper) Spanish Extended Study

As our C22 students prepare for the academic rigour of the GCSE course, they have been asked to prepare extended answers in Spanish to four questions on the picture-based task to the left. The answers will consolidate work done in class on our current media topic.

As always, they are welcome to receive extra support after school in Extended Study time. For Spanish we can offer such help on Thursdays after school.

Y9 Admiral – homework due in 26.09.17 and for Y9 Skipper – homework due in 28.09.17 (set 21.09.17)





Year 9 Spanish Extended Study

Students have to research a plantation (eg coffee, sugar cane) of their choice in a Central or South American country. They should focus particularly on the use of child labour there, and make notes about working hours, conditions, and exports. Due date is Monday 15th May. The work can be a googledoc.

Year 9 Spanish Extended Study

Students are to design a poster about a Central or South American Spanish – speaking country. Students have a help sheet with details for this. Posters can be hand drawn or a googledoc, and the work is due for Tuesday 2nd May.

Year 8 STEM Extended Study

You have two pieces of extended study to complete over the Easter break:
1. Complete your lab right up for the Water Purification experiment. See the attached photo which tells you the sections you need to have completed.
In your discussion you must explain what you found after we evaporated the sea water before and after we distilled the water by boiling it in the conical flask and condensing it in the test tube. What was the difference in the amount of dissolved solids before and after? What was there a difference? What happened? What was the pH change? Why did this happen? After the distillation, do you think the water was potable? If so, why? If not, why? Was your hypothesis correct or incorrect? Was it specific enough?
Make sure that you use correct scientific language and key words in your write up. Your work should be of high quality and be detailed. If you need help, please email me in good time.

2. Follow the links on Google Classroom. Read the texts and watch the videos on Enzymes to prepare yourselves by building your background knowledge for our next experiment; Enzymes- Investigation into the effects of pH on enzyme action.

3. Email Mr Voltaire with your answers to the following questions: 1. What is an enzyme? 2. What is the function of enzymes? Give examples 3. What is the lock and key theory? 4. What can affect the function of enzymes?