X24 Building Background Knowledge

This week in Humanities sessions X24 students have been exploring the context of their anchor text Of Mice and Men. As the book is set in 1930’s America we have been studying what life was like at this time and recording our new understanding using a BBK note catcher. All students worked hard to expand their knowledge during these sessions but Milla and Aaisha’s work stood out in terms of it’s Craftsmanship and Quality. Beautiful work girls!

The Big Reveal

With a few hints, clues and a quick game of hangman, X24 students successfully identified all the components of the new expedition.

Over the next six weeks we will be studying the expedition entitled Life through a Lens and attempting to answer the question “How can the Arts help to uncover the past?” 



X24 Immersion continues…

In todays Humanities sessions X24 students were given an extract of their expedition Anchor Text to perform.  As the expedition is yet to be revealed the students had no prior knowledge or understanding of the storyline or characters within the novel. This meant that the students had to grapple with the text and perform their own interpretation of what they had read.

Following such an impressive performance of Romeo and Juliet at the last Presentation of Learning, expectations were high. X24 certainly lived up to such expectations by bringing the extract to life in such a believable way. The medium of drama allowed the class to analyse the two main characters and begin to form an understanding of them before we explore the text in further detail. All students were engaged in these sessions however a few stand out students were Vinnie, Archie, Sam and Joe for their sheer enthusiasm and use of characterisation skills. Excellent work boys, keep it up!

In the afternoon the students looked at iconic photographs taken across different time periods and analysed their importance. Again another session where students worked incredibly hard, especially Skipper!

So that’s the three days of Immersion. It is now time for the students to make connections  between the tasks we have done and make considered predictions about our new expedition.

I wonder which student will be successful in guessing our guiding question as we reveal all tomorrow …


X24 Romeo and Juliet Performance

As the X24 Human expedition Rebellion draws to a close we have been spending time in session writing our answer to the guiding question and reflecting on the past fifteen weeks. A massive highlight of this project was the performance of Romeo and Juliet, where all fifty students showed such courage to perform to such a large audience.

I am so proud of every student in X24 for the incredible hard work that went into the performance and the expedition as a whole. I look forward to seeing the students continue to create beautiful work in the next expedition.

X24 Presentation of Learning Reminder

On Wednesday 8th May, students in X24 will be performing William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet as their final product for the expedition REBELLION. 

The performance will take place at 6pm at XP EAST. Please ensure you arrive in time to be seated before the performance starts.

Students in X24 will be expected to stay at school until the end of their Presentation of Learning. The reason for this is because this will allow time for the students to do a rehearsal before the evening performance. Therefore, please can you ensure that students bring enough food to fuel them for the evening.

If you have any concerns please do not hesitate to contact school.

We look forward to seeing you all tomorrow!


X24 – Romeo & Juliet Wednesday 27th February 2019

X24 will be attending a performance of Romeo & Juliet at The Grand Theatre, Blackpool on Wednesday 27th February. We will be leaving school at 10am and aim to return to XP by 7pm. Students will need to bring a packed lunch that will be eaten on arrival in Blackpool and also have some further food to snack on during the return journey. We will keep you updated during the day through the school website.

C24 Outward Bound

Dear families


It is with great pleasure that I can confirm that all of our Year 7 Crews in C24 will have their Outward Bounds experience at the Ullswater Centre in the Lake District. This will take place at the beginning of Year 8, and so will be an important point for us to once more reflect upon the question ‘What is Crew?’.

Students will depart from XP by coach on the morning of Tuesday 28th August and will return on the evening of Friday 31st August.

C24 will be pioneers in their own right as they are the first of our students to visit the Ullswater Centre. I know that they will have an exciting, enjoyable and most importantly meaningful experience that will help them to further develop their character and come back to school with even greater purpose to produce beautiful work and continue to become beautiful people.

As such it is vital that all students attend the four days in the Lake District. Our school’s roots lie in the Outward Bounds movement. Forming a respectful relationship with nature, and enjoying the primacy of self-discovery are at the heart of our curriculum.


There will be a meeting for all families of C24 students on Tuesday 5th June at 6.00pm in XP School where we will be happy to answer any questions that you have.

  • A kit list is available here
  • A fact sheet about the centre is available here.
  • Answers to frequently asked questions can be found here.


Some important points around organisation are as follows:

  • C24 students need to be at school for 8.30am on Tuesday 28th August 2018 as we need to depart by coach at 9.00am.
  • A £10 refundable deposit is required from every student for room insurance at the centre. Could you please secure this in an envelope with your son’s/daughter’s name and pass this onto me following the meeting on 5th June.
  • Students are allowed to take mobile phones but once at the centre they will be stored securely during the day. Students will be allowed to access their phones for a brief period during the evening to phone home, if required. Phones will be then collected back in by Crew Leaders and returned to the store.
  • If you need to phone the centre for any reason the number is 01768 485000.
  • we will arrive back in Doncaster on Friday 31st August 2018 at approximately 4.30pm.  We will keep you updated of any delays/updates via our website.
  • Students will return to school will as usual on Monday 3rd September 2018 to begin their new learning expeditions.


If you have any questions in the meantime please contact our office:


I look forward to seeing you on the 5th June.


Best wishes