Vinnie takes us on a tour of Alcatraz!


One thing we love to do in crew Macmillan is talk to each other about our interests. Last Friday, Vinnie enthralled us all with a presentation on Alcatraz, the island prison just off the coast of San Francisco.

We were amazed by his knowledge and understanding of the history and geography of Alcatraz, which is a topic he’s been researching for only the past few months. Most of all, though, we were all hugely impressed by his professional style of presentation – a sincere well done to our Vinnie!

Crew Webb are top of the league!

At XP we know that if we get our HoWLs right then good grades and life chances will follow. Crew Webb are doing a stunning job of this… Our term 3 data has us top of the league for X24 across all three HoWLSs! We expect a minimum of 3.0 for each HoWL – the average score for our crew is;

Work hard – 3.48

Get smart – 3.52

Be kind – 3.77

Not wanting to rest on our laurels though here are the students revising for their hums assessment.

We’ve also identified strategies to enable us to move these grades up next time.

Great work!


Crew Macmillan clean up!

Crew Macmillan had a great session today cleaning up our school grounds. Sadly we didn’t manage to find anything too spectacular (only a few bits of tissue and one unidentified broken pen) but Frankie suggested that next time we should bring metal detectors – fingers crossed we find some long-buried treasure!

Young Leader Award

The students from X24 and X25 have started to use crew time on a Friday to undertake the Young Leader Award. This is a nationally recognised qualification that requires them to explore what good leadership looks like through the vehicle of sport. The content of our first two sessions has been around ‘what skills and qualities make a good leader’ and then the importance of considering your ‘participants’ when leading. By the end of the summer term we should have 100 accredited Young Leaders in school!

X24 Romeo and Juliet Performance

As the X24 Human expedition Rebellion draws to a close we have been spending time in session writing our answer to the guiding question and reflecting on the past fifteen weeks. A massive highlight of this project was the performance of Romeo and Juliet, where all fifty students showed such courage to perform to such a large audience.

I am so proud of every student in X24 for the incredible hard work that went into the performance and the expedition as a whole. I look forward to seeing the students continue to create beautiful work in the next expedition.

X24 Presentation of Learning Reminder

On Wednesday 8th May, students in X24 will be performing William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet as their final product for the expedition REBELLION. 

The performance will take place at 6pm at XP EAST. Please ensure you arrive in time to be seated before the performance starts.

Students in X24 will be expected to stay at school until the end of their Presentation of Learning. The reason for this is because this will allow time for the students to do a rehearsal before the evening performance. Therefore, please can you ensure that students bring enough food to fuel them for the evening.

If you have any concerns please do not hesitate to contact school.

We look forward to seeing you all tomorrow!


Meeting for Tyler

Some of Tyler’s friends will be meeting this Saturday at Westfield Park in Balby where Tyler liked to Scooter to let off some lanterns and remember him at a place that he enjoyed to go. They will be there from 18:30 and let lanterns off from about 19:00 for those who would like to attend.

Crew Webb cake raffle

We have been overwhelmed by the support for our bake sale today – the amount of effort that so many people have put into baking and buying delicious cakes is truly appreciated – thank you so much. One donation that we received though from Enza and Dalton’s family was fit for a wedding and so we felt that a raffle might be a more appropriate way to sell it.

Raffle tickets for this beautiful giant cupcake are available from Mrs Johnson at £1 per strip between now and when we draw the winner on Friday morning. Thanks for your support.

Donations for Tyler

Crew Webb would like say to a huge thank you to the kind and generous gestures of support that have already been received in honour of Tyler.

A donation site has been created in his name. Follow this link if you would like to contribute.