X25 Stan Lee – Academic Crew

This week we have reflected on ‘working hard’ in sessions. Why we need to work hard and what is the purpose in doing so. We then discussed this together and made suggestions in crew of how we could achieve this.











What really impressed me was how open Stan Lee were to constructive feedback and how sensitive they were. What a great way to end the week!

Crew Tomlinson- HOWL’s reflection

This week in our academic crew session we gave another member of crew a grade for their HOWL’s, giving reasons and examples of why we believe that grade would be justified. We then discussed what crew members had said to see whether others agreed or disagreed. It was brilliant to see crew challenge and support each other to make sure we are all striving to be the best version of ourselves. Great work Crew Tomlinson!

Crew Piper Book Club

Crew Piper are reading the fantastic book The Maze Runner in book club Fridays. Some excellent reading from students on Friday. We also had a demonstration of the weeks learning in Maths. Keep it up                                                             

X25 Crew Stan Lee

Mindful Monday

Every Monday Crew Stan Lee are focussing on looking after ourselves and being more mindful. We want to start off the week on a positive note but also find strategies when we are having a not so great day. The ‘Happy Jar’ is filled with tiny positive notes and todays note was: ‘You deserve to be super HAPPY’. We reflected on this question and what it meant to us.

Happy Monday everyone; it has been great to see Stan Lee develop their focus as a crew and take time to stop and think (which is sometimes hard to do in a busy day). Well done!

Book Club and laughter.

Crew Rosa Parks have a regular book club now on a Friday afternoon. We are reading My Sister Lives on the Mantelpiece by Annabel Pitcher a book which has won awards and has many great reviews. Crew have embraced these sessions and wholeheartedly join in with reading out loud to each other.

Before we began our reading this week we spent some time using our imagination to make up our own stories which led to hilarious results and a great deal of laughter. As the saying goes…..”A good laugh is sunshine in the house”.

Crew Tomlinson – Book Club

On Friday Crew Tomlinson had our first session of book club and our first novel will be David Almond’s Kit’s Wilderness. The students will be reading together every Friday afternoon. The students showed great respect listening to each other read and discuss the characters we have been introduced to. Great courage to the students who read out on the first week, thanks Franchesca, Frankie, Mollie, Nada and Harley, lovely reading!

X25 Crew Stan Lee

How crew are you?

I have been lucky enough to see Crew Stan Lee transform from a group of students who didn’t know each other and struggled working together: to a crew who have worked incredibly hard to be able to do so!

They did so through their commitment, resilience and my perseverance. Winning sports day at the end of the year was the pinnacle; it was a triumph of our hard work.

The 2nd week back has been action packed: crew activities, abseiling, hiking and presenting the guiding question. Here is to another school year at XP and let’s make it another memorable one. So glad we are on this journey together and as each year brings a new challenge we will do it together.


X25 The Big Reveal

This week X25 have been working hard on their immersion for their new expedition. It has been an action packed week, starting with learning about film making with our expert Geoff Hewitt, to painting the opening of Anchor text, grappling with a map of migration and completing gallery walks. The week ended with the unveiling of the expedition and all it’s components.

So now, without further ado, our title of the expedition is Should I stay or should I go? with the guiding question:

Why should we care about Migration? 

Over the next 14 weeks our students in X25 will be studying this expedition and working towards our final product which is to make a documentary about the topic of Migration.

This is going to be a fantastic opportunity for our students to engage with the community and I can’t wait to see what they will produce.

Watch this space!