X24 Building Background Knowledge

This week in Humanities sessions X24 students have been exploring the context of their anchor text Of Mice and Men. As the book is set in 1930’s America we have been studying what life was like at this time and recording our new understanding using a BBK note catcher. All students worked hard to expand their knowledge during these sessions but Milla and Aaisha’s work stood out in terms of it’s Craftsmanship and Quality. Beautiful work girls!

The Big Reveal

With a few hints, clues and a quick game of hangman, X24 students successfully identified all the components of the new expedition.

Over the next six weeks we will be studying the expedition entitled Life through a Lens and attempting to answer the question “How can the Arts help to uncover the past?” 



X24 Immersion continues…

In todays Humanities sessions X24 students were given an extract of their expedition Anchor Text to perform.  As the expedition is yet to be revealed the students had no prior knowledge or understanding of the storyline or characters within the novel. This meant that the students had to grapple with the text and perform their own interpretation of what they had read.

Following such an impressive performance of Romeo and Juliet at the last Presentation of Learning, expectations were high. X24 certainly lived up to such expectations by bringing the extract to life in such a believable way. The medium of drama allowed the class to analyse the two main characters and begin to form an understanding of them before we explore the text in further detail. All students were engaged in these sessions however a few stand out students were Vinnie, Archie, Sam and Joe for their sheer enthusiasm and use of characterisation skills. Excellent work boys, keep it up!

In the afternoon the students looked at iconic photographs taken across different time periods and analysed their importance. Again another session where students worked incredibly hard, especially Skipper!

So that’s the three days of Immersion. It is now time for the students to make connections  between the tasks we have done and make considered predictions about our new expedition.

I wonder which student will be successful in guessing our guiding question as we reveal all tomorrow …


Vinnie takes us on a tour of Alcatraz!


One thing we love to do in crew Macmillan is talk to each other about our interests. Last Friday, Vinnie enthralled us all with a presentation on Alcatraz, the island prison just off the coast of San Francisco.

We were amazed by his knowledge and understanding of the history and geography of Alcatraz, which is a topic he’s been researching for only the past few months. Most of all, though, we were all hugely impressed by his professional style of presentation – a sincere well done to our Vinnie!

Crew Webb are top of the league!

At XP we know that if we get our HoWLs right then good grades and life chances will follow. Crew Webb are doing a stunning job of this… Our term 3 data has us top of the league for X24 across all three HoWLSs! We expect a minimum of 3.0 for each HoWL – the average score for our crew is;

Work hard – 3.48

Get smart – 3.52

Be kind – 3.77

Not wanting to rest on our laurels though here are the students revising for their hums assessment.

We’ve also identified strategies to enable us to move these grades up next time.

Great work!


Crew Macmillan clean up!

Crew Macmillan had a great session today cleaning up our school grounds. Sadly we didn’t manage to find anything too spectacular (only a few bits of tissue and one unidentified broken pen) but Frankie suggested that next time we should bring metal detectors – fingers crossed we find some long-buried treasure!