We have decided to postpone C23’s fieldwork to Flamborough Head that was scheduled for this Friday 16th of March. The weather forecast predicts strong winds and heavy rain and having completed a risk assessment, we have decided that it would not be wise to continue with the trip.

We will instead reschedule the visit for Skipper to Tuesday 20th March. Please see our original post on fieldwork requirements for the day.

During the first week back C23 students will be going on fieldwork to the East Yorkshire Coast to investigate the impact of nature on the land. On Wednesday the 14th March Admiral will be going followed by Skipper on Friday 16th March. Students will spend time on the beach at both locations.

We will be leaving at 8.45am and will return to school between 3.30pm and 4pm depending on the traffic. Students will be out of school all day and as a result will need a packed lunch and warm clothing – we would recommend that students have at least 3 layers- as well as a waterproof coat. Students who receive free school meals will be provided with a packed lunch.

If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

The Year 8 Team

Mrs Batty, Miss Robinson, Mr Blair and Mr Voltaire.

Thanks again for your attendance at our students’ performance of Romeo & Juliet.

This is a reminder that we have one more presentation of learning this term on Tuesday 25th July, which is also an important evening as we will be discussing important milestones and dates for the coming academic year:

Passage presentations, GCSEs at XP and The Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award

The evening starts at 5.30pm with information on the above. Then, following a short interval with refreshments from FXP, there will be a showcase of the students’ music from this last term. The evening should be finished by 7pm at the latest.

We have asked that all Year 8 students remain in school through to 5.30pm, so if you think your son or daughter will need a snack or something to eat in that time, please send a pack-up. Some students have asked about parents bringing food. This is fine, but it would need to be eaten and packed away by 5.30PM.

Thanks once more for your continued support. It makes a massive difference to every single student.

Next week Year 8 students in their Drama X-block will be having a dress rehearsal for their Presentation of Learning where they will be presenting scenes from Romeo and Juliet. As a result we would appreciate if students could bring a change of dark coloured clothes on the day they have Drama (if possible on a coat hanger) and then leave these clothes in school after the dress rehearsal as their costume for the evening.

The final Presentation of Learning will be held on 20th July at 5.30pm.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Mrs Batty and Miss Robinson.

Student-led conferences

Dear families

Students have just completed their third set of learning expeditions for this academic year and are now preparing for their student-led conferences.

As you know these conferences are an opportunity for your son or daughter to share their learning with you and to discuss their progress.

The conferences will take place in the fortnight beginning Monday 8th May.  Crew leaders will be in contact over the coming week to arrange times for your son or daughter.

As always, thanks in advance for your attendance and support, we look forward to seeing you soon.

Year 8: Waves assessment REVISION

Year 8 have a short assessment on waves tomorrow. There are some anchor charts (posters with important information) on google classroom which they can use to revise. If students log in to classroom and then click on 8.3 waves, there are a series of photographs of the anchor charts that are up in our classroom.

We have spoken today about how to use these. Self-testing is a very effective way to make knowledge permanent. So students ought to spend around an hour tonight, covering sections of the anchor chart and then testing themselves on what they have hidden. It helps to have pen and paper near so that they can make a note of things that they have forgotten. Then retesting on the forgotten bits just ten minutes later will strengthen the memory, even more so than had they never forgotten in the first place.

It would be really helpful if friends and family could test them on this too.