Chefistry Presentation of Learning

Over the last couple of evenings year 7 students have presented to parents what they have learned in their current expeditions: Chefistry and Make a stand.

For Chefistry students made cake stands and baked a cream tea for their parents to share with them on the evening. Heres just a few pictures from the evening….

(Keep an eye out on the website next week for some of the year 7 Make a stand speeches)

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Logan, Maddison, Michaela, James, Tyler, Isaac and Tom (all year 7) are showing off their cake stands that they designed and made during two X Block sessions in the DT workshop this term.  The cakes were baked by other members of year 7 as part of their Chefistry expedition.  Look out for more beautiful work from our talented year 7 students!IMG_8693

Rock On! Final Product

As part of the year 7 expedition Rock On! last year’s students created a website detailing their findings about the other geological sites around Doncaster so that it can be used by other people who want to know about Doncaster’s rich geological history.

The link to the website is below:

Rock on! website

Year 7 Presentation of Learning

The Year 7 presentation of learning for their current learning expedition will take place on the evening of Monday 12th December. We will have more details on exact timings in due course.

It is really important that every student attends, and has someone from their family come to the event to celebrate the incredible work that they are doing.

Year 7 Fieldwork

Students in Year 7 will be going out on fieldwork every Wednesday as part of their current expedition, beginning tomorrow (11th May).

All students will be working outdoors for extended periods so must have the following:

  • Waterproofs
  • Warm clothing
  • Hat/gloves
  • Wellington boots/walking boots
  • Water bottle
  • Sun cream

Students will be doing field research as well as manual service learning at Potteric Carr nature reserve so it is important that they have the appropriate kit.

We ask that students do not arrive in jeans, canvas trainers or open toed shoes for fieldwork as they are not appropriate for outdoor work. Students may bring a change of clothes for when they return to school.

Timings of the day will run as normal so there is no need to make a packed lunch. Students will finish the day at the normal time of 3.15.

Thanks for your continued support.

Beautiful Work By Kiera Durkin

As part of their Chefistry Expedition, students are working to define what makes a healthy, savoury meal. They used unit rate to determine nutritional information per serving, calculated the daily recommended intake of each menu item and applied this information to make a nutrition labels.

Well done to Kiera for this beautiful work!!

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