C24 (Y7) Skipper Extended Study

Students have 7 exercises to complete by Monday evening in MyMaths. These are additional practice questions on addition, subtraction and perimeter.

At this stage students sholud not worry about whether they are too easy or too hard, as this wil give me more good data on where they are currently at with Maths.

The username is:


The password is:


Students then use the details I shared with them in class to get into myportal.


The deadline is Monday 2nd October at 8pm

C24 (year 7) Fieldwork Rearranged 4th and 5th October

Unfortunately we have had to rearrange the fieldwork on Wednesday 27th and Thursday 28th to the week after.

Skipper will now do fieldwork in Wednesday 4th October.

Admiral on Thursday 5th October.

The fieldwork is located at a range of former quarries where students can study exposures of the 3 main types of rock found at Warmsworth Park, Cedar Road in Balby and Barnburgh cliff. Students will carry out fieldwork alongside geological experts at each site, looking at the bedrock and superficial deposits in detail, as well as taking measurements of the dimensions of each site.

Students will be back for 15.15

They will need to be prepared for the weather. At the moment the forecast looks good, however please keep an eye on this as we get closer to the fieldwork.

Long trousers and sleeves are best as we will be walking through some overgrown areas.

Wellies and a raincoat are advisable whatever the weather.

Students will need a pack up lunch, they can take this in their normal school bags. We can provide lunch for students on free school meals.

Student will also need a bottle of water.

Any issues please contact me at rcampbell@xpschool.org


Mr Campbell

C23 Admiral and C23 Skipper Spanish Extended Study

All our Y7s have been given the task of researching a Spanish-speaking country and then recording and presenting at least five key facts about their chosen country. These could include:

  • population size
  • unit of currency
  • famous Spanish-speakers born there (e.g Shakira is Cuban)
  • national flag
  • famous national dishes (e.g. Mexico = nachos, enchiladas, fajitas)


Results of research to be brought on the prompt cards (provided) to the next lesson (Admiral = 12/07/17 and Skipper = 13/07/16)

Mr Pearson

All Year 7 students have a mini test on heredity when they come back from the two week break. This will cover two supporting learning targets:

LT2a: I can describe a simple model of DNA, crediting those that discovered its structure
LT2b: I can show how genetic information is transferred from one generation to the next


A range of resources have been shared with students to help them to revise:

  • Videos to remind students what we have studied in class
  • Knowledge organisers – theses are single sheets containing all of the knowledge that students need for each learning target

For their revision to be effective students should:

1. Watch the videos (making notes if they want to)

2. Look at the knowledge organisers. Memorise sections. Cover up parts of the screen/paper and test themselves. Then get someone else to test them.

3. Take the I AM LEARNING QUIZES that have been set. (Student log into I AM LEARNING through the school website)


Students often think that either reading or making notes is the best way to revise, but research shows that self-testing  is far more effective. Especially when this testing is spaced out with increasing gaps between the testing.



Please help your son or daughter by…

  • …getting them to space their practice. Little and often is far better than trying to cram. For example an effective schedule for self testing might look like this:
    • Monday 22nd May – Watch vdeos and make notes → 20 mins self testing
    • Tuesday 23rd May – Review notes → 20 mins self testing & I AM LEARNING QUIZZES
    • Wednesday 24th May – 15 mins self testing
    • Friday 26th May – 15 mins self testing
    • Monday 29th May – Review notes → 15 mins self testing
    • Wednesday 31st May – 10 mins self testing & I AM LEARNING QUIZZES
    • Friday 2nd June – 10 mins self testing
    • Sunday 4th June – 10 mins self testing & I AM LEARNING QUIZZES


  • …getting involved in their self-testing. Get them to show you the knowledge organisers and ask them questions based on the content they need to learn.


Students have been given a slip for you to sign to confirm that they have been self-testing. Or alternatively you can email me to confirm: msaid@xpschool.org


Thanks for your support

Year 7 fieldwork this week

Year 7 parents, students will be going out in the locale for fieldwork this week so need to be prepared for the weather.

They will be within walking distance, so they’ll just need an appropriate coat for the weather and some sturdy shoes/trainers.

7 Admiral will be going out on Wednesday.

7 Skipper will be going out on Thursday.

Student-led conferences

Dear families

Students have just completed their third set of learning expeditions for this academic year and are now preparing for their student-led conferences.

As you know these conferences are an opportunity for your son or daughter to share their learning with you and to discuss their progress.

The conferences will take place in the fortnight beginning Monday 8th May.  Crew leaders will be in contact over the coming week to arrange times for your son or daughter.

As always, thanks in advance for your attendance and support, we look forward to seeing you soon.

Year 7 Extended Study for the 2 week break – MyMaths

All year 7 students have been set a personalised set of MyMaths activities for the two week break.

These are designed to stretch, introduce new concepts or prepare students for FIX when they return to school.

To login, student use: xpschool rectangle137. To access “my portal” they have a 3 digit username and 3 letter password.

Students should complete the online lesson first for each activity before they attempt the homework task. They should aim to get 80%.

The deadline is 8pm on Monday 6th March. Students have have a varied number of exercises to do – around one per day over the two week break, so please encourage your son or daughter to do little and often. Each exercise typically takes around 20 mins.

If internet access is going to be a problem, if your son or daughter is struggling with the work, has lost their username and password or if they have any other problems, please get them to email me on tblair@xpschool.org

Revision STEM

Year 7 ! Heads up about the test tomorrow this is what is on it: Decide where you will need help

I have put some questions on I am Learning about the periodic table to help. Log in to XP website and go to my apps, I am learning.
Solids, Liquids and gases
– spacing of particles, can they be compressed, can particles flow, how are the particles arranged, how do they move, bonds.
– Identify pictures
– How do gases move through the air (how does a smell waft from the lovely cakes to your nose)
Convection Current (explain the hot and cold water experiment)
Heating the Steel rod Experiment – what happens to the particles
Endothermic process
Exothermic process
Elements, atoms, compound molecules, mixtures.

Maths (TBL):
Calculate the nutritional value of a meal
Plot graph
Planning your cooking time
Volume of a cuboid and cylinder
Radius, Circumference and diameter

Needed 1,300 (2 litre) POP BOTTLES PLEASE!

The gardening group are hoping to build an eco greenhouse at school. We need 1,300 (2 litre) pop bottles rinsed and sent into school. Please take them to crew with you and someone from the gardening group will collect them. Please don’t take them to reception.

Many thanks for your support!