X25 Extended Study – Hegarty Maths

All X25 students have been given a personalised set of exercises to complete this week. We have an assessment next week on perimeter so there is some consolidation and stretch work on perimeter, and some work on directed numbers as a refresher from the studies we did during immersion.

All of these exercises are due next week on Wednesday 30th Jan.

My advice to the students is to do their Perimeter work first as they will be assessed on that next week.

Beautiful Work – X25 Grappling in HegartyMaths

X25 students have been working on directed numbers as part of their immersion for their new learning expedition in STEAM.

This week as part of their extended study they have been working on adding and subtracting positive and negative numbers.

Emily M has completed the exercise 4 times, working on until she got 100%.

Beth S has spent 27 minutes grappling with the exercise on her latest attempt and has achieved 92%.

Riley C has completed the exercise 3 times, working on until he got 100%.

Oliver G has completed the exercise 4 times, working on until he got 100%.

Yasmin W has grappled with the exercise for 23 minutes, using the video to help her to achieve 67%.


Beautiful work X25!

X25 Extended Study

All students have been set some exercises in Hegarty Maths on perimeter. These are due to be completed by next Tuesday 22nd Jan.

In addition, as usual, students need to earn 1000 points this week on ttrockstars. This will be checked on Friday evening at 8pm (18th Jan)

Dear families,

I have set three pieces of extended study for X25 students this week.

  1. Write up their MATHS FACT for their poem in neat. Students have their working out in the back of their maths books from a session this morning, but need to write this up in neat on their research doc. Details and a model have been shared on Google Classroom. This is due by Friday morning of this week please.
  2. Complete a first draft of their poem. Students have been doing their research and have started drafting this last week. They need to have a first draft in their research document in Google Docs by Wednesday evening of this week at 8pm please. Models and instructions have been shared in Google Classroom.
  3. Hegarty Maths revision/exercises on unit rates. I have set students some tasks associated with unit rates, which we have ben working on over the last week. Some students already mastered this so I have set some additional recap or stretch tasks for them. These are due in by Thursday morning of next week as we have an assessment on Friday 21st.

Thanks for you support.