Students in X25 Admiral have been given instructions on how to log into

They need to put in their first name, surname and then their date of birth. They will then be asked to set a password.

Once they have logged in, they will see that I have set them three exercises. To get the most out of Hegarty Maths, students should:

  • Watch the accompanying video for each exercise
  • Have a pencil and paper handy to make notes and do working out
  • Send messages to me when they do not understand a question

The tasks that have been set are some of the earlier set of skills around addition and subtraction. There are over 800 skills in total which take students right up to GCSE level. At the moment we are still getting baseline information on where students are at in terms of prior knowledge but in the coming weeks, increasingly I will set personalised sets of questions to make sure that all students are challenged.

The deadline for completion of these three activities is for the morning of Tuesday 25th September.

(X25 Skipper will have this extended study task set tomorrow)

Dear parents and families

Students have now been introduced to . This is a fantastic online website dedicated to making times tables practice fun. Students can play competitively against each other or do some solo training.

Each week we ask students to earn at least 1000 coins.

Students have written down their usernames and passwords but please do email me if you would like a copy of their login details. (

With this being students’ first week, the deadline to earn 1000 points is Friday 21st September. Students earn points more quickly if they play in the garage solo.

C24 Extended Study – Hegarty Maths

All Year 7 students have 6 tasks set for Hegarty Maths on percentages.

Students should watch the video and make notes for each exercise before starting the questions.

The deadline is Tuesday 5th June at 8pm, so if students are having any problems they can email me, contact me through google classroom, come and see me on the Monday 4th June  or stay for extended study after school on Monday 4th or Tuesday 5th June.



C24 Y7 MyMaths extended study

This term we are looking at the efficiency of energy transfers as part of our expedition “Where is away?”. An important part of this is being able to work out and interpret efficiency when expressed as a percentage.

All Year 7 students have been set 3 MyMaths exercises as a baseline to test their knowledge of working out percentages of amounts.

If students are stuck they can:

  • Watch the videos linked here:
  • Click on the lesson in MyMaths before trying the online homework.
  • Email me through google classroom.

The deadline is Monday evening at 8pm.


Extended Study in C24

At the request of some students and parents, here is the schedule for when extended study is usually set by the Year 7 teaching team. Of course, as always more details can be found on google classroom for specific pieces of extended study set each week.

MONDAY: STEAM due in on Friday (Both classes)

TUESDAY:  Humanities and Arts due in on Friday. (Skipper only)

WEDNESDAY: Maths practice due in on Monday (Both classes)

THURSDAY:  Humanities and Arts due in on Friday. (Admiral only)

WEEKEND: Spellodrome and Times Tables Rockstars due in the following week (Both classes)


In addition students should read their accelerated reader book for 2 hours per week.

C24 Admiral Extended Study

C24 Admiral students needs to use their notes in their HUMAN books to revise for an assessment on Monday.  The assessment will cover Magna Carta, The Crusades, Richard the Lion heart, Peasants Revolt and the area they became experts in; either Baron, Peasant, Knight or the banquet.

All presentation notes/text coding notes can be found on Google Classroom.