X25 Science Assessment


X25 will have their end of Y7 assessment for science on Wednesday 3th / Thursday 4th July.

The areas that they should focus their revision on are:


Organ systems – Digestion and lungs

Particle model

Elements and the Periodic Table

Separating substances

Writing up a scientific investigation


Mr Campbell


X25 Extended Study

Year 7 students have been working on statistics during the start of their new expedition: “Wild Wild Life“.

They have learned how to find the mean, median, mode and range in a set of data, and will use these to interpret the data they have been collecting on dandelion populations around the school site.

This work will help them for the learning target:

I can use statistical methods to analyse observational data.



Over the two week break students need to return the 4 HegartyMaths exercises set on mean, median, mode and range.

They also have a quiz set for them on frogplay. We are currently trialling frogplay which allows students to quiz themselves whilst playing age appropriate games. The quiz that has been set is intended to be used as retrieval practice so that students retain the vocabulary and algorithms they have learned over the two week break.

If students need any advice, they can email me, watch the videos on HegartyMaths or there are some useful videos posted on the bottom of this page on the expedition website.




Students should complete the frogplay quiz regularly over the two week break until they consistently get over 90%. Ideally students should return to the quiz every couple of days if possible, it takes around ten minutes to complete.

Student have been given a knowledge organiser to help them with this work, this is also posted on Google Classroom.

To log in to frogplay students should go to:


The school id is:


Students saved their usernames and passwords in their browsers but can email me if they need help.


The deadline for completion is when we return from the two week break on Monday 3rd June.

Thanks for you support as always.

X25 Extended Study

A reminder that X25 have their presentation of learning on Monday morning answering the guiding question:

“Where are we, and what’s that made of?”

On this occasion they are presenting to a panel of peers, experts and staff.


To ensure that they are as fully prepared as they can be for this, over the weekend we have asked them to:

  1. Ensure that they have made cue card notes, or a script for each of their slides. The deadline for this work in session was today.
  2. Continue to rehearse reading from their cue cards or slides.

Students will be assessed upon the quality of their presentation skills, and the depth of their knowledge so it is important that they continue to practise in addition to the work they have done over this last two weeks.

X25 students should be able to show you the tracker which shows where they are with their work, and also has details of the slides for which they are responsible.

Practice makes permanent!

Thanks as always for your continued support.

X25 Spanish Extended Study

Last week our X25 students were asked to identify a range of European countries and conjugate the present tense of the verb “vivir” (“to live”). A task sheet based on the new vocabulary was set for Extended Study at the end of the session, and it is due to be submitted by X25 students on Wednesday 27th March.

Thank you.

X25 Area assessment tomorrow – Revision

X25 have an assessment on area tomorrow. They have been set Hegarty Maths exercises to recap the content needed to be successful.

There is also a revision quiz in google classroom which will help students to memorise the formulae they need to be successful. The quiz takes just a minute to do, and the more times students do the quiz, the more they will strengthen their memory of the formulae they need.


Beautiful Work

This week our X25 rockers with the most face melting solos in Times Table Rockstars have been:

Joseph, Georgia, Emily, Declan, Ilinca and Ricki all earned well over 10 000 coins each !


However Jacob in Admiral has earned a magnificent 36,939 coins, helping his crew to top the leaderboard again this week.

Image result for jeff beck

Keep on rocking!


X25 Extended Study – Hegarty Maths & TTrockstars

Good afternoon

After reviewing the X25 extended study and classwork from last week (in particular the work on area) I have noticed that there are a significant number of students in year 7 that have gaps in their knowledge around important KS2 concepts which help with being able to work with area. Specific gaps I have noticed are around recall of and the use of square and cube numbers and so students have been struggling with square and cube roots.

As such I will spend some time with the students working on those concepts this week, and I have extended the deadline for last week’s HegartyMaths work from last week until Monday 11th February.


I have also set some additional HegartyMaths exercises:

Exercise 99, 100 and 101 – Square numbers, Cube numbers and Square and cube roots

These are also due on Monday 11th February.


Finally, this week in TTrockstars, I want students to earn 8000 points in the garage. This is due on Friday evening at 8pm, 8th February.


It would be really helpful this week if you could ask your son or daughter to practise recalling up to the first 12 square numbers at home.

These are:

1, 4, 9, 16, 25, 36, 49, 64, 81, 100, 121, 144


Thanks for your continued support.

Y7 / X25 Spanish Written Assessment

Our Y7 / X25 students are working towards producing an extended piece of Spanish writing in their next Spanish session. The outcome of this assessment will contribute towards data that is used to generate their Minimum Expected Grade in this subject. For Admiral students their assessment will take place on Tuesday 5th February, and for Skipper students theirs will occur on Wednesday 6th February.

Our students, their Crew Leaders and Learning Coaches have been provided with supporting documents to help them to prepare for this assessment. These may be found here:


X25 Extended Study – Hegarty Maths

There are two parts to this week’s Hegarty Maths for Year 7 students.

The deadline is Tuesday when we come back after the long weekend.

PART 1 – AREA (3 quizzes)
Exercises 553-555 are practice questions on area, our new topic of study for the learning target. “I can find the area of compound shapes

I have re-set some work on perimeter for those students that need to improve on those quizzes.

Students must do these quizzes, even when they have already attempted them before.

For those students that have quizzes on perimeter, (exercises 548-551), they need to:
– watch the associated video in full at least once
– make notes on the video

Students can either photograph and send their notes to me, or bring their notes into school.

If needed I can provide students with a notebook, please get your son or daughter to ask me if they need one.