Beautiful Work

This week our X25 rockers with the most face melting solos in Times Table Rockstars have been:

Joseph, Georgia, Emily, Declan, Ilinca and Ricki all earned well over 10 000 coins each !


However Jacob in Admiral has earned a magnificent 36,939 coins, helping his crew to top the leaderboard again this week.

Image result for jeff beck

Keep on rocking!


X25 Extended Study – Hegarty Maths & TTrockstars

Good afternoon

After reviewing the X25 extended study and classwork from last week (in particular the work on area) I have noticed that there are a significant number of students in year 7 that have gaps in their knowledge around important KS2 concepts which help with being able to work with area. Specific gaps I have noticed are around recall of and the use of square and cube numbers and so students have been struggling with square and cube roots.

As such I will spend some time with the students working on those concepts this week, and I have extended the deadline for last week’s HegartyMaths work from last week until Monday 11th February.


I have also set some additional HegartyMaths exercises:

Exercise 99, 100 and 101 – Square numbers, Cube numbers and Square and cube roots

These are also due on Monday 11th February.


Finally, this week in TTrockstars, I want students to earn 8000 points in the garage. This is due on Friday evening at 8pm, 8th February.


It would be really helpful this week if you could ask your son or daughter to practise recalling up to the first 12 square numbers at home.

These are:

1, 4, 9, 16, 25, 36, 49, 64, 81, 100, 121, 144


Thanks for your continued support.

Y7 / X25 Spanish Written Assessment

Our Y7 / X25 students are working towards producing an extended piece of Spanish writing in their next Spanish session. The outcome of this assessment will contribute towards data that is used to generate their Minimum Expected Grade in this subject. For Admiral students their assessment will take place on Tuesday 5th February, and for Skipper students theirs will occur on Wednesday 6th February.

Our students, their Crew Leaders and Learning Coaches have been provided with supporting documents to help them to prepare for this assessment. These may be found here:


X25 Extended Study – Hegarty Maths

There are two parts to this week’s Hegarty Maths for Year 7 students.

The deadline is Tuesday when we come back after the long weekend.

PART 1 – AREA (3 quizzes)
Exercises 553-555 are practice questions on area, our new topic of study for the learning target. “I can find the area of compound shapes

I have re-set some work on perimeter for those students that need to improve on those quizzes.

Students must do these quizzes, even when they have already attempted them before.

For those students that have quizzes on perimeter, (exercises 548-551), they need to:
– watch the associated video in full at least once
– make notes on the video

Students can either photograph and send their notes to me, or bring their notes into school.

If needed I can provide students with a notebook, please get your son or daughter to ask me if they need one.


X25 Extended Study – Hegarty Maths

All X25 students have been given a personalised set of exercises to complete this week. We have an assessment next week on perimeter so there is some consolidation and stretch work on perimeter, and some work on directed numbers as a refresher from the studies we did during immersion.

All of these exercises are due next week on Wednesday 30th Jan.

My advice to the students is to do their Perimeter work first as they will be assessed on that next week.

Beautiful Work – X25 Grappling in HegartyMaths

X25 students have been working on directed numbers as part of their immersion for their new learning expedition in STEAM.

This week as part of their extended study they have been working on adding and subtracting positive and negative numbers.

Emily M has completed the exercise 4 times, working on until she got 100%.

Beth S has spent 27 minutes grappling with the exercise on her latest attempt and has achieved 92%.

Riley C has completed the exercise 3 times, working on until he got 100%.

Oliver G has completed the exercise 4 times, working on until he got 100%.

Yasmin W has grappled with the exercise for 23 minutes, using the video to help her to achieve 67%.


Beautiful work X25!

X25 Extended Study

All students have been set some exercises in Hegarty Maths on perimeter. These are due to be completed by next Tuesday 22nd Jan.

In addition, as usual, students need to earn 1000 points this week on ttrockstars. This will be checked on Friday evening at 8pm (18th Jan)