We have a presentation of learning this Monday 12th December for Year 7.

Students need to stay in school between 3.15pm and the start of the presentation at 5.30pm. If students are bringing a change of clothes, they can leave this with their crew leader or in lockers as is appropriate.

Students must not leave the site unless accompanied by their own parent/s. They would need to be back in school for 5.15pm.


Students should be dressed smartly, so ideally in a shirt/blouse type top with either dark jeans, a skirt or pants.

Sportswear should be avoided if possible.


Students have asked to wear Christmas themed clothing, however since the event is about us paying respect to the miners, and is not a Christmas themed celebration, we feel that this is not appropriate for Monday evening.

(As a school we’ll be doing a fundraising event on Friday of next week around Christmas clothing – more details to follow)


Finally, please remember to use car park 2 for the event, as there is a drive in cinema in car park 3. If this presents access problems, please contact the school office to make arrangements.

Y7 NUM Visit last week

Last week year 7 students were invited to the National Union of Mineworkers headquarters in Barnsley. One of the days students visited there was the Press Conference for the Orgreave inquiry which students were involved in and led to some of our students being interviewed for the Guardian.

See the article here.

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Year 7 Fieldwork to NUM

The year 7 have been invited to the National Union of Mineworkers headquarters in Barnsley. They are going to see a large collection of banners and visit the historic building.

Skipper will go on 1st November and Admiral on 2nd November. They will need casual comfortable clothes and a packed lunch (students entitled to a free school meal will be provided with a packed lunch).

They will be leaving at 9.15am after crew then they will return to school by 1.15 pm

If you wish to research it with your child click on the link below    



Year 7 Presentation of Learning

The Year 7 presentation of learning for their current learning expedition will take place on the evening of Monday 12th December. We will have more details on exact timings in due course.

It is really important that every student attends, and has someone from their family come to the event to celebrate the incredible work that they are doing.

Year 7 Fieldwork Week beginning Tuesday 3rd May.

Students in Year 7 will be going out on fieldwork next week as part of immersion into their new expedition.

All students will be outdoors for extended periods so will need the following:

  • Waterproofs
  • Warm clothing
  • Hat/gloves
  • Wellington boots/walking boots

We ask that students do not arrive in jeans for fieldwork as they are not appropriate for outdoor work, but may bring a change of clothes for when they return to school.

Classes will be going out on the following days:

Tuesday 3rd May: Skipper out (kit needed)

Wednesday 4th May: Both Admiral and Skipper out (kit needed)

Sessions will take place within the normal school day and so packed lunches will not be needed.

Fieldwork will be a regular aspect of this expedition so students will definitely need outdoor clothing and walking boots moving forward.

If there are any questions, please get in touch with either Mr Voltaire, Miss Thornton or Mr Shakesby.