Crew Tomlinson SLC prep

Crew Tomlinson have started their SLC prep ready for SLC’s starting on 17th June. Each crew member has a SLC buddy who will support their buddy to be prepared and organised for their SLC, as from our last SLC we reflected this was an area we need to improve on. Great work this morning crew!

End of Term Sunshine!

This week in crew we have been working really hard on unpicking our HOWLs and reflecting on why we think we received the grades and what we can do to improve next term. So Friday afternoon we decided to make the most of the sunshine with a few outdoor games. Great work this term…enjoy the holidays!!

Tour de Yorkshire

Crew Tomlinson are really proud of Max who yesterday led the procession of the Men’s race of Tour de Yorkshire. What a fantastic achievement and experience to have. Max represented himself brilliantly….Well Done Max!!

Crew Pledges

Last week in Crew Tomlinson we created our academic and HOWLs pledges ready for the rest of the year. We had time to think about these independently and then critique each others pledges to make sure they were specific and something the individual needed to work towards. We will be looking at these on a weekly basis to check our progress and support each other to achieve success.

Crew Tomlinson!

Over the last few weeks we have presented and voted for who we want our crew to be named after. After a very close vote we finally made our decision and we chose this inspirational person as they follow all the character traits, for example courage and compassion because she raised over 1.8 million pounds for her charity to help others who are fighting through this terrible illnessHer family have continued to raise money to help fight cancer, with the amount now over 10 million pounds raised. This is through the family carrying on her legacy and now so shall we. This is why we chose Jane Tomlinson. 

Thanks Emily for the great suggestion and beautiful presentation!

Crew Retrieval

With the lovely weather we decided to complete our crew retrieval outside in the sun. All members of crew practised their speech ready for their POL next week. They also grappled with a literacy device sort. Crew had to remember the definitions for literacy devices and also communicate with each other to match them up. Well done crew, great session!

Academic Crew

In crew earlier this week we were recalling the students knowledge on solids, liquids and gases. The students had to talk constantly for a minute to each other, without hesitating and giving descriptions of the differences and how the particles moved. Some great attempts which will help embed your knowledge!

Crew …..?

This morning in Crew Burnitt the students started presenting their ideas for who our crew should be named after. The two presentations so far have shown the students have researched the influential person, explaining the character traits they have portrayed and why they want crew to share their name. We cannot wait for the rest of crew to present tomorrow so we can vote.

X25 Celebration of Learning – REMINDER

A reminder that the X25 (Year 7) celebration of learning is this Wednesday evening, 19th December from 5.30pm until around 7.00pm.

It is important that every student has someone from their family at this event as it helps to provide an authentic audience for their work in what will be a great celebration of their efforts in their very first learning expeditions at XP.

Students are asked to dress smartly as this is a formal occasion. Students can bring a change of clothes or can choose to attend in smart clothes for the whole day.

Student must stay in school between 3.15pm and the start of the celebration of learning. They will be given some time to relax after school and before the last rehearsals, so they can bring a pack up tea if they choose.

We look forward to seeing you this week!


Many thanks

What does a Student Led Conference look like?


With SLC’s well underway as Crew we wanted to see a model of how an SLC may look and feel. Two members of Crew King kindly came this morning where Bobby modelled his SLC to the crew with Bella asking common questions that a parent/carer may ask. This was brilliant support as their experience and tips will help Crew Burnitt to be more prepared for their SLC and now have an understanding of what an SLC looks like. Thanks Bobby and Bella!