X25 Information- First Week Back

School starts on Tuesday 27th August where we will be embarking on a week of crew. 

Throughout the week students require to be at school at normal time (8:30) but finish times will be slightly different depending on the schedule for the day. Students will require a pen, pencil and ruler this week and a kit list has been sent out for Wednesday and Thursday.

The week’s schedule is as follows:

Tuesday- In school with a normal finish time of 3:15. There is no extended study in school this week. 


Wednesday – Out of school on crew activities so students will need a backpack with a packed lunch, a bottle of water, hiking boots and waterproofs. Please can students come to school in trainers not their walking boots.  We are expected to be back at school for around 5pm.


Thursday- Out of school on crew activities so students will need a backpack with a packed lunch, a bottle of water, hiking boots and waterproofs. Please can students come to school in trainers with their walking boots in their bag. We are expected to be back at school for around 5pm. 

Friday- Students are in school all day. Their week will be completed with a  Presentation of Learning commencing at 2:15 which parents are invited to come and support their students where they will be answering their Guiding Question.

Crew Piper Traditional Sports Day

This morning in Crew it was the turn of Ben and Jake to lead crew. They came up with the idea to do a traditional sports day. The events including Egg and Spoon, 3 Legged Race and the Sack Race. This meant we all had to use our communication skills and work together in pairs where needed, to win the gold medal. It definitely brought out the competitive side in Crew Piper, especially Oliver G who won 3 medals. A brilliant time was had by all of us.

Crew In The Sun

Yesterday Crew Tomlinson decided to spend the morning enjoying the long awaited sunshine. As it was a crew members last day at XP they wanted to have a game of Tig and then have weekend check in outside. All students participated well and we had a great morning!

X25 Stan Lee – Crew Meeting

In X25’s next community meeting we will be presenting our answer to the guiding question ‘What is crew?’ Today Stan Lee have started discussing and led a crew meeting to unpick what crew is. They discussed different ways that they could build on this GQ and how they want to present it during the next community meeting. We are constantly working on our communication skills and being able to listen to one another with respect. This morning was a perfect example of Stan Lee meeting these learning targets. Well done Crew!

X25 Science Assessment


X25 will have their end of Y7 assessment for science on Wednesday 3th / Thursday 4th July.

The areas that they should focus their revision on are:


Organ systems – Digestion and lungs

Particle model

Elements and the Periodic Table

Separating substances

Writing up a scientific investigation


Mr Campbell


Crew Rosa Parks working hard.


Crew Rosa Parks have been extremely busy preparing for their SLCs. They have spent a great deal of time looking at their HOWLS alongside their expedition work and putting it all together in the form of a presentation.

They are looking forward to sharing this with their families. A quick reminder to parents that SLCs begin next week.

Crew Tomlinson SLC prep

Crew Tomlinson have started their SLC prep ready for SLC’s starting on 17th June. Each crew member has a SLC buddy who will support their buddy to be prepared and organised for their SLC, as from our last SLC we reflected this was an area we need to improve on. Great work this morning crew!

Crew Piper Student Led Crew

Every week between now and the end of the school year two members of Crew Piper are taking it in turns to plan and lead a crew session. The session can be on anything but must be either educational, challenging or aimed at team building and needs to have a goal as to what the students would like to have achieved at the end.
On the last Friday of the term it was Olliver’s and Ilinca’s turn. They delivered a fantastic crew session on Autism Awareness. Their aim was to help us all understand about Autism, how it can effect an individual and how best we can help and support them. They made excellent use of google slides and had activities for crew to join in with. At the end of the session we all made a pledge to support those with Autism by signing on our names on a tree to be displayed in crew room.

Well done to both Olliver and Ilinca.

We enjoy a challenge!!

Crew Rosa Parks love a challenge. Here they are in the sports hall, prepared and ready to start their Sports Leader qualification. The enthusiasm they have is amazing and I know they will embrace this wholeheartedly. They will be taking part in this every Friday afternoon alongside all crews from Yr 7 & Yr 8. Looking forward to what the next term will bring!!!