Crew Tomlinson!

Over the last few weeks we have presented and voted for who we want our crew to be named after. After a very close vote we finally made our decision and we chose this inspirational person as they follow all the character traits, for example courage and compassion because she raised over 1.8 million pounds for her charity to help others who are fighting through this terrible illnessHer family have continued to raise money to help fight cancer, with the amount now over 10 million pounds raised. This is through the family carrying on her legacy and now so shall we. This is why we chose Jane Tomlinson. 

Thanks Emily for the great suggestion and beautiful presentation!

Crew Retrieval

With the lovely weather we decided to complete our crew retrieval outside in the sun. All members of crew practised their speech ready for their POL next week. They also grappled with a literacy device sort. Crew had to remember the definitions for literacy devices and also communicate with each other to match them up. Well done crew, great session!

Crew Quiz Time

During this afternoons crew, we all took part in Crew Piper Kahoot Quiz . Each team took it in turns to share the quiz they had designed on Kahoot in Academic Crew earlier in the week. All the teams asked some brilliant questions covering all subjects. The winning team were Ilinca, Olliver.L and Joshua. Well done to them.


Academic Crew

This morning in Academic Crew, Crew Piper have been creating quizzes on Kahoot for their fellow students to complete. All the questions set relate to their expedition and could be from either their Stem or Hums lessons. We are then going to complete each quiz in crew over the next week or so. Well done to everyone. You all grappled really hard with this challenge.

Crew ?

Over the last couple of weeks in crew students have been presenting their ideas of who our crew should be named after. There were some brilliant suggestions and presentations. After two rounds of votes last week I am pleased we can now announce the winner.

Our crew name is now Crew Piper

 We have chosen Katie Piper as our crew name because Katie was a beautiful young model who became the victim of an horrific acid attack at the hands of an old boyfriend which left her with a severe facial disfigurement and left her blind in one eye. She underwent  250 operations and skin graphs in order for her face to be rebuilt. Throughout this time Katie showed tremendous courage and determination to re-build her life and her confidence. Katie now regularly appears on TV as a presenter and has set up The Katie Piper Foundation to help and support others going through a similar experience. 

Thank you to Harry for putting Katie’s name forward.


Academic Crew

In crew earlier this week we were recalling the students knowledge on solids, liquids and gases. The students had to talk constantly for a minute to each other, without hesitating and giving descriptions of the differences and how the particles moved. Some great attempts which will help embed your knowledge!

Crew …..?

This morning in Crew Burnitt the students started presenting their ideas for who our crew should be named after. The two presentations so far have shown the students have researched the influential person, explaining the character traits they have portrayed and why they want crew to share their name. We cannot wait for the rest of crew to present tomorrow so we can vote.

Voting In Crew CNE

Over the last 2 weeks Crew CNE have been working on presentations which were shown to the crew on Wednesday of this week, on who’s name they would like to adopt as our Crew name. Students researched an individual who they thought had been an inspiration to others. Someone who had excelled in their chosen field, invented something revolutionary or who made a difference to the lives of many by sacrificing their own in some way or other. In Crew session this morning we all cast our votes over who we thought would best represent us as a crew and who we could relate our character traits and HOWLS to. We are just waiting for the votes of 2 of our crew who unfortunately are off school poorly today and then we will announce our new Crew name next week.
Can I just thank the students for the hard work they put into their research and the different ways they presented. Praise goes especially to Ilinca, Matej, Oliver G, Grace and Kiera for their brilliant presentations.


Crew Activity Time

During Crew Activity time this morning, Crew Newey and Crew Cunningham had use of the sports hall. They spent their time participating in 2 team building exercises. They worked really well together, using their communication skills brilliantly. During the Minefield exercise they had to put their trust in their crew members and listened really hard to their verbal instructions in order to successful make it over the Minefield.
They all worked really hard. We had no passengers only Crew.