X22 Application and Practice

As we are now coming to the end of our expedition ‘Are we really free to choose?‘ students have once again being applying their knowledge and practising answering exam questions. It’s been really pleasing to see so many students Working Hard and Getting Smart when attempting source and interpretation questions. Students have really risen to the challenge with these tricky questions! Here are just a few examples of their hard work from this week.

Students in X22 have been working hard during the course of this term on an expedition that explores the value of freedom and how this can be easily compromised by extremism and hate. Students have studied the rise to power of Hitler and how he consolidated his grip on Germany in the 1930s and 40s through creating a culture of fear, blind nationalism and the use of propaganda.

Alongside their historical studies, students have read and analysed the novel Animal Farm by George Orwell. The novel is an allegory of the events that led up to the Russian Revolution at the start of the nineteenth century and the subsequent rise to power of Stalin. The novel focuses on how power corrupts and how an ideal can be quickly destroyed by greed and inequality. There are obvious links between the case studies and students have been grappling with some very difficult and sophisticated concepts. Above is a picture of X22 Skipper working with grit and determination to complete a timed analysis of an extract from the novel – a key skill they will need for their English Literature GCSE. Look at the amount Marley, in the top right hand corner, has written in just fifteen minutes! The whole Year Group have been really focused and are determined to produce work of a high quality. Great work, X22!


Today X22 students had an excellent opportunity to attend Sheffield Hallam University. The day involved an introduction to university and a chance to experience what studying for three years would be like. Students found out about the pathways into university and had the chance to see the numerous different courses on offer. Becky and Renee, from HEPP, were really helpful and used their own knowledge and experience to help build students’ understanding. Thank you HEPP!


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X22 ES Plan


Here is the plan for X22 Extended Study. Please can parents support students by ensuring it is completed on time.


Date set Date due Higher Topic Support on website Foundation Topic Support on website Done?
1/4/19 8/4/19 DNA p63

Genetic Diagrams p67-68

Biology unit 7 DNA p53

Genetic Diagrams p57

Biology unit 7
8/4/19 15/4/19 X and Y Chromosomes p 68

Inherited disorders p69

Biology unit 7 X and Y Chromosomes p 56

Inherited disorders p58

Family tree p59

Biology unit 7
15/4/19 24/4/19 Resistance and V=IR p187

Resistance and I-V characteristics p188-189

Physics: unit 2 Resistance and V=IR p162

I-V characteristics p164

Physics: unit 2
24/4/19 29/4/19 Series Circuits p191

Parallel circuits p192

Physics: unit 2 Series Circuits p166

Parallel circuits p167

Physics: unit 2
29/4/19 7/5/19 EM waves p238

More uses of EM waves p239

Physics: unit 6 EM waves p201

Uses of EM waves p202

More uses of EM waves p203

Physics: unit 6

Best wishes

Mr Campbell

Dear Parents

We have managed to secure a fantastic opportunity for our Year 10 students to visit the National Holocaust Museum as part of our expedition ‘Are we really free to choose?’ Students have been studying Hitler’s rise to power in Germany and the impact of Nazi rule so this will be an ideal opportunity for students to build their knowledge and ask questions about a key and tragic event in this historical period.

X22 Skipper students will attend on Wednesday 10th April 2019 and Admiral the following day Thursday 11th April 2019.

Students can come in casual dress and they will need to bring a packed lunch. Students who receive Free School Meals will be provided with a packed lunch.

We will leave school at 9.15am and we will return for the end of school at 3.15pm, traffic permitting. If there are any unforeseen delays we will update details via the school website.

A link to the museum’s website is here: https://www.nationalholocaustcentre.net/

Thanks for your support.

X22 Visit to Sheffield Hallam University

Good afternoon

On 25th April 2019, all of Year 10 will be visiting Sheffield Hallam University. The day of part of the region’s Higher Education Participation and Partnerships programme.

Students will learn about pathways through higher education and the nature of university life, including a campus tour.

Students will need to bring a pack-up meal with them. We can provide pack-up for students that normally have school lunches provided.

We will be leaving school at 9.00am by coach, and expect to be back in school for 15.15pm. We are leaving Sheffield at 14.15pm so will keep you updated via the website of any delays incurred through possible traffic.