X22 Extended Study Plan


In order to support X22 students in preparing for GCSE science we have bought all students a beautiful workbook. Extended study will be set each Monday due in the following Monday from this workbook. We have also worked incredibly hard to provide a range of online support which can be found here: https://sites.google.com/xpschool.org/gcsescience/home

I have attached the plan for the next 6 weeks.

I would really appreciate your support with students completing extended study for the deadline assigned.

Best wishes

Mr Campbell

Date set         Date due        Higher Topic Support on website Foundation Topic Support on website
11/2/19 18/2/19 Compounds p93

More separation techniques p96

Acids and Bases p130

Chem: unit 1

Chem: unit 4

Compounds p83

More separation techniques p87

Acids and Bases p112

Chem: unit 1

Chem: unit 4

18/2/19 25/2/19 Chemical Equations p94

Reactions of acids p 132 -133

Chem: unit 3

Chem: unit 4

Chemical Equations p84

Reactions of acids p113 -114

Chem: unit 3

Chem: unit 4

25/2/19 18/3/19 States of Matter p120

Changing of state p121

Physics: unit 3 States of Matter p106

Changing of state p107

Physics: unit 3
Holiday 18/3/19 Electrolysis p138-140

Hydrocarbons p 153-154

Energy resources and their uses p183

Chem: unit 4

Chem: unit 7

Phys: unit 1

Electrolysis p117

Hydrocarbons p129

Energy resources and their uses p156

Chem: unit 4

Chem: unit 7

Phys: unit 1

18/3/19 25/3/19 Potable water p172

Energy Stores and systems p175

Chem: unit 10

Phys: unit 1

Potable water p145

Energy Stores and systems p148

Wind, solar and geothermal p157

Chem: unit 10

Phys: unit 1

25/3/19 1/4/19 Current and Circuit Symbols p186

Stopping distance p229

Phys: unit 2

Phys: unit 5

Current and Circuit Symbols p161

Stopping distance and thinking distance p194

Phys: unit 2

Phys: unit 5


X22 Humanities Extended Study Due Thursday

Students have made an excellent start to our new expedition looking at the rise of Hitler and the Nazi Party in Germany. This week we have examined the problems facing Germany after WW1, specifically the Treaty of Versailles, hyperinflation and the Great Depression. See below for their beautiful books and notes!

Students have been given an image of a propaganda poster from 1932 to annotate with their thoughts on the posters’ message and purpose. This is due next Thursday (7th February) where we will discuss students findings and prepare for an assessment.

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X22 Fieldwork – Leeds Art Gallery

Some beautiful work produced from our students last week: we went to Leeds Art Gallery to view a range of artwork (something for everyone). What was impressive was seeing our students carefully observe the Artwork and doing some lovely studies from them. Much better seeing real works of Art rather than viewing it on a computer or phone.

Celebration of Learning will be next week: to view work from their first expedition. Their skills are developing and I can already see a difference in craftsmanship and quality!

X22 Fieldwork – Leeds Art Gallery

On Thursday 24th January, X22 Skipper will be going on fieldwork to The Leeds Art Gallery and X22 Admiral will go on Friday 25th January.

We will be setting off from XP School at 9am, students are to register with crew leaders at 8.30 as usual and then meet in the heart of the school to re-cap fieldwork protocol, before we leave.

Students will need to bring a packed lunch to eat whilst we are at the Gallery.

We expect to return to school for 3.15pm.


The Celebration of Learning for X22 students will be on the 6th and 7th February. Students will be presenting their art work and discussing how they have chosen to represent last term’s guiding question: Who were the Vikings? The evening will begin at 5.30pm with a short introduction by our students followed by an opportunity for parents to view all students’ artwork and speak to students about the process and thinking behind their work.

Skipper students will present their work on Wednesday 6th February and Admiral students on Thursday 7th February.

We look forward to seeing you.


X22 Art Deadline

X22 have an Art deadline for the combined Art and History expedition ‘Who were the Vikings?’

The deadline is on Friday 21st December: study sheets and final product needs to be handed in on this day.

You should have the following:
– 8 images that will help them with the guiding question ‘who were the vikings’, stuck in to your sketch book and annotated.
– 1 tonal study, annotated
-1 coloured pencil study, annotated
-1 charcoal study, annotated
-1 paint study, annotated
-2 x linear ideas
-Final Product
-Narrative for product

I am available on a Wednesday for extended study if students would like to work in PO8, also they can do it on other days but I am around to help on a Wednesday. Art folders can also be taken home to complete work, this should allow them to meet the deadline.

Thank you, Mrs Cross

Well done C22

A massive well done to all students in C22! All C22 students shone tonight across all three rooms. We are really proud of the preparation, effort and intelligence that occurred in all debates. What we asked of all students was not easy, and all students rose to the challenge.

Above all, we must highlight the incredible respect and compassion students showed each other.

‘There is more to us than we know, and if we could only made to see it, perhaps for the rest of our life, we will be unwilling to settle for anything less.’ Kurt Hahn

Pictures and video to follow soon…