X22 Fieldwork – Leeds Art Gallery

On Thursday 24th January, X22 Skipper will be going on fieldwork to The Leeds Art Gallery and X22 Admiral will go on Friday 25th January.

We will be setting off from XP School at 9am, students are to register with crew leaders at 8.30 as usual and then meet in the heart of the school to re-cap fieldwork protocol, before we leave.

Students will need to bring a packed lunch to eat whilst we are at the Gallery.

We expect to return to school for 3.15pm.


The Celebration of Learning for X22 students will be on the 6th and 7th February. Students will be presenting their art work and discussing how they have chosen to represent last term’s guiding question: Who were the Vikings? The evening will begin at 5.30pm with a short introduction by our students followed by an opportunity for parents to view all students’ artwork and speak to students about the process and thinking behind their work.

Skipper students will present their work on Wednesday 6th February and Admiral students on Thursday 7th February.

We look forward to seeing you.


X22 Art Deadline

X22 have an Art deadline for the combined Art and History expedition ‘Who were the Vikings?’

The deadline is on Friday 21st December: study sheets and final product needs to be handed in on this day.

You should have the following:
– 8 images that will help them with the guiding question ‘who were the vikings’, stuck in to your sketch book and annotated.
– 1 tonal study, annotated
-1 coloured pencil study, annotated
-1 charcoal study, annotated
-1 paint study, annotated
-2 x linear ideas
-Final Product
-Narrative for product

I am available on a Wednesday for extended study if students would like to work in PO8, also they can do it on other days but I am around to help on a Wednesday. Art folders can also be taken home to complete work, this should allow them to meet the deadline.

Thank you, Mrs Cross

Well done C22

A massive well done to all students in C22! All C22 students shone tonight across all three rooms. We are really proud of the preparation, effort and intelligence that occurred in all debates. What we asked of all students was not easy, and all students rose to the challenge.

Above all, we must highlight the incredible respect and compassion students showed each other.

‘There is more to us than we know, and if we could only made to see it, perhaps for the rest of our life, we will be unwilling to settle for anything less.’ Kurt Hahn

Pictures and video to follow soon…

C22 – Science Mock Exams


C22 students will sit two Science papers: 1 Biology and 1 Physics.

A list of the topics on the exam and that need to be revised are here:


Students are expected to revise in three ways:

Using videos on the science website

Using quizlet flashcards

Using exam style papers and mark schemes.

Any questions about the science mock please let me know.

Good luck,

Mr Campbell

C22 POL – Wed 5th December

Dear C22 Parents,

I’m delighted to announce that the C22 POL for the STEAM expedition ‘Conspiracy’ will be on Wednesday the 5th December, for Skipper and Admiral, from 5pm to 6pm.

Students will take part in a debate around their chosen area. Parents may observe and critique quality of explanations however we would love as many parents to get involved in the debate as possible.

Please ask your son/daughter what their debate is on and if you would like to join the debate, prepare an opening statement. It may also be an idea to have some key points for or against and evidence to support it.

The debate will run like this:

Opening statements (1-2 mins each)

Flowing debate using popcorn protocol (15 mins)

Closing statements (1 min each)

I have attached 2 short videos as models. (Please ignore the teacher bit and focus on what the students are doing).



We’d really appreciate your involvement and support,

Best wishes,

Mr Campbell and Mr Shakesby