C24 Y7 Extended Study: SLC preparation on perimeter work

Students will receive their perimeter tests back with and an email with a breakdown of their grades.

They need to do 3 things before their student-led conference:

1. Write out their targets using the symbol codes. There is a google doc linked on google classroom with all of the target codes.

2. Check which corrections they need to do. I have put a pencil symbol on the front page of their test.

3. Correct the questions. They MUST show your working out for these corrections. There is a google doc on google classroom with the answers. I am less concerned about students being able to see the answers, and more concerned about them having a method to get the correct answer.

The learning target for the test was: I can calculate the perimeter of compound shapes. Students were awarded the following grades based on what they could do:

Beginning – Can calculate the perimeter of simple/regular shapes
Developing – Can calculate missing lengths in shapes
Secure – Can calculate the perimeter of compound shapes
Excellence – Can solve GCSE problems associated with perimeter and compound shapes


During their student-led conference, your son or daughter will share this piece of work with you. They will also explain their grade for this work and how it compares to their minimum expected grade. They will also show you what additional work they have done since, as part of this extended study, to improve/extend their knowledge.


Target Codes

Answers to the test

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