C24 Where is away? Science FIX Pack

C24 Where is away? Science FIX Pack

Check out your FIX.

Get your brain FIX pack workout on google classroom!

Check out your FIX on the wall outside X14. Complete the FIX task attached on google classroom. If you are finding the task tricky find someone on the list who has achieved the same MEG as you need or higher to be your expert. Use the websites I have listed to help and if you’re still struggling I will be in X14 at lunch Monday – Thursday for guidance, but you will be expected to have grappled first. All FIX deadlines are Friday 18th May.  NOTE: I have attached a copy of fix tasks for everyone to have a copy each but check first you actually need to complete them!
Want to get a head start?  Message me and I tell you which, if any, you need to do.
Mrs Rigby

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